Shamrock Rovers

Waterford Regional Sports Centre

Shamrock Rovers country Premier Division
Short name:SHA
Current league:Premier Division
Manager:Stephen Bradley
Stadium:Waterford Regional Sports Centre
Country:Republic of Ireland

Shamrock Rovers Trophiesmore details

Premier Division 19
First Division 1
FAI Cup 25
League Cup 1

Shamrock Rovers Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored5
Avg goals/game scored1.46
Shots on target548
Shots off target750
Avg shotson target/game4.44
Shooting accuracy39%
Dangerous attacks7039
Avg first goal scored40'
Total clean sheet84
Home clean sheet44
Away clean sheet40
Shots blocked92
Avg goals/game conceded1.17
Penalties conceded6
Total goals against141
Failed to score38
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins53
Away wins44
Home lost13
Away lost28
Ball possession54%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners442
Red cards8
Yellow cards185
Avg fouls per game3.89

Shamrock Rovers Squad

Shamrock Rovers Trophies

19X Premier Division

Shamrock Rovers
1993/1994,  1986/1987,  1985/1986,  1984/1985,  1983/1984,  1963/1964,  1958/1959,  1956/1957,  1953/1954,  1938/1939,  1937/1938,  1931/1932,  1926/1927,  1924/1925,  1922/1923, 

1X First Division

Shamrock Rovers

25X FAI Cup

Shamrock Rovers
1986/1987,  1985/1986,  1984/1985,  1977/1978,  1968/1969,  1967/1968,  1966/1967,  1965/1966,  1964/1965,  1963/1964,  1961/1962,  1955/1956,  1954/1955,  1947/1948,  1944/1945,  1943/1944,  1939/1940,  1935/1936,  1932/1933,  1931/1932,  1930/1931,  1929/1930,  1928/1929,  1924/1925, 

