Top 10 Greatest Left Footed Players of All Time

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Every 7th person on the planet is left-handed. But in football, it seems like left-footed footballers are common. Now a top footballer must play well with both feet. But still, football players are either right-footed or left-footed. We decided to collect the top 10 best left footed players

10. Ryan Giggs

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Best left footed players

Ryan Giggs was different from the beginning of his career. He had a great shot, an accurate pass and a good dribbling. The Welsh midfielder has spent his entire career at Manchester United and has won many trophies. He also holds the club’s record for the number of matches played. Giggs has scored 168 goals for Manchester United, won 13 Premier League titles and won the Champions League twice.

But in the national team of Wales, Ryan could not achieve success. Giggs is now the coach of the national team and is trying to succeed as a coach.

9. Robin Van Persie

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Thanks to his left leg, Robin Van Persie has achieved a lot of success. The Dutch footballer began his career at Feyenoord, and then moved to London’s Arsenal, where he became a world star. Years later, Van Persie moved to Manchester United and won the Premier League title. Robin scored his left goals not only a lot, but also beautifully.

8. Oleg Blokhin

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Oleg Blokhin is one of the best footballers in the Soviet Union and won the Golden Ball. Blokhin became a world star at Dynamo Kiev, where he played until 1988. During his career, Oleg scored 276 goals and forever entered the history of football in the USSR.

7. Roberto Carlos

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best left footed soccer players in the world

Of course, Roberto Carlos could not miss our list. The Brazilian defender was fast, but his left-footed kick was his strong point. His goal against the French national team was recognized as one of the best in the history of football. Thanks to his left foot, Roberto Carlos was very popular, he had many advertising contracts. At that time, the most popular footballers were mostly strikers, but Carlos’ strikes were so steep that he was better known than many forwards.

Roberto Carlos scored a lot from the field, but free kicks were his hallmark. During their career, the Brazilians have scored 113 goals and won many trophies, including the World Cup.

6. Rivaldo

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In the 90s and early 2000s, in addition to Roberto Carlos, another Brazilian, Rivaldo, also showed cool football. Rivaldo could score in many ways. He could score from long distances, from a free kick, and even a biclet.

Rivaldo played successfully both in clubs and in the Brazilian national team. Over the course of his career, the forward has won a bunch of trophies, including the Champions League and the World Cup. Well, the most important trophy in his career is the Golden Ball, which he received in 1999.

5. Raul

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One of the best players in Spanish history was left-handed. Unlike Rivaldo, Raul didn’t score from long distances as he played a clean striker. Raul scored a lot and his favorite tournament was the Champions League. Only 2 aliens (Messi and Ronaldo) scored more than the Spanish striker. Raul was a very strong footballer. In the early 2000s, Real Madrid launched the galacticos project and bought the best players in the world. Many of the club’s pupils left, but Raul remained in the team and won the competition from all the star partners.

But unlike Rivaldo, Raul did not receive the Ballon d’Or and did not achieve success with the Spanish national team. Raul is considered by many to be the most underrated footballer in football history.

4. Ferenc Puskas

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Puskas was clearly left-handed, he almost never played with his right foot. The footballer himself joked on this topic and said that if he hit with his right foot, he would fall.

Puskas was a very strong footballer and scored a lot. During his career, Ferenc scored 514 goals at club level and 84 goals for the Hungarian national team. Puskas was one of the heroes of the undefeated Real Madrid.

3. Arjen Robben

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Another footballer who had a magical left leg. The Dutchman became a star at a young age with Groningen. The footballer played for Chelsea and Real Madrid, but the player showed himself best in Bayern Munich. Robben was fast, had good dribbling and an accurate shot.

Robben has won many trophies at the club level, and with the Netherlands national team reached the World Cup final.

1-2 – Messi and Maradona

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Best left footed players 2021

We couldn’t choose one of them, so our top has 2 winners. You write in the comments which of them is better.

Maradona was the best footballer of his time. Diego was very talented, and if not for drugs, he would have achieved much greater success. The main trophy in Maradona’s career is winning the World Cup.

But Messi could not succeed with the Argentine national team, but at the club level he was the best. Messi has broken many records, won many trophies and is considered one of the best footballers in the history of football. Messi holds the Ballon d’Or record, and Leo has won the France Football award 6 times.


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