Top 10 Football Clubs With The Most Fans in The World

October 13, 2020

Football is the most-watched sport in the world and all the football clubs have a worldwide fan base. As time goes on, however, the number of fans following a team either increases or decreases. Some remain loyal to their club while others switch teams and leave their previous teams in their rough times. We find that the football teams with the most fans are also the biggest clubs in the world. Below is the list of the top 10 most popular football clubs with the most fans in the world.

Let’s have a detailed look at the football clubs with the most fans in the world. The number of fans of a club will be determined by the social media fan following of the club. We found that the wealthiest clubs in the world are also the most famous because they have the money to sign big-name players thus bringing in more fans. A prime example is after Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo they gained millions of fan following.

10. Arsenal (80.1m)

The Gunners surprisingly make it to the list of football clubs with most fans. Arsenal is one of the biggest and most successful clubs in London and they have a total of 77.7m fan following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The club hasn’t been in its form for a while now. Arsenal also hasn’t played in the Champions League for quite a while. But their fan following has remained loyal to them.

arsenal fans in the stadium

Credit: WikiMedia

Players like Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus seem to be the only hope for the Gunners as they look to regain their lost title of “Kings of England”.

The fan following of the Gunners is as below.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
39.1m 19.2m 21.8m

9. Manchester City (86.9m)

The Citizens are also on the list of football clubs with most fans. Manchester City‘s fan following has seen a drastic change since Shiekh Mansur’s take over of the club. The fan following increased so much after the takeover and at one point it was the most supported club in England!

However, in 2022 it’s not the most followed club in England. Spanish media outlet Sport published research into Man City and Man United, in which it was revealed that Man City’s fanbase grew 523% as rivals Man United saw an astonishing 19% drop off.

man city football clubs with most fans

Credit: WikiMedia

We must remember that Manchester City’s success and financial power is relatively recent. They also won a domestic treble for the first time in the 2018-19 season. With talented players like Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, and Raheem Sterling, Manchester City are one of the most dominant teams in Europe. 

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The fan following table of Manchester City is below.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
42.4m 12.5m 32m

8. Bayern Munich (94.9m)

Bayern Munich is the most successful club in Germany. It is also the most supported club in Germany, after their rivals Borussia Dortmund. Their supporters have remained loyal to the club for a long time now mostly because of their winnings.

bayern munich fans in the stadium

Credit: WikiMedia

The recent success of Bayern Munich in club competitions is imminent as they have been a dominant force in Germany and Europe this season. The Bavarians completed the treble this season after winning the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal Cup, and the Champions League. Bayern’s exploits have won them many loyal supporters with an average of 75,354 people attending home games.

Bayern Munich’s social media following is as follows:

Facebook Twitter Instagram
55.4m 6.9m 32.6m

7. Liverpool FC (101.6m)

The most successful club in England, Liverpool F.C. has a huge fan base all around the world. Liverpool is among the list of football clubs with most fans in England. The arrival of Jurgen Klopp as a manager of the club has seen a drastic increase in the supporters of Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp brought the “heavy metal” football system to the club which everyone enjoyed and started to show a great social media presence.

liverpool fans in the stadium

Credit: WikiMedia

Players like Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, and Thiago have helped with the clubs global expansion of the club, specifically from Asia and Africa. The recent success of the club is notable as they won their first Premier League the previous season, after winning the mighty Champions League.

The fan following table of Liverpool FC is as below

Facebook Twitter Instagram
42.4m 20.7m 38.5m

6. Chelsea (106.5m)

Another club from London, Chelsea F.C. has a huge social media presence and a huge fan base all around the world. Having a billionaire in Roman Abramovich worked wonders for Chelsea early in the 21st century, when they won the Premier League on several occasions. Chelsea also won their first Champions League title in 2013. The fan base of the Blues has remained loyal to the club ever since.

chelsea fans in the stadium - football clubs with most fans

Credit: WikiMedia

Roman Abramovich spent big on recruiting the most talented players available this summer transfer window and the future looks bright for the club. The supporters seem to be very excited about the future prospect.

The fan base table of Chelsea is below

Facebook Twitter Instagram
51.5m 20.8m 34.2m

5. Juventus (109.6m)

The old lady of Juventus is the most successful club in Italy. The Old Lady is also the most supported club in Italy, after winning eight consecutive Serie A titles as well as other domestic titles. Juventus since the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo has seen their fan base spread and as a result, has jumped to the top of Italian football and has gained millions of fans from around the world.

