World Cup 2022: Look Back on France’s Return to the Final

December 24, 2022

After a remarkable 2018 win against Croatia, France has spent the past few years building a formidable team and developing a strategy to make it back to the top. As we look back on France’s road to the final, we can see how far the team has come, and how the experience of the 2018 tournament has prepared them for the challenge of the 2022 World Cup. 

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Now, here’s how the 2022 World Cup played out for France and what we can expect from them moving forward. 

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Review of France’s 2018 World Cup Win

The 2018 World Cup was a tournament that saw some surprising developments, including a very early exit for six-time champions Italy. But the main story line, of course, was France’s dramatic victory in the final against Croatia. 

The win made France the first team to win the World Cup, European Championships, and Confederations Cup. The team played with a certain intensity that made the beautiful game seem alive again after a couple of dour finals. 

With Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann on the front line, France had two creative game-changers who were an absolute joy to watch. And in midfield, N’Golo Kanté was a force of nature. Griezmann’s goal in the 109th minute of the final will go down as one of the most dramatic in the history of the World Cup, and the tournament as a whole was a success for France.

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Analyzing France’s Performance in Their Loss to Argentina in the Final

Ever since France lost to Brazil in the 1998 World Cup final, they have been in an uphill battle, culminating in their win in 2018. But this past World Cup was a different story, seeing Argentina and Messi best them, in a thriller of a final, on penalties.

France’s style of play was a throwback to the good old days of tiki-taka, where the ball spends more time on the ground than in the air. They used their forwards as creative and playmaking midfielders, with the midfielders and defenders building the attacks and the fullbacks providing the finishing touches. 

France was also lucky to face a team that played in a similar style, though not quite as polished in some moments. The French midfielders were able to find open passing lanes and could control the pace of the game at times.

Ultimately, the two teams were evenly matched. But Argentina had the edge when it came to the penalty shootouts

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The French team has the experience to win it all in the 2022 World Cup, but there was one challenger in their way who got the best of them. Throughout the World Cup in 2022, France faced the difficulty of maintaining their current level of play, facing new opponents and new styles of play, and managing the egos that come with being the best in the world.

It’ll be interesting to see how they fair in the next World Cup after another very strong run in 2022. 

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