1X League Cup

Shamrock Rovers

Shamrock Rovers Transfers Record

C. Lennox Shamrock Rovers IIn/a
Sam Bone Waterford Unitedn/a
Richie Towell Salford Cityfree
Sean Gannon Dundalkfree
Daniel Mandroiu Bohemiansfree
Sean Hoare Dundalkfree
Chris McCann Oldham Athleticfree
Rory Gaffney Salford Cityn/a
Dean Williams Bray Wanderersn/a
Graham Burke Preston North Endloan
Gary O'Neill UCDn/a
Sean Callan Wexford Youthsn/a
Graham Cummins Cork Cityn/a
Sean Boyd Finn Harpsn/a
Aaron Dobbs Wexford Youthsn/a
Aaron McEneff Derry Cityn/a
Dean Dillon Longford Townn/a
Jack Byrne Kilmarnockn/a
Dylan Watts Leicester Cityfree
Aaron Greene Bray Wanderersfree
Alan Mannus St. Johnstonen/a
Sean Kavanagh Fulhamn/a
Daniel Carr Karlstadn/a
Joey O'Brien West Ham Unitedn/a
Joel Coustrain Raith Roversn/a
Ally Gilchrist St. Johnstonen/a
Ethan Boyle Finn Harpsn/a
Aaron Dobbs Wexford Youthsn/a
Greg Bolger Cork Cityn/a
Cameron King Thetford Townfree
Lee Grace Galway Unitedbought€N/A
Michael O’Connor Dundalkn/a
Ronan Finn Dundalkn/a
Tomer Chencinski Helsingborgfree
Richie Purdy Drogheda Unitedn/a
Ryan Connelly Galway Unitedfree
Kevin Horgan Galway Unitedfree
Cian Kavanagh Shelbournen/a
Darren Meenan Dundalkn/a
Michael Quinn Crumlin Unitedn/a
Killian Brennan St Patrick'sn/a
Brendan Clarke Limerickn/a
Sean Heaney Shelbournen/a
Gary Shaw Longford Townn/a
Damien Duff Melbourne Cityfree
Michael Drennan Aston Villan/a
Maxime Blanchard Plymouth Argylen/a
Danny North Sligo Roversfree
Keith Fahey St Patrick'sn/a
Gavin Brennan Drogheda Unitedn/a
David Webster Bray Wanderersn/a
Conor O'Malley Mervue Unitedfree
Dean Kelly Shelbournen/a
Craig Hyland Waterford Unitedfree
Rob Cornwall Shelbournen/a
Stephen McPhail Sheffield Wednesdayfree
Karl Sheppard Readingfree
Ryan Brennan Drogheda Unitedfree
Robert Bayly Shelbournefree
David O'Connor UCDn/a
Simon Madden Derry Cityfree
Conor Kenna St Patrick'sn/a
Michael Kelly UCDn/a
Kieran Waters Bray Wanderersfree
Luke Byrne Bohemiansn/a
Éamon Zayed Aluminium Hormozganfree
David Elebert Fylkirfree
Karl Sheppard Readingloan
Danny Ledwith UCDfree
Richard Brush Sligo Roversfree
Sean O'Connor St Patrick'sfree
Derek Foran Dundalkfree
James Chambers St Patrick'sfree
Shane Robinson Hakafree
Sligo Roversfree
Barry Murphy St Patrick'sfree
Jason McGuinness Sligo Roversfree
Thomas Stewart Partick Thistlefree
Oscar Jansson Tottenham Hotspurfree
Pat Sullivan Cork Cityn/a
Aaron Greene Sligo Roversfree
Conor Winn free
Oscar Jansson Tottenham Hotspurloan
Kerrea Gilbert Yeovil Townfree
Graham Gartland St. Johnstonefree
Conor Powell Sligo Roversfree
Killian Brennan Bohemiansfree
Daryl Kavanagh St Patrick'sfree
Richard Brush Sligo Roversfree
Ciaran Kilduff UCDfree
Ronan Finn Sporting Fingalfree
Karl Sheppard free
Conor McCormack Triestinafree
Dean Kelly Oldham Athleticfree
Gary O'Neill Sporting Fingaln/a
Gary McCabe Sligo Roversfree
Pat Jennings Derry Cityfree
Daniel Murray Cork Cityfree
James Chambers Drogheda Unitedfree
Billy Dennehy Cork Cityfree
Enda Stevens St Patrick'sfree
Pat Sullivan Cork Cityfree
Joseph Ndo St Patrick'sloan
Pat Flynn Waterford Unitedfree
Sean O'Connor St Patrick'sn/a
Dessie Baker Longford Townfree
Stephen Rice Bohemiansfree
Mark O'Brien Bohemiansloan
Liam Scales Celticn/a
Darragh Nugent Longford Townloan
Dean Williams Longford Townloan
Karl Coleman Kilnamanaghn/a
Graham Burke Preston North Endn/a
Aaron McEneff Heartsfree
Jack Byrne APOEL n/a
Thomas Oluwya Bohemiansfree
Rhys Marshall Glentoranfree
Daniel Lafferty Derry Cityfree
Greg Bolger Cork Cityfree
Orhan Vojic Vorwärts Steyrn/a
Ethan Boyle Linfieldn/a
Graham Cummins Waterford Unitedn/a
Daniel Carr Apollonn/a
Trevor Clarke Rotherham Unitedn/a
Joel Coustrain Cork Cityn/a
Sam Bone Waterford Unitedfree