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juventus fans in the stadium - football clubs with most fans

Credit: WikiMedia

The fan following table of Juventus is as follows

Facebook Twitter Instagram
46.3m 9.8m 53.5m

4. Paris Saint-Germain (121m)

PSG fans in stadium

Credit: wikimedia

Paris Saint-Germain is the most followed football club in France. The current Ligue 1 champions have a huge fan following from not only France but all around the world. PSG is the only French club to make the list of football teams with the most fans. PSG is one of the fastest-growing football clubs in the world at the moment. The French giants are signing some of football’s biggest stars like Neymar and Lionel Messi which has bought them millions of fans as a result

Currently, the club has a fierce front two with the Brazilian Neymar and the young Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. Neymar and Kylian Mbappé alone cost PSG a whopping £406 million. The recent success of the club is imminent as they won the Ligue 1 title for eight seasons straight and also made it to the Champions League final in 2020.

The fan following table of PSG is below.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
49m 12.1m 59.9m

3. Manchester United (165.8m)

football clubs with most fans

Credit: WikiMedia

Manchester United is the most followed and the most supported club in England. United has always been one of the most popular teams across the entire world, no matter what continent. In the time of Sir Alex Ferguson managing the club, The Red Devils used to rule England as well as Europe. They were the most successful club in England until Liverpool won the Champions League and the Premier League the previous season.

Times have been hard for Manchester United but their fans have decided to stick to their club. Wonder how long the supporters will remain loyal to the club. The Red Devils are the most popular English football club in the world at the moment.

The fan following table of Manchester United is as below

Facebook Twitter Instagram
76.7m 31m 58.1m

2. FC Barcelona (256.6m)

People all around the world know about FC Barcelona as it is one of the most popular teams in the entire world. No one in their right mind would argue that Barcelona is not a global club.  The likes of Lionel Messi and the history of the club make it really popular among us. The Catalan club is one of Europe’s dominant teams in terms of the quality of its squad and the number of fans all around the world.

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football clubs with most fans

Credit: WikiMedia

The fan base table of FC Barcelona is as follows

Facebook Twitter Instagram
107m 41.6m 108m

1. Real Madrid (272.5m)

Real Madrid is the most followed football club and team in the world in [y]. Despite the loss of their talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Los Blancos are still going strong in terms of winning the trophies and the number of worldwide supporters. Madrid won the last season’s La Liga and the fans have stayed loyal to the club because they are performing well. Not too shabby, right?

madrid fans in santiago bernabeau

Credit: WikiMedia

Los Blancos are the biggest and most popular football club in [y]. They hold the record of winning the most Champions League titles (13 titles). Real Madrid also a record of winning the most number of La Liga titles (34 titles). So it is natural to see a club this successful has a huge fan base. If you are a Madarista then be sure to download the best Real Madrid wallpapers.

The fan following table of Real Madrid is below.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
113.6m 41.9m 117m


Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the top 10 football clubs with most fans in the world.

Which football club has the most fans in the world [y]?

Spanish Giants, Real Madrid has the most fans in the world. With a fan following of 272.5 million, Los Blancos tops the list of the football clubs with the biggest global fanbase.

Which football club has the most fans in England UK?

With a fan following of 165.8 million, Manchester United has the most fans in England UK.

Which football club has the most fans in Africa?

The Premier League clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal are widely supported in the region of Africa. Liverpool also has a notable fan following in the region of Africa.

Which football club has the most fans in Asia?

With a fan following of 15.4 million, the most followed football club in Asia is is Indonesia’s Persib Bandung.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the most popular La Liga teams with a combined fan following of 529.1 million on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Which club has the most fans in India?

People in India mostly watch the English Premier League and Manchester United is the most popular club in India, with 21% of Indians nominating it as their favorite club.


  1. KimGerard says:

    Real Madrid is always number 1, and Barcelona is always number 2 haha


    FAN issue is not like politics where people decamp, Manchester United has conquered the world both in the UK Asia and Africa, this fact will stand for a very long period of time

  3. Mike says:

    Totally fake .. Man Utd and Liverpool both have more fans worldwide than Madrid or Barca .. particularly throughout south east Asia and China and India where Chelsea is also very popular … Madrid don’t even have the most fans in Europe or Barca with match attendances below man Utd and Bayern …
    This is an opinion piece based on the writers bias .. ignore

    • Mathew Whal says:

      The stats in this article are based on social media fans and not real life fans which is hard to calculate. But according to social media stats Real Madrid and Barcelona do have more following than Man Utd and Liverpool

      • chizoba mbaso says:

        You got it all wrong. Social media fans are not real fans. The real fans should be the registered fans and those who go to stadiums to watch games

    • Adeshola says:

      You’re blind cause your favorite club is not there
      It was shown on how the fans are calculated from ,facebook,twitter
      So you can goto check yourself

    • Tumininu says:

      Not true

  4. Luis says:

    Just because I follow them in social media doesn’t make me a fan. That is wrong you have to see the teams with more associates real fans. No fake followers

  5. Husein Ali Jammal says:

    Big misinformation, united have a large following in Nigeria and Africa so cut your fake b/s.make a new consensus for every country and continent and publish it, registered on line is not a true projections of clubs fan base, because in the 3 world majority of fans can’t afford phones to register with their respective clubs.

  6. Young Rich says:

    Hala madrid

  7. Benedoski018 says:

    The Madridistas here will start talkin rubbish now

  8. Peekay says:

    You know this list is bollocks when you see Man City in the top 10! They wouldn’t even be in the top 10 of England!

  9. Paul says:

    fuck sake this absolute bullshit how can they work out these numbers how do they know how supports who shirt sales Internet hits someone one’s been smoking the auld 15 skinners lol 😆 😂 🤣

  10. Mikro says:

    The point is , those teams have large followings but I dont agree with Man City, they are not among the top 10, they cant have a bigger following than AC Millan or Inter……

  11. Ultra Sur says:

    Nobody in Madrid or Spain says ‘Los Blancos’ referring to Real Madrid.
    You may say ‘ el equipo blanco’ (the white team) , but never Los Blancos.

    • Mason says:

      You are talking rubbish it’s Liverpool and Manchester United have more fan base den Madrid and bacerlona it’s facked go check it out

  12. DT says:

    Total nonsensical way .Their are fans of all clubs who subscribe to different clubs .sure i subscribe to 26 clubs but support one .so using social media subscriptions to determine fan quantity is BS.

  13. Neymar says:

    Real Madrid are Always at the top

  14. Mario says:

    21% the Indian population is fan of United …that alone is like 280m fans
    How can United be in third place ?

    • Trevor says:

      Man United is by far the most widely supported team in both Anglo and non English speaking countries Even most of highly populated Asian countries mostly are affiliated to Man United, Southern Africa is mostly Man United, that alone make Man United the most popular team

  15. Beto says:

    You guys should learn about the giant from Brazil : FLAMENGO!

  16. douglas istifanus says:

    i think arsenal should be ahead of man u & liverpool base on number of followers in africa

  17. Hassan Lappia says:

    Fake tally. Manchester United is the most support club in the world

  18. Tut Gatmai Keah says:

    seeing real Madrid in term of fans above Barcelona is a crime against football world and you need to recheck the information in case there maybe error. so the true is one the fact that arsenal can never have more fans than man City by all means ❤️.

  19. Olisa Dominion says:

    Barca is the best and the greatest of all time after real madrid

  20. United are the biggest club in the world. I am not saying that as a season ticket holder but I think that it’s down to real fans who actually support the club and aren’t just saying that on line rant over

  21. Blicknow says:

    If you believe this poll your a moron or you’ve never travelled the world. Manchester United is everywhere

  22. Sure Sammy says:

    This is so wonderful

  23. How Real Madrid have many fans than Manchester United and I us Manchester United in all world is Manchester United have many fans than any club

  24. John Shades says:

    That Celtic are not included here is astonishing. Maybe not one of the richest, but definitely one of the most supported worldwide.

  25. Emma says:

    Why not city they are the best by a mile all the others are rubbish

  26. Emma says:

    Why not city they are the best by a mile all the others are rubbish

  27. Emma says:

    United and loverpool are the most rubbish teams Ever euugh I would never ever support them I’m a blue at heart I would rather die than be a red

  28. Juicy Skillz says:

    I never really knew much about football but i already knew Real Madrid would be first.

  29. Ogundele emmanuel says:

    foolish comments real madrid,man unity, barca There are d top three i know but can,t predict first second third

  30. Derek says:

    Never mind Facebook or Twitter, Glasgow Rangers have the most supporters clubs in the world. Actual members of supporters clubs, not these so called supporters who look at a website occasionally.

  31. turi cre says:

    its all lies its a rigged list cuz the best club in the world with the most dedicated fans that reached in massive numbers to any small place in the world is liverpool

  32. turi cre says:


  33. Mohamed jah says:

    Manchester united for life 🙌❤

  34. Damien Pepper says:

    Huge percentage of South America will pick either Barcelona or Real Madrid, if asked, whether they actually care that much or not, due to the Spanish connection. Similarly on a much smaller scale, a huge percentage of Irish, well Irish catholics like myself will automatically side with Celtic. These statistics mentioned in this article are blatantly false but luckily it doesn’t really matter anyway, just cheap attempt at journalism.

