Why Did Wout Weghorst Touch Liverpool’s Famous Sign? The Striker Speaks Out

March 7, 2023

As the much-awaited Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United approached on Sunday, many fans were left puzzled when footage emerged of Wout Weghorst touching the famous “This is Anfield” sign before the game. While some speculated that the striker was simply showing respect for the storied history of the Liverpool football club, others wondered if there was a deeper meaning behind his actions.

The Dutchman was in the starting lineup for Manchester United for their clash with their arch-rivals Liverpool. Manchester United suffered their worst-ever defeat to Liverpool as the side from Merseyside handed them a 7-0 loss. Weghorst received a huge backlash from the United fans for his actions, leading to clarification from the striker himself on social media.

The Truth About Weghorst’s Touching of the “This is Anfield” Sign

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As it turns out, Weghorst’s decision to touch the “This is Anfield” sign was to annoy his international teammate Virgil van Dijk. The Dutchman explained his actions in an Instagram post:

From the national team I know that Virgil always touches that sign and I went to stop him touching it to try and wind him up before the game.

The striker was trying to wind up his international teammate Virgil van Dijk before the game. However, the mind games clearly did not work for him. Weghorst then reflected on United’s defeat against Liverpool at Anfield.

Sunday was a terrible day for all of us, we are putting everything into making it right in the next weeks. We will bounce back together and achieve our aims this season.

For Liverpool players, touching the “This is Anfield” sign is a way of symbolically connecting with that idea, and reminding them of the hard work and dedication that had brought them to this point in their career. But for Weghorst, it was merely an act to wind up his countryman Virgil van Dijk as some sort of a mind game.

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