January 17, 2022


New Suez Stadium

Petrojet country Second League: Group B
Short name:
Current league: Second League: Group B
Manager: Mohammed Rabieh Yassein
Founded: 1980
Stadium: New Suez Stadium
Country: Egypt
City: Suez

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Petrojet Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
168 59 56 176
Goals 176
Penalties scored 2
Avg goals/game scored 1.21
Shots 551
Shots on target 212
Shots off target 290
Avg shotson target/game 2.66
Shooting accuracy 38%
Attacks 5859
Dangerous attacks 3600
Avg first goal scored 55'
Total clean sheet 63
Home clean sheet 37
Away clean sheet 26
Shots blocked 49
Avg goals/game conceded 0.99
Penalties conceded 1
Tackles 0
Total goals against 173
Failed to score 54
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 35
Away wins 24
Home lost 21
Away lost 35
Ball possession 38%
Avg corners per game 3
Total corners 105
Red cards 2
Yellow cards 95
fouls 429
Avg fouls per game 1.26
Offsides 56

Petrojet Squad

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Petrojet Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Ahmed Saber ENPPI free
Ali Saber Hussein National Bank of Egypt n/a
Hady Reyad Wadi Degla n/a
Ahmed Abdul Zaher Aswan free
Ziad Ahmed Ismaily n/a
Anas Shendy Fayoum n/a
Islam Hussein Abu Qir Semad n/a
Ahmed Abdel Razik Sers Elyan n/a
Taha Nadi Beni Suef n/a
Mohamed Nour Al Jazeera n/a
Mohamed Hesham Wadi Degla n/a
Abdelrahman Gondaya Masr free
Mahmoud Mansour Smouha free
Karim Lala El Entag El Harby free
Aiman Orabi Ismaily free
Ibrahim Abdel Kawy Smouha free
Abdallah Rashed El Entag El Harby free
Ahmed Abdel Mawgod Masr free
Mohamed Shatta Haras El Hodood free
Ahmed Fathi Daif Suez n/a
Ahmed Rabia Nojom El Mostabel free
Ahmed Kamal Coca-Cola n/a
Ahmed Raouf El Entag El Harby free
Islam Adel Nojom El Mostabel n/a
Ahmed Ouka El Daklyeh free
Mahmoud El Kout Al Masry free
Ahmed Fathi Daif Kafr El Sheikh free
Karim Tarek El Geish n/a
Ahmed Abdel Aal Olympic El Qanah n/a
Mahmoud Khaled Al Shoalah n/a
Mohamed Shika Tanta n/a
John Sobhi Nasr n/a
Mahmoud Abdel Naby El Entag El Harby loan
Khaled Abdelrazek Nojom El Mostabel n/a
Joseeph Bassey Al Masry free
Chris Gadi Septemvri Sofia n/a
Shokry Naguib Ismaily loan
Hamada Tolba Pyramids FC free
Islam Siam Pyramids FC free
Ahmed Afifi Pyramids FC free
Marwan El Nagar Al Ittihad loan
Mohamed Osama n/a
Momen Ibrahim El Geish loan
Ahmed Salem Safi Wadi Degla n/a
Abdelrahman El Sewisi El Daklyeh free
Mahmoud Salah Pyramids FC loan
Ahmed Raouf Wadi Degla free
Ahmed El Sebaie Nasr n/a
Ahmed Sobhi Al Mokawloon n/a
Ibrahim Al Kadi Al Mokawloon free
Ahmed Abdel Aal Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Mahmoud Khaled Pyramids FC n/a
Ahmed Mostafa Smouha free
Himid Mao Mkami Azam free
Mohamed Vieira Wydad Casablanca n/a
Ahmed Abdel Rasoul Ghazl El Mehalla free
Hamada Galal Alaab Damanhour free
Mohamed Reda n/a
Benjamin Acheampong Zamalek loan
Ahmed Gamal Ismaily n/a
