January 17, 2022


Arena Garibaldi - Stadio Romeo Anconetani

Pisa country Serie B
Short name: PIS
Current league: Serie B
Manager: Luca D'Angelo
Founded: 1909
Stadium: Arena Garibaldi - Stadio Romeo Anconetani
Country: Italy
City: Pisa

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Serie B 1

Pisa Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
288 92 88 306
Goals 306
Penalties scored 4
Avg goals/game scored 1.43
Shots 2058
Shots on target 613
Shots off target 1285
Avg shotson target/game 3.51
Shooting accuracy 30%
Attacks 15518
Dangerous attacks 7750
Avg first goal scored 42'
Total clean sheet 102
Home clean sheet 63
Away clean sheet 39
Shots blocked 160
Avg goals/game conceded 1.82
Penalties conceded 4
Tackles 1637
Total goals against 309
Failed to score 104
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 6.7
Home wins 55
Away wins 37
Home lost 32
Away lost 56
Ball possession 46%
Avg corners per game 2
Total corners 513
Red cards 26
Yellow cards 367
fouls 1794
Avg fouls per game 3.27
Offsides 213

Pisa Squad

# Name Age
Y. Cohen 26 12 3 1 1
G. Puşcaş 26 1 0
G. Masucci 38 17 1 2 2
E. Torregrossa 30 1 1 1
G. Mastinu 31 13 1 1
G. Sibilli 26 18 4 4
L. Lucca 22 16 6 2 2
A. Benali 31 0
I. Touré 24 3 2
R. Gucher 32 3 2
Á. Nagy 27 0 0 3
A. De Vitis 31 1 2
N. Siega 32 0
D. Marsura 29 1 2 0
D. Di Quinzio 33 2
H. Hermannsson 28 2
F. Berra 28 0
A. Caracciolo 32 1 5
S. Birindelli 23 1 1 5
M. Leverbe 26 1 3
P. Beruatto 24 1 2 4
D. De Marino 23 0
T. Fischer 20 0
N. Andrade 34 1
A. Livieri 26 0
V. Dekic 23 0
M. Kucich 24 0

