Sporting San José

January 17, 2022

Sporting San José

Estadio Jorge Hernán Cuty Monge

Sporting San José country Primera Division
Short name:
Current league: Primera Division
Manager: José Antonio Giacone Garita
Founded: 2000
Stadium: Estadio Jorge Hernán Cuty Monge
Country: Costa Rica
City: San José

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Liga de Ascenso 1

Sporting San José Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
118 55 30 195
Goals 195
Penalties scored 2
Avg goals/game scored 1.5
Shots 192
Shots on target 72
Shots off target 120
Avg shotson target/game 5.61
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 2477
Dangerous attacks 1344
Avg first goal scored 53'
Total clean sheet 38
Home clean sheet 21
Away clean sheet 17
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 1.05
Penalties conceded 1
Tackles 0
Total goals against 141
Failed to score 27
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 37
Away wins 18
Home lost 8
Away lost 22
Ball possession 47%
Avg corners per game 4
Total corners 121
Red cards 3
Yellow cards 65
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

Sporting San José Squad

# Name Age
B. Vega Chaves 32 15 3 1
R. Jiménez 34 12 1 4
D. Madrigal Ulloa 34 1 0
R. Azofeifa Corrales 38 4 0 6
E. Ramírez Segnini 36 1 0
H. Rojas Cabezas 26 0 0 4
R. Chirino 27 0 0 4
R. Miller Hernández 38 2 0 0
L. Flores Cordero 29 1 2
J. Medina Scarlett 31 2 7
H. Aguirre Santellán 32 3
D. Castillo 30 4 5
G. Castro 21 0
C. Méndez Segura 40 0
A. Lezcano Véliz 1

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1X Liga de Ascenso

Sporting San José

Sporting San José Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Barlon Sequeira Sibaja Alajuelense n/a
Christopher Meneses Barrantes Santos de Guápiles n/a
Bryan López Ramírez Santos de Guápiles n/a
Jose Salvatierra Alajuelense n/a
Yostin Salinas Phillips Deportivo Saprissa n/a
Giovanni Clunie Asenjo ADR Jicaral n/a
Jonathan Martínez Solano ADR Jicaral n/a
Kendall Gallardo Sequeira ADR Jicaral n/a
Berny Burke Montiel Herediano n/a
P. Santamaria Pérez Zeledón n/a
Geancarlo Castro Pérez Zeledón n/a
Randall Azofeifa Herediano n/a
Roy Miller Hernández Santos de Guápiles n/a
Franco Caballero Flandria n/a
Álvaro Sánchez Alfaro Grecia n/a
Josué Martínez Areas Antigua GFC n/a
Allan Miranda Albertazzi Cobán Imperial n/a
Harry Rojas Cabezas Grecia n/a
Josué Rodríguez Ramírez Guadalupe n/a
Randy Chirino Antigua GFC n/a
Junior Delgado Pérez Zeledón n/a
Kevin Patiño ADR Jicaral n/a
Reiby Smith Dixón Guadalupe n/a
Adrián Peralta Nueva Chicago n/a
Jaylon Hadden Deportivo Saprissa n/a
Alexander Lezcano Véliz Herediano n/a
Dennis Castillo Pérez Zeledón n/a
Diego Madrigal Ulloa San Carlos free
Jonathan Hansen Cartaginés free
Rudy Dawson Forbes San Carlos free
Cristhian Lagos Navarro ADR Jicaral free
Esteban Ramírez Segnini San Carlos free
Jaikel Medina Scarlett Pérez Zeledón free
Hernán Fener Pérez Zeledón free
Horacio Aguirre Santellán ADR Jicaral free
Rashir Parkins Harris Alajuelense free
D. Quirós Sánchez Limón n/a
Jorge Castro Salazar Grecia free
Edder Munguio Villegas Pérez Zeledón free
Bryan Vega Chaves UCR free
Rigoberto Jiménez Santos de Guápiles free
Carlos Méndez Segura UCR free
Jaime Valderramos Montero Carmelita free
Kevin Vega Cartaginés free
Rodrigo Garita Valverde Cartaginés free
Juan Bustos Golobio San Carlos free
Luis Flores Cordero Deportivo Saprissa free
José Marín Calderón UCR free
Jefrey Montenegro CS Uruguay de Coronado free
Jean Scott Cartaginés free
Irving Calderón Reid Grecia free
Yostin Salinas Phillips Deportivo Saprissa free
Erick Pineda Solís Alajuelense free
Darío Alfaro Gónzalez Alajuelense free
Justin Daly Cordero Comunicaciones free
Jormán Sánchez Tencio Cartaginés free
Elian Morales Alajuelense free
Total €0

Sporting San José F.C. News


Sporting San José() is a football team from San José, Costa Rica. They play in the Primera Division. Their home venue is Estadio Jorge Hernán Cuty Monge.

They have an average win rate of 46.61%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Sporting San José squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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