Mahmoud Emad Itesalat n/a
Alaa Ali Al Masry n/a
Sameh Abdul Fadhil Ismaily free
Walid Ateya Ismaily loan
Joël Lamah Al Ta'ee free
Mohamed Hammam Nojom El Mostabel loan
Ahmed Fawzy Misr Lel Makasa free
Islam Gamal Zamalek loan
Mohamed Adel Gomaa Ismaily n/a
Mohamed Salem Zamalek n/a
Ahmed Gaafar Zamalek n/a
Abdelaziz El Sayed El Daklyeh n/a
Essam Sobhy El Geish free
Mahrous Ibrahim El Hamam n/a
Ali Eid ENPPI free
Mohamed Tarek El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed Magdy Al Shorta n/a
Mohamed Khalifa Zamalek n/a
Nasser Maher Al Ahly loan
Ahmed El Agouz Al Masry free
Wael Farrag ENPPI free
Mohamed Ahmed Kamel ENPPI n/a
Ali Farag Smouha n/a
Hesham Fathallah Pharco n/a
Mohamed Abdel Fattah ENPPI free
Taha Adel Ismaily free
Hamdi Fathi ENPPI loan
Galal El Okdah Tanta n/a
Mohamed Abou Elnaga Al Merreikh n/a
Karim Yakan Pyramids FC n/a
Yasser Reda Aswan n/a
Mohamed Shahin El Mansura n/a
Osama Galal ENPPI loan
Sherif Alaa Zamalek n/a
Ayman Saied Al Merreikh n/a
Nabil Abdelaziz Al Ahly n/a
Karim Tarek El Gounah n/a
Mohamed Ramadan Nojom El Mostabel n/a
Shaibu Yakubu 1461 Trabzon n/a
Ahmed Gaafar ENPPI n/a
Mohamed Hamouda El Entag El Harby n/a
Mohamed Tarek Haras El Hodood n/a
Islam Serry Al Ahly n/a
Ahmed Ismail n/a
Ehab Al Masri Al Masry n/a
Shehab Ahmed Al Ahly n/a
Shimeles Bekele Godo Kedus Giorgis n/a
Mohamed Mohamed El Raja n/a
Mostafa Kahraba Wadi Degla n/a
Mohamed Shaarawi Al Masry n/a
Sameh Shousha Telephonaat Beni Suef n/a
Ahmed Abdul Ghani Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Ahmed Magdi Zamalek n/a
Ahmed Omran ENPPI n/a
Fadi Nagah Haras El Hodood n/a
Mahmoud Shokri Ismaily n/a
Mostafa Shebeita Wadi Degla free
James Owoboskini Al Sha'ab Ibb n/a
Mohamed Abdul Salam Nasr free
Ahmed Reda Smouha free
Morsi Abdul Latif Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Ahmed Abdallah Al Masry n/a
Wael Farrag Asyut Petrol n/a
Islam Al Shater Haras El Hodood n/a
Mohamed Youness Zamalek n/a
Ahmed Al Saei El Mansura n/a
Bahaa Berri Asyut Petrol n/a
Amr Fathi El Gounah n/a
Sherif Hazem ENPPI n/a
Walid Soliman Al Ahli Jeddah n/a
Walid Soliman El Gounah n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Joseeph Bassey Akwa United n/a
Abdelrahman Gondaya Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Hossam Hassan Al Mokawloon n/a
Mahmoud Emad Pharco n/a
Ziad Ahmed Ismaily loan
John Sobhi Nasr n/a
Mahmoud Abdel Naby El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed Ouka Tanta n/a
Ahmed Afifi El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed El Husseiny Coca-Cola n/a
Ahmed Salem Safi Tanta n/a
Ali Eid El Mansura free
Ahmed Fathi Daif Suez loan
Abdelrahman El Sewisi El Raja free
Mahmoud Khaled El Olympi free
Galal El Okdah Ghazl El Mehalla free
Chris Gadi Etar free
Mohamed Mosaad Baladiyyat Al Mehalla free
Mohamed Vieira El Entag El Harby n/a
Mohamed Sobhi Zamalek n/a
Ahmed El Agouz ENPPI free
Himid Mao Mkami ENPPI n/a
Ahmed Abdel Aal El Mansura n/a
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Zola El Geish n/a
