Haig Avenue

Southport country Vanarama National League North
Short name:
Current league:Vanarama National League North
Manager:Liam Watson
Stadium:Haig Avenue

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Liverpool Senior Cup 1

Southport Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored6
Avg goals/game scored1.55
Shots on target533
Shots off target796
Avg shotson target/game3.63
Shooting accuracy40%
Dangerous attacks7204
Avg first goal scored39'
Total clean sheet99
Home clean sheet53
Away clean sheet46
Shots blocked6
Avg goals/game conceded1.45
Penalties conceded2
Total goals against396
Failed to score77
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins72
Away wins61
Home lost43
Away lost52
Ball possession46%
Avg corners per game2
Total corners609
Red cards4
Yellow cards186
Avg fouls per game0.95

Southport Squad

G. Newell260
I. Buckley-Ricketts24120
J. Archer271870
R. Benjamin310
T. Walton100
D. Tharme0
N. Watson2220
J. Hmami2340
D. Vassallo0
C. Woods40
C. Munro260
J. Doyle250
C. Doyle2710
A. Anson250
J. Bainbridge2430
C. Oliver250
R. Corrigan22000
C. Mason270
A. McMillan400

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1X Liverpool Senior Cup


Southport Transfers Record

Lewis Mansell Accrington Stanleyloan
Tyler Walton Farsley Celticfree
Tyler Walton Farsley Celticloan
Liam Edwards Bolton Wanderersloan
Mitch Duggan Warrington Townloan
Isaac Buckley-Ricketts Peterborough Unitedn/a
Josh Hmami Marinefree
Chris Doyle United of Manchesterfree
Cameron Mason Curzon Ashtonfree
Douglas Tharme Connah's Quayn/a
Rhys Fenlon Accrington Stanleyloan
Harry Perritt Accrington Stanleyloan
Jack Bolton Accrington Stanleyloan
Cameron Antwi Blackpoolloan
Jordan Archer Boston Unitedn/a
Niall Watson Accrington Stanleyn/a
Jack Baird Sunderlandfree
Dylan Vassallo Warrington Townfree
Matthew Challoner Boston Unitedn/a
Antony McMillan Chorleyfree
Mohamud Ali Curzon Ashtonn/a
Markus Carver Chorleyn/a
Adam Anson Witton Albionn/a
Charlie Oliver Fleetwood Townn/a
Adam Carden Warrington Townn/a
Marcus Wood Bradford Park Avenuen/a
George Newell Motherwelln/a
Jack Doyle Blackburn Roversn/a
Russell Benjamin Warrington Townn/a
Reagan Ogle Accrington Stanleyloan
Raul Correia Barrown/a
Zehn Mohammed Accrington Stanleyloan
Charlie Albinson Blackburn Roversfree
Kieran Glynn Salford Cityloan
Matthew Platt Blackburn Roversloan
Josh Langley Altrinchamn/a
Zehn Mohammed Accrington Stanleyloan
Paul Ennis Curzon Ashtonn/a
Dominic McHale Ashton Unitedfree
Oliver Crowley Stalybridge Celticn/a
Liam Davies Marinen/a
Jordan Archer Buryloan
Billy Priestley United of Manchestern/a
Josh Tibbetts Peterborough Unitedfree
Bouwe Bosma Eastbourne Boroughn/a
Reagan Ogle Accrington Stanleyloan
Dean Winnard Morecambefree
Josh Langley Fyldefree
Bradley Bauress Barrowfree
Nathan Lowe Spennymoor Townn/a
Liam Davies Chesterfree
Devarn Green Tranmere Roversfree
Michael Phenix Salford Cityn/a
Zac Corbett United of Manchesterfree
Andy Parry Barrowfree
Dan Hanford Gatesheadfree
Ryan Astles Chesterfree
Ross Hannah Chesterloan
Alex Whittle Forest Green Roversloan
Oliver Marx Wrexhamloan
Adam Dugdale Macclesfield Townn/a
