St Patrick's

Richmond Park

St Patrick Premier Division
Short name:
Current league:Premier Division
Manager:Stephen O'Donnell
Stadium:Richmond Park
Country:Republic of Ireland

St Patrick's Trophiesmore details

Premier Division 9
FAI Cup 3
League Cup 2
Leinster Senior Cup 2

St Patrick's Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored4
Avg goals/game scored1.16
Shots on target390
Shots off target659
Avg shotson target/game4.85
Shooting accuracy36%
Dangerous attacks6795
Avg first goal scored50'
Total clean sheet54
Home clean sheet33
Away clean sheet21
Shots blocked38
Avg goals/game conceded1.32
Penalties conceded5
Total goals against180
Failed to score49
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins37
Away wins27
Home lost25
Away lost32
Ball possession55%
Avg corners per game3
Total corners353
Red cards13
Yellow cards209
Avg fouls per game2.64

St Patrick's Squad

St Patrick's Trophies

9X Premier Division

St Patrick
2013,  2001/2002,  1998/1999,  1997/1998,  1995/1996,  1989/1990,  1955/1956,  1954/1955,  1951/1952, 

3X FAI Cup

St Patrick
2014,  1960/1961,  1958/1959, 

2X League Cup

St Patrick

2X Leinster Senior Cup

St Patrick
2018/2019,  2013/2014, 

St Patrick's Transfers Record

Joseph Anang West Ham Unitedloan
James Abankwah Udineseloan
Adam O'Reilly Preston North Endloan
Eoin Doyle Bolton Wanderersfree
C. Kelly Wexford Youthsn/a
Jak Hickman Bolton Wanderersfree
Kyrian Nwoko Vallettafree
Alfie Lewis West Ham Unitedn/a
Vitezslav Jaros Liverpoolloan
Matthew Smith Waterford Unitedfree
Sam Bone Waterford Unitedfree
John Mountney Dundalk n/a
Ronan Coughlin Sligo Rovers n/a
Jordan Gibson Bradford Cityfree
Daniel Kelly Dundalkloan
Brian Maher Bray Wanderersn/a
Paul Cleary Wexford Youthsn/a
Conor Kearns UCDfree
Rory Feely Waterford Unitedfree
Robbie Benson Dundalkfree
Jason McClelland UCDfree
Ronan Hale Crusadersn/a
Rhys McCabe Sligo Roversn/a
Christopher Forrester Aberdeenn/a
David Webster Waterford Unitedn/a
Brandon Miele Shamrock Roversn/a
Gary Shaw Shamrock Roversn/a
Georgie Poynton Dundalkn/a
Michael Drennan Sligo Roversn/a
Ciaran Kelly Drogheda Unitedn/a
Cian Coleman Limerickn/a
Brendan Clarke Limerickfree
Conor Clifford Limerickfree
Joseph Manley UCDn/a
Tyson Farago Edmontonfree
Michael Leahy Sligo Roversfree
Thomas Byrne Drogheda Unitedfree
Kevin Toner Aston Villan/a
Brendan Clarke Limerickn/a
James Doona Shamrock Roversn/a
Simon Madden Shamrock Roversn/a
Łukasz Skowron Olhanensefree
Ian Turner Limerickn/a
Jordi Balk TOP Ossfree
Killian Brennan Drogheda Unitedfree
Owen Garvan Colchester Unitedn/a
Paul O'Conor Limerickn/a
Josh O'Hanlon Newport Countyn/a
Alex O'Hanlon Liverpooln/a
Kurtis Byrne Bohemiansfree
Barry Murphy Shamrock Roversfree
Gavin Peers Sligo Roversfree
Patrick Cregg Shamrock Roversfree
Mark Timlin Derry Cityfree
Dylan McGlade Shelbournen/a
Billy Dennehy Cork Cityn/a
Darren Dennehy Cork Cityn/a
Dinny Corcoran Sligo Roversfree
Graham Kelly Bray Wanderersn/a
Keith Treacy Drogheda Unitedfree
David Cawley Sligo Roversfree
Michael Barker Bray Wanderersn/a