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1X Serie B


Pisa Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Andrea Beghetto Alessandria n/a
Davide De Marino Juventus loan
George Pușcaș Reading loan
Ahmad Benali Crotone loan
Ernesto Torregrossa Sampdoria loan
Raffaele Spina Torino free
Alessandro Curci Paganese free
Ádám Nagy Bristol City n/a
Andrea Cisco Sassuolo n/a
Yonatan Cohen Maccabi Tel Aviv n/a
Davide Di Quinzio Alessandria n/a
Maxime Leverbe Chievo n/a
Lorenzo Lucca Palermo n/a
Filippo Berra Bari 1908 swap
Hjörtur Hermannsson Brøndby free
Idrissa Touré Juventus U23 bought €900K
Pietro Beruatto Juventus U23 loan
Christian Sussi Arezzo free
Nicolò Bruschi Fiorenzuola free
Leonardo Ubaldi n/a
Andrea Beghetto Frosinone n/a
Nicolas Izzillo Casertana n/a
Alessandro Livieri Pro Sesto n/a
Leonardo Loria Monopoli n/a
Gianmarco Ingrosso Cosenza n/a
Vladan Dekic Casertana n/a
Nicolas Reggina free
Elia Giani Pontedera n/a
Matteo Kucich Cavese n/a
Riccardo Perazzolo Paganese n/a
Salvatore Santoro Casertana free
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone n/a
Thomas Alberti Matelica Calcio n/a
Andrea Beghetto Frosinone loan
Giuseppe Mastinu Spezia free
Christian Tommasini Pontedera n/a
Stefano Gori Juventus loan
Davide Marsura Livorno n/a
Luca Mazzitelli Sassuolo loan
Simone Palombi Lazio loan
Antonio Caracciolo Cremonese n/a
Leonardo Loria Juventus n/a
Giuseppe Sibilli AlbinoLeffe free
Alessandro Quaini AlbinoLeffe n/a
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone n/a
Luigi Cuppone Monopoli n/a
Ramzi Aya Salernitana n/a
Luca Verna Ternana n/a
Alessandro Livieri Lecco n/a
Claudio Maffei Lecco n/a
Federico Nacci Bisceglie n/a
Matteo Kucich Cavese n/a
Thomas Alberti Paganese n/a
Marco Pompetti Inter loan
Antonio Caracciolo Cremonese loan
Danilo Soddimo Cremonese n/a
Luca Vido Atalanta loan
Kevin Lidin Paganese n/a
Michael Fabbro Chievo loan
Alessandro Livieri FeralpiSalò free
Marco Varnier Atalanta loan
Simone Perilli Pordenone n/a
Marius Marin Sassuolo n/a
Andrea Meroni Sassuolo loan
Marco Pinato Sassuolo loan
Alessandro Quaini Genoa n/a
Nicholas Siega Cittadella n/a
Francesco Belli Virtus Entella n/a
Christian Langella Bari 1908 n/a
Federico Nacci Paganese n/a
Gianmarco Ingrosso Foggia n/a
Claudio Maffei Olbia n/a
Ramzi Aya Catania n/a
Daniele Cardelli Cuneo n/a
Kevin Lidin Eslov n/a
Matteo Kucich Trapani n/a
Simone Benedetti Virtus Entella n/a
Massimiliano Pesenti Piacenza n/a
Mattia Minesso Calcio Padova n/a
Luca Verna Cosenza n/a
Daniele Liotti Siracusa free
Alberto Masi Bari 1908 free
Marius Marin Sassuolo loan
Andrea D'Egidio Ascoli n/a
Michele Marconi Alessandria n/a
Fabrizio Buschiazzo Peñarol loan
Fabrizio Brignani Bologna loan
Stefano Gori Bari 1908 free
Davide Moscardelli Arezzo free
Luigi Cuppone Paganese n/a
Lazar Petković Carpi n/a
Thomas Alberti Levico free
Andrea Meroni Paganese n/a
Federico Nacci Paganese n/a
Iacopo Cernigoi Paganese n/a
Diego Peralta Extremadura UD n/a
Giulio Favale Gavorrano n/a
Daniele Cardelli Casertana n/a
Luca Verna Carpi n/a
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone n/a
Alessandro Petruccelli Roma n/a
Francesco Lisi Juve Stabia n/a
Andrea Cagnano Inter loan
Carmine Setola Palermo loan
Jonathan Alexis Ferrante Brescia loan
Miguel Ángel Foggia loan
Sebastían Gamarra FeralpiSalò free
Alessandro De Vitis Sampdoria free
Lorenzo Filippini Lazio loan
Reinis Reinholds Lupa Castelli Romani free
Luca Giannone Ternana n/a
Minel Sabotic Reggiana n/a
Iacopo Cernigoi Vicenza n/a
Robert Gucher Vicenza free
Lazar Petković Carpi loan
Gianmarco Ingrosso Matera n/a
Luigi Cuppone Vicenza n/a
Nicolas Izzillo Juve Stabia free
Davide Di Quinzio Como free
Kevin Lidin Lund n/a
Dario Maltese Reggiana free
Total €900K
Player Club Type Fee
Ernesto Torregrossa Sampdoria n/a
George Pușcaș Reading n/a
Andrea Beghetto Perugia free
Riccardo Perazzolo Olhanense n/a
Nicolas Izzillo Trento Calcio 1921 loan
Salvatore Santoro Pistoiese loan
Eros Pisano FeralpiSalò n/a
