Southend United

Roots Hall Stadium

Southend United country National League
Short name:SEU
Current league:National League
Manager:Kevin Maher
Stadium:Roots Hall Stadium

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League One 1

Southend United Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored4
Avg goals/game scored1.48
Shots on target635
Shots off target1060
Avg shotson target/game4.62
Shooting accuracy36%
Dangerous attacks7686
Avg first goal scored39'
Total clean sheet115
Home clean sheet60
Away clean sheet55
Shots blocked51
Avg goals/game conceded1.81
Penalties conceded4
Total goals against714
Failed to score167
Team Play
Avg player rating/match6.8
Home wins89
Away wins59
Home lost94
Away lost115
Ball possession45%
Avg corners per game2
Total corners522
Red cards16
Yellow cards290
Avg fouls per game1.17

Southend United Squad

R. Murphy321972
S. Dalby231951
H. Cardwell263100
W. Atkinson342
N. Husin25100
J. Dunne334
A. Ogogo333
J. Bridge2711
C. Powell26000
A. Nathaniel-George270
H. Phillips252
L. Gard230
R. Howard231
J. White362
N. Ralph296
J. Coulson332
L. Davies23000
S. Hobson241
M. Mitchell-Nelson0
O. Kensdale22000
T. Clifford230
S. Arnold331
C. Andeng Ndi0

