The New Saints

Park Hall Stadium

The New Saints country Premier League
Short name:TNS
Current league:Premier League
Manager:Anthony Limbrick
Stadium:Park Hall Stadium

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Premier League 13
Welsh Cup 7

The New Saints Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored7
Avg goals/game scored2.11
Shots on target745
Shots off target808
Avg shotson target/game3.7
Shooting accuracy45%
Dangerous attacks8032
Avg first goal scored36'
Total clean sheet103
Home clean sheet57
Away clean sheet46
Shots blocked90
Avg goals/game conceded1.46
Penalties conceded2
Total goals against231
Failed to score40
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins91
Away wins66
Home lost19
Away lost30
Ball possession53%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners727
Red cards7
Yellow cards225
Avg fouls per game1.27

The New Saints Squad

L. Robles25162
D. McManus27171614
A. Cieślewicz311211
L. Rees0
J. Routledge324
D. Redmond3123
R. Brobbel29502
E. Turner280
J. Williams2964
B. Clark2123
A. Denny220
J. Canavan0
B. Hudson30311
R. Astles2722
L. Smith242
C. Marriott32105
K. Davies254
A. Baker2544
D. Davies10
T. Williams180
C. Roberts290
P. Harrison371
R. Parry0

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13X Premier League

The New Saints

7X Welsh Cup

The New Saints

The New Saints Transfers Record

Alex Denny Salford Cityn/a
Ashley Baker Newport Countyfree
Morgan Daykin Cefn Druidsfree
Louis Bradford Aberystwyth Townn/a
Daniel Davies Connah's Quayn/a
Jordan Williams Stockport Countyn/a
L. Rees Cardiff MUn/a
Connor Roberts Aberystwyth Townn/a
Declan McManus Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Connor Roberts Aberystwyth Townn/a
Adam Roscrow AFC Wimbledonfree
Kwame Boateng Farsley Celticfree
Ryan Astles Southportfree
Ben Clark Caernarfon Townn/a
Connor Roberts Aberystwyth Townn/a
B. Cornish Colwyn Bayn/a
Leo Smith Caernarfon Townn/a
Louis Robles Bala Townn/a
Billy Whitehouse Spennymoor Townn/a
Adam Hughes Aberystwyth Townn/a
Joash Nembhard Cefn Druidsn/a
Josh Hmami United of Manchestern/a
Adam Hughes Warrington Townn/a
Ben Clark Llandudnon/a
Billy Whitehouse Shaw Lanen/a
Connor Roberts Llandudnon/a
Jack Bodenham Cardiff Cityloan
Josh Hmami Accrington Stanleyfree
Ben Cabango Swansea Cityloan
Connor Roberts Bangor Cityn/a
Kurtis Byrne Linfieldn/a
Robert Parry Llandudnon/a
Daniel Redmond Hamilton Academicaln/a
Kevin Kauber Jelgavafree
Dean Ebbe Bluebell Unitedn/a
Ryan Pryce Cefn Druidsn/a
Ryan Leak Wolverhampton Wanderersloan
Tyler Roberts Shrewsbury Townloan
Tom Holland Swansea Cityn/a
Blaine Hudson Chestern/a
Phillip Baker Aberystwyth Townn/a
Robert Parry Llandudnon/a
Tom Matthews The New Saintsn/a
Mihai Leca Braşovfree
Wes Fletcher Motherwellfree
Jon Routledge Dumbartonn/a
Steven Saunders Dumbartonn/a
Robert Parry Connah's Quayn/a
Ryan Brobbell Middlesbroughn/a
Chris Mullock Aberystwyth Townn/a
Danny Gosset Rhylloan
Sam Finley Wrexhamn/a
Ryan Edwards Cefn Druidsn/a
