The Sports Social Media Rich List 2021 Revealed

Sports Social Media Rich List

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the richest sports star on social media. The Portuguese sensation earns nearly $1.25 million for everyone of his Instagram posts. It is not a surprise at all that Ronaldo is on top of the sports social media rich list, considering he is the most followed person on Instagram. The Juventus striker was the most followed person on the planet and he recently earned the milestone of 500 Million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

According to Bonus Finder, the former Real Madrid star earns $1,247,157.70 per post on his Instagram account. This means that if Cristiano Ronaldo posts once a week, he could actually earn more than his reported wage of $34 million per year. This is an extraordinary fact.

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Ronaldo is not the only footballer in the list. In fact, the list is dominated by football players.

Below is the list of the top 20 people on the sports social media rich list:

1.Cristiano Ronaldo $1,247,157 per post
2.Lionel Messi$873,495 per post
3.Neymar Jr.$703,649 per post
4.LeBron James$379,485 per post
5. David Beckham$316,399 per post
6.James Rodríguez$226,138 per post
7.Kylian Mbappe$225,167 per post
8.Zlatan Ibrahimovic$225,167 per post
9.Marcelo$224,197 per post
10.Gareth Bale$212,065 per post
11.Sergio Ramos$208,183.13 per post
12.Paul Pogba$208,183.13 per post
13.Paulo Dybala$198,477.63 per post
14.Luis Suarez$191,198.50 per post
15.Karim Benzema$180,037.17 per post
16.Andres Iniesta$173,728.58 per post
17.Steph Curry$157,714.50 per post
18.Antoine Griezmann $154,802.85 per post
19.Dani Alves$153,832.30 per post
20.Zinedine Zidane$134,906.56 per post

Footballers have dominated the list and filled up 18 out of the 20 top spots. This just goes on to show the popularity and dominance of the sport.

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