Ibrahim Al Kadi Aswan free
Ali Farag Tanta free
Islam Siam Aswan free
Karim Tarek El Geish n/a
Mohamed Osama Haras El Hodood free
Ahmed Mostafa Tanta free
Marwan El Nagar Al Ittihad n/a
Momen Ibrahim El Geish n/a
Ahmed Temsah Smouha n/a
Abdelaziz El Sayed El Daklyeh n/a
Mohamed Salem El Daklyeh n/a
Mohamed Adel Gomaa El Geish n/a
Shimeles Bekele Godo Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Mohamed Shahin El Geish n/a
Ahmed Raouf El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed Sobhi Smouha n/a
Mahmoud Khaled Al Shoalah loan
Mohamed Abdel Fattah Haras El Hodood free
Mohamed Abdel Salam Zamalek n/a
Walid Ateya Ismaily n/a
Ahmed Gaafar El Geish free
Mohamed Ragab El Entag El Harby n/a
Taha Adel Misr Lel Makasa free
Karim Tarek El Geish loan
Benjamin Acheampong Zamalek n/a
Ahmed Magdy Al Ittihad n/a
Mohamed Dabash Misr Lel Makasa free
Amr Hossam ENPPI n/a
Essam Sobhy Misr Lel Makasa free
James Owoboskini El Entag El Harby free
Islam Gamal Zamalek n/a
Mostafa Shebeita Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Ahmed Mostafa El Daklyeh loan
Mohamed Ramadan Zamalek n/a
Amir Abed El Daklyeh n/a
Hesham Fathallah El Raja free
Wael Farrag El Geish n/a
Osama Mohamed El Entag El Harby free
Mohamed Tarek Pyramids FC n/a
Ahmed Al Shenawi Wadi Degla free
Hamdi Fathi ENPPI n/a
Nasser Maher Al Ahly n/a
Osama Galal ENPPI n/a
Ahmed Gaafar Zamalek n/a
Mahmoud Shokri El Geish free
Ayman Saied El Sharqiya free
Ehab Ryan El Daklyeh free
Mohamed Tarek El Entag El Harby loan
Hesham Abu Khalil El Daklyeh n/a
Mohamed El Shenawy Al Ahly n/a
Bilal Gamal El Geish free
Mohamed Hamouda Aswan free
Sameh Shousha El Sharqiya n/a
Ahmed Ismail Al Nasr Taa'den free
Ahmed Abdelkader Haras El Hodood n/a
Abdel Aziz Emam El Daklyeh n/a
Mostafa Kahraba El Shorta free
Ahmed Abdul Ghani El Shorta free
Yasser Reda Aswan loan
Shehab Ahmed El Entag El Harby free
Ehab Al Masri Aswan n/a
Mohamed Mohamed El Shorta free
Mohamed Abdul Salam El Shorta free
Osama Galal ENPPI n/a
Ahmed Ismail Petrojet n/a
Fadi Nagah Smouha free
Marwan Mohsen Gil Vicente free
Omar Yehia Al Masry n/a
Saied Kamal El Geish free
Mohamed Ashraf Abdel Kader Telephonaat Beni Suef loan
Mohamed Zeyadi Olympic El Qanah free
Ahmed Al Saei El Shorta n/a
Basem Morsy El Entag El Harby n/a
Wael Farrag Telephonaat Beni Suef n/a
Tamer Moheb El Raja free
Ahmed Felix El Raja free
Amr Fathi Safa n/a
Eric Bekoe Berekum Chelsea n/a
Cofie Bekoe Lierse free
Farag Shalabi El Geish n/a
Ahed Abdul Maguid El Geish n/a
Mohamed Ibrahim Haras El Hodood free
Walid Soliman Al Ahli Jeddah loan
Total 0

Petrojet F.C. News


Petrojet() is a football team from Suez, Egypt. They play in the Second League: Group B. Their home venue is New Suez Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 35.12%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Petrojet squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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