Thomas Alberti Fidelis Andria loan
Leonardo Ubaldi Pistoiese loan
Gianmarco Ingrosso Pescara n/a
Andrea Beghetto Alessandria loan
Christian Langella Monopoli loan
Christian Sussi Paganese loan
Michele Marconi Alessandria n/a
Simone Benedetti Alessandria n/a
Nicolò Bruschi Fiorenzuola loan
Christian Tommasini Fiorenzuola loan
Claudio Maffei Fiorenzuola n/a
Elia Giani Fiorenzuola loan
Francesco Belli Bari 1908 swap
Lorenzo Masetti Ancona loan
Leonardo Loria Monopoli loan
Francesco Lisi Perugia n/a
Mattia Minesso Modena n/a
Leonardo Ubaldi Pisa n/a
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone free
Andrea Meroni Sassuolo n/a
Luca Mazzitelli Sassuolo n/a
Stefano Gori Juventus n/a
Andrea Beghetto Frosinone n/a
Simone Palombi Lazio n/a
Simone Perilli Brescia free
Luca Vido Atalanta n/a
Christian Tommasini Imolese loan
Matteo Kucich Cavese loan
Elia Giani Pontedera loan
Thomas Alberti Matelica Calcio loan
Andrea D'Egidio Teramo free
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone loan
Mattia Minesso Perugia loan
Nicolas Izzillo Casertana loan
Marco Pompetti Inter n/a
Luigi Cuppone Casertana n/a
Luca Verna Catanzaro n/a
Gianmarco Ingrosso Cosenza loan
Alessandro Livieri Pro Sesto loan
Claudio Maffei Pro Sesto loan
Riccardo Perazzolo Paganese loan
Christian Langella Renate loan
Vladan Dekic Casertana loan
Stefano Gori Juventus bought €3M
Umberto Eusepi Alessandria n/a
Antonio Caracciolo Cremonese n/a
Michael Fabbro Chievo n/a
Luca Verna Ternana loan
Federico Nacci Bisceglie loan
Nicolas Izzillo Avellino loan
Ramzi Aya Salernitana loan
Daniele Cardelli Pontedera free
Alessandro Livieri Lecco loan
Davide Di Quinzio Alessandria n/a
Daniele Liotti Reggina n/a
Massimiliano Pesenti Calcio Padova n/a
Alberto Masi Pro Vercelli n/a
Reinis Reinholds Paphos n/a
Federico Nacci Lecco loan
Christian Langella Palermo loan
Umberto Eusepi Alessandria loan
Giulio Favale Reggiana n/a
Alessandro Quaini AlbinoLeffe loan
Kevin Lidin Paganese loan
Claudio Maffei Lecco loan
Luigi Cuppone Monopoli loan
Matteo Voltolini Reggiana free
Matteo Kucich Cavese loan
Fabrizio Brignani Bologna n/a
Andrea Meroni Sassuolo n/a
Marius Marin Sassuolo n/a
Alessandro Petruccelli Fidelis Andria free
Sebastían Gamarra Oriente Petrolero n/a
Gianmarco Ingrosso Foggia loan
Daniele Cardelli Cuneo loan
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone loan
Claudio Maffei Olbia loan
Iacopo Cernigoi Salernitana n/a
Luigi Cuppone Bisceglie loan
Kevin Lidin Eslov loan
Maikol Negro Rende free
Minel Sabotic AlbinoLeffe free
Christian Langella Bari 1908 loan
Umberto Eusepi Novara loan
Federico Nacci Paganese loan
Thomas Alberti Paganese loan
Matteo Campani Sassuolo n/a
Lorenzo Bechini Sassuolo U19 n/a
Luca Verna Cosenza loan
Elia Giani Sassuolo U19 n/a
Dario Maltese Alessandria n/a
Kevin Lidin Lund loan
Matteo Balduini Viareggio loan
Giulio Favale Lucchese loan
Matteo Voltolini Fano loan
Daniele Mannini Pontedera free
Dario Polverini Pro Piacenza free
Luca Giannone Catanzaro free
Diego Peralta Novara n/a
Matteo Salvi Atalanta n/a
Miguel Ángel Foggia n/a
Carmine Setola Palermo n/a
Jonathan Alexis Ferrante Brescia n/a
Giulio Sanseverino Akragas free
Luigi Cuppone Paganese loan
Federico Nacci Paganese loan
Dario Polverini Fondi loan
Iacopo Cernigoi Paganese loan
Kevin Lidin Bologna loan
Giulio Favale Gavorrano loan
Roberto Zammarini Pordenone loan
Andrea Lazzari Fano free
Daniele Cardelli Casertana loan
Alessandro Longhi Brescia n/a
Dario Polverini Modena loan
Federico Angiulli Ternana n/a
Edgar Çani Partizani Tirana free
Luca Verna Carpi loan
Ignacio Lores Ascoli bought €500K
Total 3.5M

Pisa F.C. News


Pisa(PIS) is a football team from Pisa, Italy. They play in the Serie B. Their home venue is Arena Garibaldi - Stadio Romeo Anconetani.

They have an average win rate of 31.94%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Pisa squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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