Ryan Kershaw Cefn Druidsn/a
Ryan Kershaw Cefn Druidsn/a
Adrian Cieslewicz B36n/a
Chris Mullock Newtownn/a
Ryan Edwards Connah's Quayn/a
Chris Mullock Cefn Druidsn/a
Connell Rawlinson Newtownn/a
Kai Edwards Neathn/a
Michael Wilde Chesterfree
Sean Jones Cefn Druidsn/a
Aeron Edwards Caerswsn/a
Kwame Boateng Sheffield Wednesdayfree
Joshua Bailey Caernarfon Townloan
Louis Bradford Aberystwyth Townloan
L. Rees Cardiff MUloan
B. Cornish Airbus UKloan
Simon Spender Airbus UKfree
Ryan Harrington Connah's Quayfree
Greg Draper Guilsfieldn/a
Luke Douglas Buckley Townn/a
Steve Evans Caernarfon Townn/a
Adam Roscrow Cardiff MUloan
Billy Whitehouse Chorleyn/a
Joash Nembhard Sutton Unitedn/a
L. Rees Cardiff MUloan
Ethan Short Newtownn/a
Connor Roberts Aberystwyth Townloan
Louis Bradford Aberystwyth Townloan
Harry Bower AFC Telford Unitedfree
Lewis Dutton Chorleyfree
Kurtis Byrne Waterford Unitedfree
Aeron Edwards Connah's Quayn/a
Billy Whitehouse Spennymoor Townloan
Ben Clark Caernarfon Townloan
Adam Hughes Aberystwyth Townloan
Joash Nembhard Cefn Druidsloan
Connor Roberts Aberystwyth Townloan
Tom Holland Waterford Unitedn/a
Jack Bodenham Cardiff Cityn/a
Bala Townloan
Josh Hmami United of Manchesterloan
Connor Roberts Llandudnoloan
Ben Clark Llandudnoloan
Kevin Kauber EIFfree
Connell Rawlinson Port Valefree
Wes Fletcher Chorleyfree
Steven Saunders Livingstonfree
Alex Darlington Bangor Cityn/a
Robert Parry Llandudnoloan
Mihai Leca Zimbrun/a
Ryan Pryce Cefn Druidsloan
Scott Quigley Blackpoolbought€38K
Phillip Baker Warrington Townn/a
Tom Matthews The New Saintsn/a
Robert Parry Llandudnoloan
Phillip Baker Aberystwyth Townloan
Ryan Edwards Bala Townn/a
Matthew Williams Connah's Quayn/a
Chris Mullock Aberystwyth Townn/a
Tom Matthews Airbus UKloan
Ryan Kershaw Newtownn/a
Michael Wilde Connah's Quayn/a
Kai Edwards Wrexhamfree
Danny Gosset Rhyln/a
Jamie Reed Llandudnon/a
Robert Parry Connah's Quayn/a
Chris Mullock Aberystwyth Townloan
Jamie Reed Aberystwyth Townloan
Sam Finley Fyldefree
Sam Finley Wrexhamloan
Ryan Fraughan Connah's Quayloan
Jordan Wells Carmarthen Townloan
Ryan Kershaw Cefn Druidsloan
Ryan Edwards Cefn Druidsloan
Steve Evans Connah's Quayloan
Chris Jones Gloucester Cityfree
Adam Davies Cefn Druidsn/a
Ryan Kershaw Cefn Druidsloan
Marcus Giglio Gloucester Cityfree
Chris Mullock Newtownloan
Alex Ramsey Rhyln/a
Jason Lampkin Colwyn Bayfree
Connell Rawlinson Newtownloan
Scott Quigley Carmarthen Townloan
Tomos Roberts AFC Telford Unitedfree
Craig Jones Buryn/a
Luke Holden Gainsborough Trinityfree
Danny Holmes Tranmere Roversfree
Sean Jones Newtownn/a
Sean Jones Cefn Druidsn/a
Gerard Doherty Derry Cityn/a

The New Saints F.C. News


The New Saints(TNS) is a football team from Oswestry, Wales. They play in the Premier League. Their home venue is Park Hall Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 64.88%. And have won a total of 20 trophies. On this page you can find information about The New Saints squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.