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Southend United

Southend United Transfers Record

Callum Powell Kettering Townn/a
Noor Husin Dartfordn/a
Harry Cardwell Chorleyn/a
Leon Davies Cambridge Unitedn/a
Ollie Kensdale Concord Rangersn/a
Zak Brunt Sheffield Unitedloan
Kaspar Lopata Sheffield Unitedloan
Will Atkinson Alfreton Townfree
Sam Dalby Watfordfree
Rhys Murphy Yeovil Townfree
Steven Arnold Northampton Townfree
Abu Ogogo Bristol Roversfree
Rob Howard King's Lynn Townn/a
James Dunne Barnetfree
Jack Bridge Bromleyfree
Josh Coulson Leyton Orientn/a
James Montgomery Gatesheadloan
Alex Bass Portsmouthloan
Ricky Holmes Northampton Townfree
Matt Rush Tonbridge Angelsn/a
Jacob Mellis Gillinghamn/a
Nathan Ferguson Crawley Townn/a
Reeco Hackett-Fairchild Portsmouthloan
Louis Walsh Guiseleyn/a
Sam Hart Blackburn Roversfree
Simeon Akinola Barnetfree
Harry Kyprianou Bromleyn/a
Ashley Nathaniel-George Crawley Townn/a
Alan McCormack Northampton Townfree
Shaun Hobson Weymouthfree
Jordan Green Barnsleyloan
O’Shane Stewart Margaten/a
Emile Acquah Maidenhead Unitedn/a
Rob Howard Braintree Townn/a
Patrik Sigurður Gunnarsson Brentfordloan
Emile Acquah Maidenhead Unitedn/a
Michael Klass Bromleyn/a
Harry Seaden Southend Unitedn/a
Harry Phillips Billericay Townn/a
Rob Howard Dartfordn/a
Ethan Hamilton Manchester Unitedloan
Layton Ndukwu Leicester Cityloan
Liam Ridgewell Hull Cityfree
Andre Blackman Barnetn/a
Joe Shaughnessy St. Johnstone U21free
Nathan Ralph Dundeen/a
Brandon Goodship Weymouthfree
Theo Robinson Swindon Townn/a
Mark Milligan Hiberniann/a
Stephen Humphrys Fulhamn/a
Norman Wabo Braintree Townn/a
Taylor Moore Bristol Cityloan
Harry Bunn Buryloan
Shawn McCoulsky Bristol Cityloan
Luke Hyam Ipswich Townfree
Timothee Dieng Bradford Cityfree
David Stockdale Birmingham Cityloan
Tom Hopper Scunthorpe Unitedfree
Sam Barratt Maidenhead Unitedn/a
Harry Lennon Charlton Athleticn/a
Sam Mantom Scunthorpe Unitedn/a
Stephen Hendrie Motherwelln/a
Freddie Ladapo Crystal Palacefree
Shayon Harrison Tottenham Hotspurloan
Josh Bexon Kitzbüheln/a
Sam Mantom Scunthorpe Unitedloan
Josh Wright Gillinghamfree
Rob Kiernan Rangersn/a
Michael Turner Norwich Cityfree
Michael Kightly Burnleyfree
Stephen Hendrie West Ham Unitedfree
Christian Walton Brighton & Hove Albionloan
Theo Robinson Lincoln Cityn/a
Luke Amos Tottenham Hotspurloan
Frank Nouble Gillinghamfree
Zavon Hines Dagenham & Redbridgefree
Anton Ferdinand Readingfree
Adam King Swansea Cityloan
Jakub Sokolik Yeovil Townfree
Simon Cox Readingfree
Mark Thomas Oxley Hibernianfree
Harry Kyprianou Lowestoft Townn/a
Jermaine McGlashan Gillinghamfree
Jason Williams Chelmsford Cityn/a
Luke Prosser Northampton Townn/a
Cian Bolger Buryn/a
Jack Bridge Chelmsford Cityn/a
Piotr Malarczyk Ipswich Townloan
Franck Moussa Charlton Athleticfree
Jamar Loza Norwich Cityloan
Glen Kamara Arsenalloan
Sam McQueen Southamptonloan
Stephen Hendrie West Ham Unitedloan
Tyrone Barnett Shrewsbury Townloan
Stephen McLaughlin Nottingham Forestn/a
Glen Rea Brighton & Hove Albionloan
Luke O'Neill Burnleyfree
Leyton Orientfree
Anthony Wordsworth Ipswich Townfree
Jack Bridge Chelmsford Cityn/a
Jason Williams Welling Unitedn/a
Conor Clifford Barnetn/a
Stephen McLaughlin Nottingham Forestloan
Joe Pigott Charlton Athleticloan
Jason Williams Chelmsford Cityn/a
John-Joe O'Toole Northampton Townloan
Jakub Sokolik Yeovil Townloan
Elliott Lee West Ham Unitedloan
Jerome Binnom-Williams Crystal Palaceloan
Gary Deegan Northampton Townfree
Cian Bolger Bolton Wanderersfree
Shaquile Coulthirst Tottenham Hotspurloan
Mads Ibenfeldt ABfree
Myles Weston Gillinghamfree
Kaspar Lopata Sheffield Unitedn/a
Ashley Nathaniel-George Ebbsfleet Unitedloan
Matt Rush Chelmsford Cityloan
Josh Coulson King's Lynn Townn/a
Nathan Ferguson Wealdstonefree
Tommy Davis Welling Unitedloan
Kaspar Lopata Sheffield Unitedn/a
Zak Brunt Sheffield Unitedn/a
Nile Ranger Boreham Woodn/a
O’Shane Stewart Welling Unitedloan
Harry Kyprianou Oxford Cityfree
Reiss Chandler Bishop's Stortfordloan