Shane McEleney Derry Cityfree
Ciaran Kilduff Shamrock Roversfree
Conor O'Malley Shamrock Roversfree
Jason McGuinness Shamrock Roversfree
Lee Desmond Shelbournefree
Morgan Langley City Islandersn/a
Darragh Markey St Patrick'sfree
Aaron Greene Sligo Roversfree
Keith Fahey Birmingham Cityn/a
Derek Foran Shamrock Roversn/a
Ken Oman Shamrock Roversn/a
Conor McCormack Shamrock Roversfree
Lee Lynch Sligo Roversn/a
Shamrock Roversfree
James Chambers Shamrock Roversfree
Marco Chindea Waterford Unitedn/a
Kevin Farragher Athlone Townn/a
Rene Gilmartin Plymouth Argylen/a
Lorcan Fitzgerald Shelbournen/a
Stephen Maher Dundalkfree
Shane McFaul Hakafree
Killian Brennan Shamrock Roversfree
Sean Gannon Shamrock Roversfree
Conan Byrne Shelbournefree
Conor Murphy Derry Cityfree
Pat Jennings Athlone Townfree
Jordan Keegan Scunthorpe Unitedfree
Anthony Flood Bohemiansfree
Roddy Collins Jr. Monaghan Unitedfree
Jake Kelly Bray Wanderersfree
Dean Kelly Shamrock Roversfree
Kenny Browne Waterford Unitedfree
Pat Flynn Shamrock Roversfree
Brendan Clarke Sligo Roversfree
Christy Fagan Bohemiansn/a
Christopher Forrester St Patrick'sn/a
Darren Meenan UCDfree
Greg Bolger Dundalkn/a
Barry Murphy Bohemiansfree
Mark Rossiter Bohemiansfree
James Chambers Hamilton Academicalfree
John Flood Drogheda Unitedn/a
Danny North Harrogate Townn/a
David McMillan UCDfree
Anthony Murphy Bohemiansfree
Chris Bennion Athlone Townfree
Danny North Grimsby Townn/a
David Mulcahy Bray Wanderersfree
Conor Kenna Drogheda Unitedfree
Gareth Coughlan Bray Wanderersfree
Ian Bermingham Shamrock Roversfree
David McAllister Shelbournefree
Joseph Anang West Ham Unitedn/a
Adam O'Reilly Preston North Endn/a
James Abankwah Udinesen/a
James Abankwah Udinesebought
Alfie Lewis Plymouth Argylefree
Jak Hickman Stourbridgefree
Daniel Norris UCDfree
C. Kelly Wexford Youthsloan
Luke McNally Oxford Unitedn/a
Conor Kearns Galway Unitedfree
Rory Feely Bohemiansfree
Jordan Gibson Sligo Rovers n/a
Daniel Kelly Dundalkn/a
James Doona Athlone Townfree
Paul Cleary Wexford Youthsfree
Brendan Clarke Shelbournefree
Dan Ward Gatesheadfree
Ronan Hale Larnen/a
Paul Cleary Wexford Youthsloan
Brian Maher Bray Wanderersloan
Gary Shaw Bray Wanderersn/a
Glen McAuley Bohemiansfree
Rhys McCabe Brechin Cityfree
Ciaran Kelly Bohemiansn/a
David Webster Finn Harpsfree
Conor Clifford Derry Cityfree
Cian Coleman Cork Cityfree
Georgie Poynton Waterford Unitedn/a
Luke Heeney Drogheda Unitedfree
Ian Turner Cobh Ramblersn/a
Jake Keegan Greenville Triumphn/a
Ryan Brennan Shelbournen/a
Conan Byrne Shelbournen/a
Joseph Manley Longford Townn/a
Michael Barker Bohemiansfree
Thomas Byrne Drogheda Unitedn/a
Alex O'Hanlon Glentorann/a
Darren Dennehy Limerickfree
Eric Donnelly Bray Wanderersn/a
Billy Dennehy Limerickn/a
Paul O'Conor Bray Wanderersfree
Rory Feely Waterford Unitedfree
Josh O'Hanlon Cork Cityn/a
Kurtis Byrne Linfieldn/a
Steven Grogan Athlone Townn/a
Jordi Balk Liendenfree
Ciaran Kelly Drogheda Unitedfree
Jonathan Lunney Bohemiansn/a
Aidan Keena Heartsn/a
Patrick Cregg Forfar Athleticn/a
