Top 10 Football Players Without Tattoos

September 22, 2020


  • The Football Lovers has compiled a list of top 10 footballers without tattoos.
  • In today’s football world, players have turned the art of tattoo, to a typical tradition.
  • However, there are still a few players who don’t wear any tattoo and focus only on playing football.
  • Thes set of players do not compromise their bodies to get tattoos just to look fancy.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of few footballers who do not wear tattoos. The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner is not really interested in tattoos. In fact, instead of having fancy tattoos, he decides to help humanity.

Why Ronaldo doesn’t have tattoos?

Ronaldo is a great player on and off the pitch and has opted to help humanity.

cristiano ronaldo footballers without tattoo

The main reason Ronaldo does not have tattoos is that he donates blood regularly. Speaking to an interview he explained:

“I don’t have tattoos because I donate blood very often.

“It’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person”

2. Mo Salah

Next in the list is the Egyptian King known as Mo Salah. The Liverpool star has decided not to wear any tattoos. The main reason Mo Salah does not have tattoos is that he is a Muslim and tattoos are forbidden in Islam. He is just one of many muslim footballers without tattoos.

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mo salah footballers without tattoo

Speaking about his likes and dislikes, the Egyptian king said:

“I don’t have tattoos, I don’t change hairstyles, I don’t know how to dance. I just want to play football.”

3. Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane loves playing football and only football. He is one of the few footballers without tattoos as it prohibited in his religion Islam. The Senegalese star devoted himself completely to football and does not care about fancy stuff.

sadio mane footballers without tattoo

4. N’Golo Kante

French international N’Golo Kante remains a humble human being despite his recent successes. In an era where football players flaunt their expensive possessions, Kante opted for a humble life and refuses to show off things. Kante is the only chelsea players without tattoos in our list.

n'golo kante without tattoo

5. Paul Pogba

Manchester United’s star midfielder, Paul Pogba refuses to wear any tattoos on his body. He is one of the few footballers without tattoos. Pogba is the only man utd players without tattoos in our list.

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paul pogba footballers without tattoo

Though, he usually likes to show off his collection of cars that he has deserved. Wearing tattoos is prohibited in his religion so he is not allowed to wear any.

6. Kylian Mbappe

Then French young sensation Kylian Mbappe refuses to wear any tattoos on his body. The reason could be that he is still too young for tattoos on his body. But anyway, he is a classy player but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a tattoo shop.

kylian mbappe

7. Andreas Iniesta

Barcelona legend Andreas Iniesta refused to wear tattoos during his footballing career and is one of the few footballers without tattoos. Iniesta played for Barcelona for 22 years.

andreas iniesta without tattoo

Ex Barcelona Pep Guardiola boss reflected on why Andreas Iniesta does not wear any tattoo

“Iniesta doesn’t die his hair, he does not wear earrings and he hasn’t got any tattoos. Maybe that makes him unattractive to media but he is the best!”

8. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale follows the footsteps of his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and refuses to wear any tattoos. The reason he does not wear any tattoos is that his father has not allowed him to wear.

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Gareth Bale, however, admits to giving his dad a shock by once wearing magnetic earrings for a family dinner back home in Cardiff.

gareth bale

“My dad walked in and I swear I thought he was going to kill me,” said Bale. “He looked at me with such disgust. I thought, ‘Oh my God!’ My mate was in and he felt proper awkward.”

No matter how famous you are, somethings are prohibited in the Bale household and that includes tattoos.

9. David Luiz

Brazilian international David Luiz also said no to having tattoos on his body. David Luiz is a devout Catholic like most South Americans and wearing tattoos is prohibited.

david luiz without tattoos

10. Robert Lewandowski

Despite winning everything in his career, Robert Lewandowski chooses to be humble and refuses to wear any tattoo on his body. He is one of a few footballers without tattoos. Probably because the Polish striker refuses to show off fancy stuff and refuses to compromise his body.

robert lewandowski

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