Wofoo Tai Po

Tai Po Sports Ground

Wofoo Tai Po country First Division
Short name:
Current league:First Division
Manager:Hoi Man Fung
Stadium:Tai Po Sports Ground
Country:Hong Kong
City:Tai Po

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Premier League 1
First Division 2
Senior Shield 1

Wofoo Tai Po Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored0
Avg goals/game scored2.08
Shots on target382
Shots off target418
Avg shotson target/game4.71
Shooting accuracy47%
Dangerous attacks3301
Avg first goal scored42'
Total clean sheet18
Home clean sheet9
Away clean sheet9
Shots blocked5
Avg goals/game conceded1.79
Penalties conceded0
Total goals against132
Failed to score7
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins23
Away wins17
Home lost10
Away lost14
Ball possession49%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners177
Red cards2
Yellow cards113
Avg fouls per game0.77

Wofoo Tai Po Squad

M. Lugo350
M. Chan340
E. Mbende Mbome350
M. Luk350
K. Hui280
S. Leung260
M. Kim320
K. Fung250
C. Liu230
T. Yang210
Fong Chun Yip220
C. Yeung320
R. Che310
P. To310
W. Lew290
A. Chin220
Y. Ho280

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1X Premier League

Wofoo Tai Po

2X First Division

Wofoo Tai Po
2015/2016,  2013/2014, 

1X Senior Shield

Wofoo Tai Po

Wofoo Tai Po Transfers Record

Kim Seung-Yong Incheon Unitedfree
Ben Van Meurs Sydneyn/a
Nakamura Yuto Kitcheeloan
Paulo César Kitcheeloan
Ho Chun Ting Kitcheeloan
Kim Min-Ki Hoi Kingn/a
Eugene Mbende Mbome Pegasusn/a
Chan Man Fai Southern Districtn/a
Che Runqiu Southern Districtn/a
Luk Michael Chi Ho Southern Districtn/a
Lew Wai Yip Hoi Kingn/a
Luk Felix Hoi Kingn/a
Hui Ka Lok Hoi Kingn/a
To Philip Michael Hoi Kingn/a
Liu Chi Him Hoi Kingn/a
Sun Ming Him Hoi Kingn/a
Sandro PSMn/a
João Emir Pegasusswap
Jean-Jacques Kilama Pegasusn/a
Chan Siu Kwan Easternn/a
Chung Wai Keung Pegasusn/a
Au Yeung Yiu Chung Dreamsn/a
Michel Lugo Easternn/a
Yeung Chi Lun BC Rangersn/a
Sealy Jonathan Jack Changchun Yatain/a
Tse Sean Ka Keung South Chinafree
Igor Sartori Volta Redondan/a
Leung Kwun Chung South Chinafree
Dhiego Martins Pegasusn/a
Tsang Man Fai South Chinan/a
Eduardo Praes Pegasusn/a
Chak Ting Fung South Chinafree
Russell Andy Pulau Pinangn/a
Yuen Chun Sing Sun Hein/a
Chan Cham Hei Dreamsn/a
Che Runqiu South Chinaloan
Lima Grêmio Osascon/a
David Real Estelífree
Dudú Penapolensefree
Lucas São Paulo RSn/a
Chiu Siu Wai Wong Tai Sinfree
Lew Wai Yip Dreams Metro Galleryfree
Wong Yiu Fu Yuen Longn/a
Nakamura Yuto South Chinafree
Lee Ka Yiu Pegasusn/a
Wong Wai Pegasusn/a
Fung Hing Wa Pegasusn/a
Paulo César BC Rangersfree
Chun Lok Tan Pegasusn/a
Li Hon Ho Easternn/a
Xie Silida BC Rangersn/a
Naves BC Rangersn/a
Joey Gibbs Newcastle Jetsn/a
Afonso Easternloan
Yiu Ho Ming Easternloan
Yuen Ho Chun Pegasusloan
Vincent Weijl South Chinan/a
Chupe Kazincbarcikan/a
Lam Ngai Tong Dreams Metro Galleryn/a
Wu Haopeng Happy Valleyn/a
Sun Ming Him Pegasusn/a
Ho Chun Ting Kitcheen/a
Toby Down Easternn/a
Cheng Tsz Sum Easternn/a
Ben Van Meurs Sydney Olympicfree
Nakamura Yuto Warriorsn/a
Dudú Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Sandro Easternfree
Harrison Sawyer South Melbournen/a
Chiu Siu Wai Happy Valleyloan
Eduardo Praes Easternn/a
Au Yeung Yiu Chung BC Rangersn/a
Lee Ka Ho Easternn/a
Leung Kwun Chung Easternn/a
Li Hon Ho Warriorsn/a
Chan Siu Kwan Southern Districtn/a
Chung Wai Keung Easternn/a
Lee Ka Yiu Easternn/a
Tsang Man Fai Easternn/a
Fung Hing Wa Easternn/a
Chak Ting Fung Easternn/a
João Emir Easternn/a
Igor Sartori Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
David Pegasusswap
Chan Hiu Fung Yuen Longloan
Tse Sean Ka Keung Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Chun Lok Tan Guangzhou R&Fn/a
Nakamura Yuto Kitcheen/a
Dhiego Martins Southern Districtn/a
Lew Wai Yip Hoi Kingn/a
Sealy Jonathan Jack Pegasusn/a
Yuen Chun Sing Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Russell Andy Liaoning Kaixinn/a
Itaparica Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Wong Yiu Fu Dreamsn/a
Lucas Kitcheen/a
Che Runqiu South Chinan/a
Chan Lap Ming Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Wong Yim Kwan Yuen Longfree
Jing Teng Guangzhou R&F U19n/a
Yu Wai Lim Yuen Longn/a
Leong Ka Hang Pegasusfree
Naves Wong Tai Sinn/a
Liang Yuhao Easternn/a
Chun Yuen Ho Pegasusn/a
Chupe Hougang Unitedn/a
Wai Cheung Yau Tsim Mongn/a
Tsz Shek Yau Tsim Mongn/a
Ka-Chun Hayen Lee Citizen AAn/a
Joey Gibbs Blacktown Cityn/a
Afonso Easternn/a
Li Chun Yip Happy Valleyn/a
Wong Yim Kwan Happy Valleyfree
Pang Tsz Kin Happy Valleyfree
Annan Christian Kwesi Kitcheefree
Li Hon Ho Easternn/a
Lee Wai Lim South Chinan/a

Wofoo Tai Po F.C. News


Wofoo Tai Po() is a football team from Tai Po, Hong Kong. They play in the First Division. Their home venue is Tai Po Sports Ground.

They have an average win rate of 49.38%. And have won a total of 4 trophies. On this page you can find information about Wofoo Tai Po squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.