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Sylvia country
Short name:
Current league:
Manager: Rickard Johansson
Founded: 1922
Stadium: Östgötaporten
Country: Sweden
City: Norrköping

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Sylvia Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
143 69 50 275
Goals 275
Penalties scored 4
Avg goals/game scored 2.14
Shots 707
Shots on target 347
Shots off target 360
Avg shotson target/game 3.45
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 6652
Dangerous attacks 3950
Avg first goal scored 35'
Total clean sheet 30
Home clean sheet 20
Away clean sheet 10
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 1.47
Penalties conceded 5
Tackles 0
Total goals against 227
Failed to score 26
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 41
Away wins 28
Home lost 21
Away lost 29
Ball possession 49%
Avg corners per game 2
Total corners 214
Red cards 2
Yellow cards 100
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

Sylvia Squad

# Name Age
A. Alp 22 16 1 0 1
R. Binns 27 2 0
H. Sundberg 22 3 0 0
P. Tillmar 22 0 0 1
A. Hadenius 32 0 0 1
A. Aziz 7 3
M. Youssif 26 0
S. Detterman 24 2
A. Ståhl 22 1 0 4
G. Lindström 22 0
D. Lidetoft 22 0

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Sylvia Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Emanuel Chabo Norrköping free
Adnan Kojić Varberg BoIS free
Otto Lindell Norrköping free
Alexander Alp Nyköping free
Theodore Rask Norrköping loan
Wille Jakobsson Norrköping loan
Dino Salihovic Norrköping loan
David Burubwa Norrköping n/a
Liam Olausson Norrköping loan
Hadar Sundberg Norrköping free
Patrik Gustavsson Åtvidaberg free
Johan Roxström Sleipner free
Nils Akai Rosell Norrköping n/a
Henry Sletsjøe Syrianska n/a
Ihab Naser Syrianska n/a
Andreas Hadenius Halmstad n/a
Buster Blosse Norrköping free
D. Lidetoft free
Ryan Binns Åtvidaberg free
Robin Frej Stocksund free
Gustav Lindström Norrköping free
P. Lindgren Norrköping free
A. Ståhl Norrköping loan
O. Strandberg Norrköping loan
Max Olsson Åtvidaberg free
Adam Egnell Åtvidaberg free
J. Tesfay Arameiska / Syrianska free
Abdul Aziz Sylvia n/a
Theodore Rask Norrköping loan
Buster Blosse Norrköping loan
Hadar Sundberg Norrköping loan
Marwan Baze Norrby n/a
Carl Björk Norrköping loan
Mohamad-Fadel Youssif Motala n/a
Mikael Widfeldt n/a
Robin Gustafsson Oddevold free
Julius Lindgren Norrköping loan
Carl Björk Norrköping loan
Buster Blosse Norrköping loan
Ilir Terbunja Linköping City free
Majkel Bagir Assyriska free
Alfons Sampsted Norrköping loan
Robin Ahlberg Assyriska IF n/a
Hadar Sundberg Norrköping loan
Marwan Baze Norrköping loan
Daniel Andersson Sleipner n/a
Rasmus Bengtsson Sleipner n/a
Hampus Näsström Sleipner n/a
Hampus Lönn Norrköping loan
Felix Bengtsson Norrköping free
Adam Filipsson n/a
Jonathan Lundin Norrköping loan
Edvard Setterberg Norrköping loan
Jonatan Wiberg Umeå loan
Mohamad-Fadel Youssif free
Lars Florén Norrköping loan
Gentrit Citaku Norrköping loan
Arben Ajdarevic Falkenberg loan
Henrik Castegren Norrköping loan
Adnan Kojić Norrköping loan
Jonathan Lundin Norrköping loan
Philip Fransson n/a
Marcus Johansson Norrköping free
Ihab Naser Norrköping loan
Oscar Gloveus Norrköping loan
Filip Sundgren Sleipner n/a
Haris Sijaric Norrköping loan
Riki Cakic Norrköping loan
Marcus Johansson Norrköping loan
Martin Andersson Norrköping loan
Ken Sema Norrköping loan
Andreas Hadenius Värnamo free
Fredrik Nygren IFK Eskilstuna free
Kutshi Moilo Sleipner free
Joonas Tamm Norrköping loan
Marcus Johansson Norrköping loan
Christoffer Nyman Norrköping loan
Jonathan Rasheed Qviding FIF free
Allan Borgvardt Sandnes Ulf free
Tomas Petry Öster free
Andreas Hadenius Norrköping free
Oliver Lönn Norrköping free
Enis Ahmetovic Norrköping loan
Rasim Mehmedi Sleipner free
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Hampus Näsström Värnamo free
Otto Lindell Norrköping free
Theodore Rask Norrköping n/a
Wille Jakobsson Norrköping n/a
Dino Salihovic Norrköping n/a
Liam Olausson Norrköping n/a
Eldin Ibrahimbegovic Mjolby loan
Adam Egnell GAIS n/a
Max Olsson Norrby n/a
Ihab Naser Lindome free
Marwan Baze AFC Eskilstuna n/a
Robin Frej Brommapojkarna free
Niklas Söderberg Brage free
Jakob Lindahl Varberg BoIS free
Andreas Hadenius Halmstad n/a
A. Ståhl Norrköping n/a
Dino Salihovic Norrköping free
Robin Ahlberg Assyriska IF n/a
Antonios Bahdke Haninge n/a
Theodore Rask Norrköping n/a
D. Lidetoft Sylvia free
Carl Björk Norrköping n/a
Mikael Widfeldt Sylvia n/a
Oskar Rantala Törnfeldt Halmia free
Gustav Lindström Norrköping n/a
Tarik Hamza Norrköping n/a
Mohamad-Fadel Youssif Motala n/a
Adam Filipsson Sylvia n/a
Sylvia n/a
Tarik Hamza Norrköping n/a
Felix Bengtsson Norrköping n/a
Gaby Chabo Sleipner n/a
Marcus Kemppainen Sleipner n/a
Marcus Johansson Assyriska IF n/a
Mikael Karlsson Norrby n/a
Kasper Ringqvist Sleipner free
Julius Lindgren Norrköping n/a
Erik Lindell Norrköping n/a
Henrik Castegren Norrköping n/a
Jonatan Wiberg Umeå n/a
Edvard Setterberg Norrköping n/a
Gentrit Citaku Norrköping n/a
Adnan Kojić Norrköping n/a
Lukas Jonsson Sirius free
Arben Ajdarevic Falkenberg n/a
Jonathan Lundin Norrköping n/a
Ryan Binns Linköping City free
Mohamad-Fadel Youssif Sylvia free
Philip Fransson Sylvia n/a
Ken Sema Ljungskile free
Andreas Hadenius Norrköping free
Jonathan Rasheed Stabæk free
Kutshi Moilo Sleipner n/a
Timmy Wilhelmsson Karlstad n/a
Joakim Lengyel Oskarshamns AIK free
Andreas Hadenius Värnamo free
Arsim Gashi Motala free
Jonas Lönnroth Sleipner free
Total 0

Sylvia F.C. News


Sylvia() is a football team from Norrköping, Sweden. They play in the . Their home venue is Östgötaporten.

They have an average win rate of 48.25%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Sylvia squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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