Conor O'Malley Peterborough Unitedn/a
Jack Bayly Drogheda Unitedn/a
Sam Verdon Longford Townfree
Shane Elworthy Drogheda Unitedfree
Shane McEleney Ottawa Furyfree
Jamie McGrath Dundalkfree
Fuad Sule Bohemiansfree
Dinny Corcoran Bohemiansfree
Brendan Clarke Limerickfree
Mark Timlin Derry Cityfree
Sean Hoare Dundalkfree
Dylan McGlade Longford Townfree
David Cawley Galway Unitedfree
Jason McGuinness Cliftonvillefree
James Chambers Bethlehem Steeln/a
Aaron Greene Limerickn/a
Paul Rooney Bohemiansn/a
Killian Brennan Shamrock Roversn/a
Kenny Browne Cork Cityfree
Greg Bolger Cork Cityfree
Christopher Forrester Peterborough Unitedn/a
Cyril Guedjé Limerickloan
Ciaran Kilduff Dundalkfree
Conor McCormack Derry Cityfree
Derry Cityn/a
Derek Foran Sacramento Republicn/a
Ken Oman Portadownn/a
Marco Chindea Athlone Townn/a
Keith Fahey Shamrock Roversn/a
Peter Durrad Bray Wanderersfree
Darragh Markey St Patrick'sfree
Lorcan Fitzgerald Bohemiansfree
Rene Gilmartin Watfordn/a
Daryl Kavanagh Sligo Roversfree
Stephen Dunne Athlone Townn/a
Sean Gannon Dundalkfree
Shane McFaul KTPn/a
Stephen O'Flynn Instituten/a
John Russell Sligo Roversfree
Jake Kelly Bray Wanderersfree
Conor Kenna Shamrock Roversn/a
Daryl Kavanagh St Patrick'sfree
Jamie McGlynn Shelbournefree
Jake Carroll Huddersfield Townn/a
Ryan Coombes Bray Wanderersfree
Conor Murphy Bohemiansfree
Jordan Keegan Dundalkn/a
Darren Meenan Dundalkfree
Vinny Faherty Dundalkfree
Mark Rossiter Dundalkfree
Sean O'Connor Shamrock Roversfree
Roddy Collins Jr. Athlone Townloan
Kevin Farragher Athlone Townloan
Pat Flynn Shelbournefree
Ryan Coombes Athlone Townloan
Barry Murphy Shamrock Roversfree
James Chambers Shamrock Roversfree
Dean Kelly Shelbournefree
Jamie McGlynn Salthill Devonloan
Eoin Hyland Bray Wanderersfree
Ian Daly Bromleyn/a
Brian Shortall Shelbournefree
Danny North Sligo Roversfree
Anthony Murphy Shelbournefree
David Mulcahy Bohemiansfree
Gareth Coughlan Dundalkfree
Seán Stewart Bohemiansfree
Neil Harney Bohemiansfree
Derek Pender Bohemiansfree
Chris Bennion Monaghan Unitedfree
Evan McMillan Bohemiansfree
John O'Connor Bohemiansfree
Shane Guthrie Limerickfree
Shane McFaul Hakafree
Paul Crowley Drogheda Unitedfree
Gary Rogers Sligo Roversfree
Christopher Forrester St Patrick'sn/a
Daryl Kavanagh Shamrock Roversfree
Noel Haverty Longford Townfree
Jordan Keegan Monaghan Unitedfree
Ryan Guy New Englandn/a
Paul Hunt Longford Townn/a
Shane Guthrie Dundalkloan
David McAllister Sheffield Unitedfree
Danny North Harrogate Townn/a
Stephen Maher Dundalkfree
Brendan Clarke Sporting Fingalfree
Enda Stevens Shamrock Roversfree
Keith Fahey Birmingham Cityfree
Joseph Ndo Shamrock Roversloan

St Patrick's F.C. News


St Patrick's() is a football team from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. They play in the Premier Division. Their home venue is Richmond Park.

They have an average win rate of 41.03%. And have won a total of 16 trophies. On this page you can find information about St Patrick's squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.