Top 10 Best Goals Scored at Euro 2020

Ronaldo and Schick among the top scorers in Euro 2020

Today, we will be looking at the top 10 best goals scored at the Euro 2020. As we all know, the highly anticipated tournament is coming to an end this weekend. We at The Football Lovers thought that it would be a good idea to part ways with Euro 2020 by re-visiting some of the absolutely beautiful goals scored in the tournament.

We have seen some stunning goals scored in Euro 2020, including a goal that will goal down to be the most stunning goal ever scored in the history of the competition. So let’s take a look at some of the best goals scored at Euro 2020:

Euro 2020 top 10 Best Goals Scored

10. Xherdan Shaqiri vs Turkey

This was game among those matches which will be remembered for the standard of its goals – as you’ll discover down below.

Despite his inconsistent form at the club level, Shaqiri is among those players who always come up trumps for his nation.

With Switzerland needing a win to offer themselves any chance of getting out of Group , Shaqiri produced a trademark curler into the top bins to line his country on track for a 3-1 win. Clutch moment.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Germany

This goal has to be among the best counter-attacking goals we will ever see. It took Cristiano Ronaldo 14.2 seconds to clear a corner and score at the opposite end of the pitch.

As soon as he got his head on the German corner, Ronaldo turned on the jets, went full Lightning Mcqueen mode, and charged his way to the opposite end of the pitch, where Diogo Jota set him up for the simplest finish of his career. The goal seems just as simple as a tap-in, but the build-up to the goal is absolutely astonishing. From one end of the pitch to the other. Classic Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s Portugal side then went on to ship four goals to lose the game, but let’s not mention that.

8. Ivan Perisic vs Czech Republic

Ivan Perisic features a long history of buffing up his transfer value at international tournaments, and he’s at it again. He had a fairytale tournament in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and he has carried his international form to the Euro 2020.

The winger came in clutch for Croatia once more, bagging an equalizer against the Czech Republic side with this stupendous drive from the sting of the penalty area. Some goal that!

The goalkeeper probably should have done a touch better, but it had been hit with so much power that there was absolutely nothing he could do.

7. Kevin De Bruyne vs Denmark

Kevin De Bruyne literally features an exhausted face and yet still has a better vision than any folk could ever dream of possessing.

He delivered a sublime assist to urge Belgium back to their game against Denmark, before deciding to possess a go at scoring the goals soon after.

His Belgium teammates put together an incredible passing move and located an onrushing De Bruyne on the sting of the box, and therefore the Manchester City’s talisman thundered home an ideal winner.

6. Aleksey Miranchuk vs Finland

After some neat passing, it seemed like Aleksey Miranchuk had wasted this opportunity. He had a blink of an eye to urge an attempt off, and boy, did he take it.

Without any backlink, Miranchuk clipped the ball perfectly round Finnish goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky and into the Finland goal with such precision. The goalkeeper could do nothing.

The Atalanta superstar doesn’t score tons of goals, so he made sure this was one to recall.

5. Manuel Locatelli vs Switzerland 

2020/21 was kind of a flare-up year for Manuel Locatelli, who ended a superb season with this gorgeous strike against Switzerland. So without a doubt, this goal deserves to be in Top 5 Best Goals scored at Euro 2020.

โ€œItโ€™s a goal that will be remembered forever in the Eternal City.โ€

Having already finished off a pleasant team move earlier within the game, the Sassuolo man demanded the front page of the newspaper with this arrow of a strike from 25 yards out.

Seemed as though Yann Sommer got starstruck.

4. Aaron Ramsey vs Turkey

Aaron Ramsey’s finish was cheeky, but he was set up by an absolutely ferocious ball from Gareth Bale.

Going full creative midfielder mode, Bale picked out Ramsey with an excellent pass that completely carved open the Turkish defence. The pass was so good that it gave Aaron Ramsey an ocean of space to play with.

Ramsey controlled the ball down with his chest, ending a superb Wales move with the goal that it deserved.

3. Andriy Yarmolenko vs Netherlands

Andriy Yarmolenko cutting in from the right foot and scoring together with his left? Who could have seen this coming? you recognize, aside from literally everyone. Despite his inconsistent form at the club level, Yarmolenko is one of those players who always come up clutch for their countries.

Yarmolenko unleashed a ferocious curler into the top bins and ran away imagining what it would feel like to hold the Goal of the Tournament trophy. Deserve to be in the Top 3 Goals scored at Euro 2020.

2. Lorenzo Insigne vs Turkey

It was the opening game of Euro 2020 in which Italy’s Insigne scored an absolute world-class goal, creating a standard for other teams to follow in the competition. Italy made its stance known by putting up a stellar performance against Turkey. And now they are in the finals of the tournament.

Excelling passing by Italy led to an amazing move that was capped off by a ferocious curler from the left side, thanks to Insigne’s technical ability. Earlier in the game, his effort was sent wide, but this time around there were no mistakes. Absolutely astonishing.

1. Patrik Schick vs Scotland

And finally, to wrap up the article, we are here to exhibit the best goal scored at Euro 2020. A fortunate ricochet gave Czech Republic’s Patrik Schick an ocean of space, but no less than 49.7 yards out.

The Czech man saw Scotland’s goalkeeper out of his goal and decided to take a shot at him. With only one thing in his mind, Schick unleashed a first-time shot from 49.7 yards out to score THE BEST goal of the tournament. Take a bow, Patrik Schick. And with no surprise, nobody has ever scored from that further out in a European Competition.

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