Greg Halford Waterford Unitedfree
Harry Lennon Wrexhamfree
Timothee Dieng Exeter Cityfree
Kyle Taylor AFC Bournemouthn/a
Ricky Holmes Farnboroughn/a
Mark Thomas Oxley Harrogate Townfree
Brandon Goodship Weymouthfree
Sam Hart Oldham Athleticfree
Emile Acquah Maidenhead Unitedfree
Reeco Hackett-Fairchild Portsmouthn/a
Rob Howard King's Lynn Townloan
Richard Taylor Barnetfree
Matt Rush Tonbridge Angelsloan
Kazaiah Sterling Tottenham U23n/a
Sam Mantom Hemel Hempstead Townfree
Harry Kyprianou Bromleyloan
Jordan Green Barnsleyn/a
Sam Barratt Maidenhead Unitedfree
Stephen Humphrys Rochdalefree
Stephen McLaughlin Mansfield Townfree
Josh Bexon Dover Athleticn/a
Theo Robinson Port Valefree
Joe Shaughnessy St. Mirrenfree
Sewa Marah Chorleyn/a
Freddie Gard Aveleyn/a
Emile Acquah Maidenhead Unitedloan
Rob Kiernan Orange Countyn/a
Harry Seaden Southend Unitedn/a
Emile Acquah Maidenhead Unitedloan
Tom Hopper Lincoln Cityn/a
Simon Cox Western Sydney Wanderersfree
Rob Howard Braintree Townloan
Layton Ndukwu Leicester Cityn/a
Harry Seaden Dagenham & Redbridgeloan
Tom Clifford Concord Rangersloan
Theo Robinson Colchester Unitedloan
Rob Howard Dartfordloan
Dru Yearwood Brentfordn/a
Norman Wabo Dartfordfree
Sam Hart Blackburn Roversn/a
Michael Klass Bromleyloan
Taylor Moore Bristol Cityn/a
Stephen Hendrie Kilmarnockn/a
Theo Robinson Swindon Townloan
Taylor Curran Swindon Townn/a
Nico Cotton Eastbourne Boroughn/a
Joe Bedford Dover Athleticfree
Taylor Curran Braintree Townloan
Anton Ferdinand St. Mirrenn/a
Amadou Ba Dartfordloan
Joe Bedford East Thurrock Unitedloan
Anthony Wordsworth AFC Wimbledonfree
Josh Wright Bradford Cityfree
Jermaine McGlashan Swindon Townfree
Michael Timlin Stevenagefree
Freddie Ladapo Plymouth Argylefree
Norman Wabo Ebbsfleet Unitedloan
Stephen Hendrie Motherwellloan
Ryan Leonard Sheffield Unitedn/a
Jack Bridge Northampton Townn/a
Jordan Alawode-Williams Bristol Roversfree
Zavon Hines Maidstone Unitedfree
Josh Bexon Kitzbühelloan
Adam Thompson Buryfree
Adam King Swansea Cityn/a
Leyton Orientfree
Will Atkinson Mansfield Townfree
Daniel Walker Kitzbühelloan
Luke O'Neill Gillinghamfree
Frank Nouble Newport Countyfree
Jason Williams Concord Rangersfree
Luke Amos Tottenham Hotspurn/a
Abdul Salami East Thurrock Unitedloan
Jason Williams Boreham Woodloan
Jakub Sokolik Plymouth Argylefree
Franck Moussa Walsallfree
Jack Payne Huddersfield Townfree
Kevan Hurst Mansfield Townfree
Luke Prosser Colchester Unitedfree
Myles Weston Wycombe Wanderersfree
Daniel Bentley Brentfordn/a
David Worrall Millwallfree
Sam McQueen Southamptonn/a
Gary Deegan Shrewsbury Townfree
Cian Bolger Fleetwood Townfree
Piotr Malarczyk Ipswich Townn/a
Cian Bolger Buryloan
Stephen Hendrie West Ham Unitedn/a
Harry Kyprianou Lowestoft Townloan
Luke Prosser Northampton Townloan
Jason Williams Chelmsford Cityloan
Jack Bridge Chelmsford Cityloan
Joe Pigott Charlton Athleticn/a
Glen Rea Brighton & Hove Albionn/a
Conor Clifford Boreham Woodfree
Crawley Townfree
Ellis Brown Tonbridge Angelsfree
Cambridge Unitedfree
Jerome Binnom-Williams Crystal Palacen/a
Conor Clifford Barnetloan
Jason Williams Welling Unitedloan
Elliott Lee West Ham Unitedn/a
Jack Bridge Chelmsford Cityloan
Isaac Layne Alloa Athleticfree
John-Joe O'Toole Northampton Townn/a
Jakub Sokolik Yeovil Townn/a
Isaac Layne Hayes & Yeading Unitedloan
Jason Williams Chelmsford Cityloan
Mitchell Pinnock Bromleyfree
Bedsente Gomis Sutton Unitedfree
Ryan Auger Bishop's Stortfordfree
Marc Laird Tranmere Roversfree
Anthony Straker York Cityfree
Mark Phillips AFC Wimbledonfree
Seedy Njie Billericay Townfree
Jacob Murphy Norwich Cityn/a
Jamar Loza Norwich Cityn/a
Mark Phillips Aldershot Townloan


Southend United(SEU) is a football team from Southend-on-Sea, England. They play in the National League. Their home venue is Roots Hall Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 31.22%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Southend United squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.