Sean Boyd Finn Harpsloan
Sean Callan Wexford Youthsloan
Kevin Horgan Galway Unitedfree
Dean Williams Athlone Townn/a
Aaron Dobbs Longford Townn/a
Luke Byrne Shelbournen/a
Brandon Miele St Patrick'sn/a
Gary Shaw St Patrick'sn/a
Ally Gilchrist Derry Cityn/a
Michael Drennan Sligo Roversn/a
Dean Dillon Longford Townloan
Graham Burke Preston North Endn/a
Michael O’Connor Finn Harpsloan
Aaron Dobbs Wexford Youthsloan
Sean Heaney Bray Wanderersfree
Darren Meenan Longford Townfree
Ryan Connelly Galway Unitedfree
James Doona St Patrick'sn/a
Simon Madden St Patrick'sn/a
David Webster Waterford Unitedn/a
Sean Heaney Waterford Unitedloan
Aaron Dobbs Wexford Youthsloan
Jamie Aherne Bray Wanderersn/a
Maxime Blanchard Newport Countyn/a
Barry Murphy St Patrick'sfree
Richie Purdy Drogheda Unitedfree
Brendan Clarke Limerickfree
Gary McCabe Bray Wanderersfree
Patrick Cregg St Patrick'sfree
Cian Kavanagh UCDn/a
Rob Cornwall Bohemiansfree
Richie Purdy Drogheda Unitedloan
Kieran Waters UCDn/a
Conor Kenna Bray Wanderersn/a
Ryan Brennan Bray Wanderersn/a
Cian Kavanagh Shelbourneloan
Dylan Kavanagh Shelbourneloan
Richie Purdy Cabinteelyloan
Rob Cornwall Derry Cityloan
Sean Heaney Shelbourneloan
Jack Watson UCDn/a
Adam Whelan Drogheda Unitedn/a
Evan Osam Shelbourneloan
Robert Bayly Cliftonvillen/a
Conor O'Malley St Patrick'sfree
Karl Sheppard Cork Cityfree
Dean Kelly Bohemiansn/a
Ciaran Kilduff St Patrick'sfree
Alan Kehoe Shelbournen/a
Conor Dunne Longford Townn/a
Mark Sandford Shelbournen/a
Ronan Finn Dundalkfree
Daniel Purdy Athlone Townn/a
Jason McGuinness St Patrick'sfree
Éamon Zayed Sligo Roversloan
David Elebert Derry Cityfree
Billy Dennehy Cork Cityfree
Ken Oman St Patrick'sn/a
Derek Foran St Patrick'sn/a
Conor McCormack St Patrick'sfree
Craig Sives Livingstonfree
Richard Brush Sligo Roversfree
Karl Sheppard Readingn/a
Stephen Rice Longford Townfree
Danny Ledwith Sligo Roversfree
Pat Sullivan Longford Townfree
St Patrick'sfree
James Chambers St Patrick'sfree
Conor Winn Dundalkfree
Lorcan Shannon Bohemiansfree
Ciaran Kilduff Cork Cityloan
Aaron Shanahan Dundalkfree
Gary O'Neill Drogheda Unitedfree
Reyaad Pieterse Kaizer Chiefsfree
Toyeeb Mustapha Athlone Townloan
Sean Gannon St Patrick'sfree
Aaron Greene Sligo Roversfree
Killian Brennan St Patrick'sfree
Jack Memery Shelbournefree
Graham Gartland Shelbournefree
Daryl Kavanagh Cork Cityfree
Oscar Jansson Örebrofree
Gary Twigg Portadownfree
Lorcan Shannon Dundalkloan
Rohan Ricketts Exeter Cityfree
Conor Winn Shamrock Roversfree
Daniel Murray Cork Cityfree
Karl Sheppard Readingfree
Enda Stevens Aston Villabought€285K
Dean Kelly St Patrick'sfree
Patrick Kavanagh Shelbournefree
Richard Brush Sligo Roversfree
Karl Moore Bohemiansfree
Robert Hughes Waterford Unitedfree
Pat Flynn St Patrick'sfree
Craig Hyland Longford Townfree
Alan Mannus St. Johnstonefree
Pat Jennings Glenavonn/a
Thomas Stewart Partick Thistlefree
Danny Murphy Cork Cityn/a
Karl Sheppard Shamrock Roversfree
James Chambers Hamilton Academicalfree
Sean O'Connor Limerickfree
Gary Shaw Bray Wanderersn/a
Craig Walsh Longford Townfree
Don Cowan Longford Townfree
Barry Murphy Bohemiansfree
Ian Bermingham St Patrick'sfree
Simon Madden Darlington 1883free
Dessie Baker Dundalkloan
David Cassidy Dundalkfree
Mark O'Brien Bohemiansfree

Shamrock Rovers F.C. News


Shamrock Rovers(SHA) is a football team from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. They play in the Premier Division. Their home venue is Waterford Regional Sports Centre.

They have an average win rate of 55.43%. And have won a total of 46 trophies. On this page you can find information about Shamrock Rovers squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.