  35. Damien Pepper says:

    The writer of this article doesn’t actually know what a football fan is. In the bit about Manchester United the writer wonders how long Utd’s fans will stay loyal whilst Utd keep on failing to be as successful as they once were. Well, as every football fan knows, true Utd fans will remain Utd fans, even if they never win another match let alone trophy.
    Perhaps they got a fashion or food writer covering for a sports writer who’d gone on holiday. Just wondering.

  36. Magzhan says:


  37. Tony says:

    Sunderlands a massive club

  38. Peter says:

    No-one has even factored in that a fan may have all 3 social media accounts, which is highly likely. Number of fans should be based on highest number on one of the 3 platforms.

  39. Lee says:

    Listen to how it is….
    All supporters jump on the bandwagon when a team is winning. Chelsea were a small London club before Roman Abramovich walked in with all his money.
    If all the top English teams were in the bottom half of the table every season The stadium attendances by the hard-core fans who pay their money to follow their club would be as follows:
    1. Man United
    2. Arsenal/Liverpool
    3. Tottenham
    4. Newcastle

  40. this is absolute nonsense even bayern munich should be in top 2

  41. Lucas says:

    These figures represent highly volatile social media “engagement” which is NOT the same as being a fan! Undoubtedly all the clubs are popular, but other very big clubs have huge real fans but fewer “like and subscribers”. It does sell advertising space to sponsors though! My favourite is not this list. Come on Leeds United

  42. Mando says:

    In Youtube barca have 15 million subs so Barca is the most fans ever ????

  43. Robbie says:

    This is based on social media…millions of people will follow barca and could be multiple accounts via the same person…most of them don’t even support them they just like them…if you go to Asia Africa Middle East you hardly see real or barca tops/fans. most support english clubs like Manchester united Liverpool Chelsea arsenal…outside of Spain you only probably find real and barca fans in South America…due to the language and heritage….the real top 10 by actual fans is Manchester united then Liverpool…then probably Chelsea or arsenal….real don’t even have close to 100m fans yet alone over 200m LOL..where as united probably have 100m fans alone in Asia….you can be a fan and not live in the place you support or never go games..I mean supporting a club is different than just liking a club…real has over 200m via social media because millions follow them..but don’t actually support them…

  44. Ayomide Ogunkoya says:

    Nice one blues 💙

  45. Lewis Fincham says:

    How can you seriously write “Arsenal surprisingly make the list”. This website is clearly written by a clown toddler locked in a cave. Arsenal are one if the biggest clubs in the entire world. Do people really forget just coz arsenal haven’t won a big trophy in a while. How embarrassing.

  46. Baba Kolo says:

    Halal Madrid 💪♥️
    We are number one 🏆

  47. Baba Kolo says:

    Halal Madrid 💪♥️
    We had tremendously fans in the world 🌎
    We’re number one 🏆
    A porla 14 🏆👏♥️
    I5 is loading…🏆🙏

  48. LFC i dont know why even people talks about whos is the most supportive team in england without any second thoughts without any ques its LIVERPOOL … Simple is that

  49. lfc fan from luton says:

    LFC is the best. i dont know why even people talks about whos the most supportive team in england without any second thoughts without any ques its LIVERPOOL if you count asian countries then put 1000 millions of fan then count im not even counting africa australia. i remember few years ago when liverpool went to play in australia in melbourne there were 100 thousand people were singing you’ll never walk alone just shows how strong liverpool fan base is … USA canada india bangladesh nepal they are crazy for liverpool .

  50. LFC FAN FROM LUTON says:

    FA should scrap out manchester city’s 3 premere league titles and give to liverpool. cause city were corrupted

  51. R. Pranav says:

    I am from India, and I am a big fan of Arsenal. I am very proud to be an Arsenal fan. I ❤ ⚽

  52. David says:

    Until around 2006, the biggest fan base worldwide was in English clubs, where United was by far the leader. The following events changed this years afterwards.

    – Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid, Messi in Barcelona.
    – Bein Sports sponsoring the Liga and promoting it as best in the world.
    – Advertising the El Clásico as best football match on the plant.
    – New fans base in the Middle east, Africa, Asia, for the two Spanish giants.

  53. Isaac Afunaduula says:

    Clearly man utd.
    If you can verify these fans then we can talk

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