“We all want it for you Leo”, Twitter reacts as Lionel Messi says that he is grateful that many Non-Argentines support Argentina in football

Lionel Messi

Plywood-panelled walls and a light-brown ceiling contributed to the already low lighting levels in the area. There was quiet conversation, as you would hear at a theatre before the film begins. There were furrowed brows and eager expressions as the clock counted down the minutes. One of the hundreds of journalists asked, “It’s been so long, where is he?” before checking his watch and responding, “Oh! five more minutes!” Slumped on the ground, the cameramen were constantly adjusting for the best shot. There were a few people setting up their selfie shots.

Then Lionel Messi burst in, drew up a chair, and smiled his sports-world version of the Mona Lisa’s grin. The kind of grin that may be secretive, cryptic, or perhaps not a smile at all. There was an immediate increase in the room’s luminosity. A weak hola came out of his lips.

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Lionel Messi is set to feature in Argentina’s opening game of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar against Saudi Arabia

Worries have been raised over the health of a certain seven-time Ballon d’Or winner as Argentina prepares to face Saudi Arabia in their first World Cup match on Tuesday. There was concern among fans that Messi was playing with an ankle injury, but the player himself provided encouraging news before the game.

Numerous experts believe Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina team has what it takes to win the World Cup in Qatar. Messi gave some sage advice on the subject, drawing from the team’s recent triumph at Copa America.

He also said one remarkable thing. He stated that many Non-Argentine fans support the Argentina national football team and he is happy and grateful to them.

Messi said at the pre-match press conference: “It’s great that many people who are not Argentinians want Argentina to win the World Cup because of me. I’m grateful.”

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