Ross Sykes Accrington Stanleyloan
Mekhi Leacock-McLeod Accrington Stanleyloan
Graham Kelly Port Valeloan
Jordan Richards Fyldefree
Dion Charles Fleetwood Townfree
Connor Jennings Warrington Townn/a
Clive Smith Preston North Endfree
Billy Priestley Alfreton Townn/a
Nathan Sheron Fleetwood Townloan
Adam Dawson Tranmere Roversfree
Caleb Richards Blackpoolloan
Steve Howson Curzon Ashtonfree
Jason Gilchrist United of Manchestern/a
Jon Worsnop York Cityfree
David Lynch Halifax Townn/a
Josh Hine Warrington Townfree
Jordan Hallam Sheffield Unitedloan
Ross Sykes Accrington Stanleyloan
David Morgan Harrogate Townfree
Nathan Lowe United of Manchestern/a
Lee Croft Oldham Athleticfree
Dan Cockerline Barrown/a
Chris Merrie Wigan Athleticloan
Christopher Sang Buryloan
Gerard Garner Fleetwood Townloan
Rowan Roache Blackpoolloan
Mark Halstead Shrewsbury Townfree
Liam Martin Sligo Roversfree
Dominic Smith Shrewsbury Townloan
John Kissock Ebbsfleet Unitedfree
Gary Roberts Bangor Cityn/a
Alex Fletcher Newtownfree
Kaiman Anderson Shrewsbury Townfree
Curtis Jones Nantwich Townfree
Ethan Jones Shrewsbury Townfree
Andy White Nantwich Townfree
Gary Jones Altrinchamn/a
Jack Sampson Macclesfield Townfree
Jacques Kpohomouh Radcliffe Boroughfree
Adam Dugdale Eastleighfree
Connor Jennings Tranmere Roversfree
Spencer Myers Fleetwood Townloan
Craig King Luton Townloan
Louis Almond Tranmere Roversloan
James Stevenson Dover Athleticloan
Lindon Meikle Barrowloan
Kevin Monteiro Airbus UKfree
Richard Brodie Boston Unitedn/a
John Cofie Chorleyn/a
Jake Wright Sheffield Unitedloan
Robbie Cundy Oxford Unitedloan
Michael Onovwigun Chesterfieldfree
Delial Brewster Evertonloan
Rory McKeown Warrington Townfree
John Cofie Bradford Park Avenuen/a
Aaron Jones Raufossfree
Joe Kearns AFC Telford Unitedn/a
Mason Springthorpe Northwich Victoriafree
Jack Higgins York Cityloan
Ruben Jerome Brighouse Townfree
Ben McKenna Bradford Park Avenuefree
Keil O'Brien Stalybridge Celticn/a
Nathan Ferguson Port Valeloan
Liam Hynes Stalybridge Celticfree
Callum Howe Southportloan
Keil O'Brien Halifax Townn/a
Lewis Mansell Accrington Stanleyn/a
Markus Carver Hartlepool Unitedfree
Liam Edwards Bolton Wanderersn/a
Mitch Duggan Warrington Townn/a
Liam Edwards Bolton Wanderersn/a
Mitch Duggan Warrington Townn/a
Mohamud Ali Warrington Townn/a
Cameron Antwi Blackpooln/a
Dean Winnard Marinefree
Matthew Challoner Curzon Ashtonfree
Rhys Fenlon Accrington Stanleyn/a
Harry Perritt Accrington Stanleyn/a
Rhys Fenlon Accrington Stanleyn/a
David Morgan Accrington Stanleyfree
Cameron Antwi Blackpooln/a
Jack Sampson Fyldefree
Bradley Bauress Chesterfree
Paddy Lacey Chesterfree
Raul Correia Bala Townfree
Ryan Astles The New Saintsfree
Zehn Mohammed Accrington Stanleyn/a
Dan Cockerline United of Manchesterfree
Morgan Homson-Smith United of Manchesterfree
Kieran Glynn Salford Cityn/a
Jack Sanders Wigan Athleticn/a
Reagan Ogle Accrington Stanleyn/a
Jack Dunn Warrington Townn/a
Adam Anson Witton Albionloan
Devarn Green Scunthorpe Unitedn/a
Billy Priestley Bradford Park Avenuefree
Jordan Archer Port Valen/a
Marcus Wood Bradford Park Avenuen/a
Dion Charles Accrington Stanleyn/a
Matthew Platt Blackburn Roversn/a
Josh Tibbetts Bala Townn/a
Lewis Doyle Accrington Stanleyn/a
Danny Whitehall Maidenhead Unitedn/a
Clive Smith Atherton Collieriesn/a
Chris Cheetham Atherton Collieriesn/a
Jordan Richards Farsley Celticfree
Jason Gilchrist South Shieldsn/a
Liam Davies Curzon Ashtonn/a
Nathan Lowe South Shieldsn/a
Reagan Ogle Accrington Stanleyn/a
Jason Gilchrist Stockport Countyloan
Dominic McHale United of Manchestern/a
Josh Langley Guiseleyloan
Zehn Mohammed Accrington Stanleyn/a
Oliver Crowley Ashton Unitedn/a
Paul Ennis Ashton Unitedn/a
Josh Langley Altrinchamloan
Elliot Osborne Stockport Countyn/a
David Lynch Alfreton Townfree
Liam Martin Ashton Unitedn/a
Elliot Osborne Stockport Countyloan
Billy Priestley United of Manchesterloan
Liam Hynes Marinefree
Graham Kelly Larnen/a
Josh Hine Chorleyfree
Liam Davies Marineloan
Jon Worsnop Guiseleyfree
Mark Halstead Morecambefree
Adam Dawson AFC Telford Unitedfree
Michael Onovwigun Dulwich Hamletn/a
Ross Hannah Chestern/a
Ross Sykes Accrington Stanleyn/a
John Kissock Welling Unitedfree
Steve Howson Chesterfree
Alex Whittle Forest Green Roversn/a
Kaiman Anderson Stourbridgefree
Curtis Jones Ashton Unitedfree
Connor Jennings Warrington Townfree
Nathan Lowe Spennymoor Townloan
Yves Zama Bangor Cityn/a
Adam Dugdale Macclesfield Townloan
Gary Roberts Chesterfree
Nathan Sheron Fleetwood Townn/a
Alex Fletcher Newtownfree
Andy White Altrinchamn/a
John Cofie Derry Cityn/a
Ross Sykes Accrington Stanleyn/a
Chris Merrie Wigan Athleticn/a
Connor Jennings Warrington Townloan
Christopher Sang Buryn/a
Rowan Roache Blackpooln/a
Jordan Lussey AFC Telford Unitedfree
Ben McKenna Stockport Countyfree
Declan Weeks Kidderminster Harriersfree
Andrai Jones Bala Townfree
Josh Thompson Macclesfield Townfree
Neil Ashton Cefn Druidsfree
Euan Murray Raith Roversfree
Magnus Norman Fulhamn/a
Liam Nolan Accrington Stanleyn/a
Ashley Grimes Edinburgh Cityfree
Rory McKeown Warrington Townfree
Jack Higgins Warrington Townfree
Robbie Cundy Oxford Unitedn/a
Ross White AFC Telford Unitedfree
Mason Springthorpe Alfreton Townfree
Ryan Higgins Torquay Unitedfree
Jamie Allen Dover Athleticn/a
James Stevenson Dover Athleticn/a
Craig King Luton Townn/a
Andy Bishop Stalybridge Celticfree
Lindon Meikle Barrown/a
Aaron Jones Ängelholmfree
Alex Wimmer Richmond Kickersfree
Jake Wright Sheffield Unitedn/a
Bobby Moseley Gloucester Cityfree
James Caton Dover Athleticfree
Ruben Jerome Harrogate Townfree
John Cofie Chorleyloan
James Gray Glenavonfree
Gary Jones Altrinchamloan
Keil O'Brien Stalybridge Celticfree
Callum Howe Lincoln Cityn/a
John Cofie Bradford Park Avenueloan
Jonathan Royle AFC Telford Unitedfree
Joe Kearns AFC Telford Unitedloan
Keil O'Brien Stalybridge Celticloan
Craig Stanley Lincoln Cityn/a
Callum Howe Southportloan
Louis Almond Tranmere Roversn/a

Southport F.C. News


Southport() is a football team from Southport, England. They play in the Vanarama National League North. Their home venue is Haig Avenue.

They have an average win rate of 42.9%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Southport squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.