Longford Town

City Calling Stadium

Longford Town country First Division
Short name:
Current league:First Division
Manager:John Martin
Stadium:City Calling Stadium
Country:Republic of Ireland
City:Longford Town

Longford Town Trophiesmore details

First Division 1
FAI Cup 2

Longford Town Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored3
Avg goals/game scored1.14
Shots on target123
Shots off target221
Avg shotson target/game3.82
Shooting accuracy36%
Dangerous attacks2572
Avg first goal scored54'
Total clean sheet18
Home clean sheet9
Away clean sheet9
Shots blocked1
Avg goals/game conceded1.58
Penalties conceded4
Total goals against153
Failed to score31
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins12
Away wins12
Home lost19
Away lost26
Ball possession47%
Avg corners per game3
Total corners157
Red cards3
Yellow cards73
Avg fouls per game1.05

Longford Town Squad

Longford Town Trophies

1X First Division

Longford Town

2X FAI Cup

Longford Town
2004,  2003, 

Longford Town Transfers Record

D. McMenamy Shamrock Roversfree
Callum Thompson Bray Wanderersn/a
Luke Dennison Galway Unitedn/a
Dean Williams Shamrock Roversloan
Darragh Nugent Shamrock Roversloan
Aaron O'Driscoll Mansfield Townloan
Michael Kelly Cabinteelyfree
Conor Davis Cork Cityfree
Aaron Robinson Cabinteelyn/a
Aaron Dobbs Shelbournefree
Patrick Kirk Bohemiansfree
Callum Thompson Bohemiansfree
Lido Lotefa Dundalkloan
Jack Doherty Finn Harpsfree
Thomas McLaughlin Kildare Countyn/a
Niall Barnes Bluebell Unitedn/a
Sam Verdon Finn Harpsfree
Rob Manley Cabinteelyn/a
Jack Doherty Wexford Youthsn/a
Sam Verdon Finn Harpsn/a
Carlton Ubaezuonu Galway Unitedn/a
Aaron Dobbs Shamrock Roversn/a
Jack Menton Cabinteelyfree
Paul O'Conor Bray Wanderersn/a
Kevin Knight Cabinteelyn/a
Adam Evans Shelbournen/a
Karl Fitzsimons Dundalkfree
Conor Kenna Bray Wanderersn/a
Lee Steacy Shelbournen/a
Joseph Manley St Patrick'sn/a
Jackson Ryan Shelbournen/a
Dylan McGlade Blyth Spartansfree
Shane Elworthy Drogheda Unitedfree
Jamie Hollywood Drogheda Unitedfree
Chris Mulhall Drogheda Unitedfree
Andy O’Reilly UCDfree
Darren Meenan Shamrock Roversfree
Adam O'Connor Shelbournefree
Evan Galvin Cabinteelyfree
Michael Kelly Cabinteelyfree
Stephen Walsh Athlone Townn/a
Alan Kehoe Bray Wanderersn/a
Sam Verdon St Patrick'sfree
Kaleem Simon Bohemiansn/a
Paul Finnegan Cliftonvillen/a
Ian Fletcher Athlone Townn/a
Daniel O'Reilly Eastbourne Boroughfree
Aidan Friel Wexford Youthsn/a
Gavin Boyne Shelbournen/a
Dylan McGlade St Patrick'sfree
Shane Fagan Cabinteelyn/a
Mark Langtry UCDn/a
Stephen Walsh Galway Unitedn/a
Jake Kelly Bohemiansfree
Enda Curran Galway Unitedfree
Ryan Coulter Athlone Townfree
Eddie Dsane Concord Rangersn/a
Daniel O'Reilly Bray Wanderersn/a
Mark Hughes Drogheda Unitedn/a
Kealan Dillon Bohemiansn/a
Peter McGlynn Bray Wanderersn/a
John McKeown Cabinteelyfree
Lee Duffy Drogheda Unitedn/a
Jack Doherty Waterford Unitedfree
Dean Kelly Bohemiansn/a
Conor Powell Vardn/a
Ayman Ben Mohamed UCDn/a
Mark Rossiter Dundalkn/a
Conor Dunne Shamrock Roversn/a
Kaleem Simon UCDfree
Paul Skinner Athlone Townn/a
Martin Deady Cobh Ramblersn/a
Gerald Pender Bray Wanderersn/a
Conor O'Brien Bohemiansfree
Don Cowan Stevenagefree
Kevin O'Connor Bray Wanderersfree
Stephen Rice Shamrock Roversfree
Lorcan Shannon Bohemiansfree
Pat Sullivan Shamrock Roversfree
Pat Flynn Shelbournefree
Sean Russell UCDfree
Michael Isichei Bluebell Unitedfree
Brian McCarthy Athlone Townfree
Gavin Doyle free
Etanda Nkololo Mervue Unitedfree
Chris Bennion Shelbournefree
Keith Quinn Cork Cityfree
Corie Tracey Limerickfree
David O'Sullivan n/a
Robert Bayly Monaghan Unitedfree
Darragh Reynor Monaghan Unitedfree
William McDonagh Monaghan Unitedn/a
Tony Griffiths Monaghan Unitedfree
Gary Shaw Bray Wanderersn/a
Alan Kirby Sligo Roversfree
Colm James Shelbournefree
Jamie Duffy Newry Cityfree
Craig Hyland Shamrock Roversfree
Karl Bermingham Shelbournen/a
Noel Haverty St Patrick'sfree
Paul Hunt St Patrick'sn/a
Don Cowan Shamrock Roversfree
Mark Salmon Athlone Townfree
Cathal Brady Kildare Countyfree
Iarfhlaith Davoren free
Pat Sullivan Drogheda Unitedfree
Darragh Nugent Shamrock Roversn/a
Dean Williams Shamrock Roversn/a
Aaron O'Driscoll Mansfield Townn/a
Callum Thompson Bray Wanderersloan
Luke Dennison Galway Unitedn/a
Sam Verdon Bray Wanderersn/a
Joe Gorman Galway Unitedfree
Adam Evans Warrenpoint Townn/a
Dylan Hand Athlone Townfree
Lido Lotefa Dundalkn/a
Jack Doherty Wexford Youthsn/a
Patrick O'sullivan Wexford Youthsn/a
Sam Verdon Finn Harpsfree
Tlou Tumelo Athlone Townn/a
Tristan Noack-Hofmann Bray Wanderersn/a
Anthony Breslin Bohemiansn/a
Carlton Ubaezuonu Galway Unitedfree
Karl Fitzsimons Athlone Townn/a
Kevin Knight Cabinteelyn/a
Evan O'Connor Athlone Townn/a
Daniel O'Reilly Finn Harpsfree
Sam Verdon Finn Harpsfree
Dylan McGlade Bray Wanderersn/a
Darren Meenan Athlone Townn/a
Cian Byrne Athlone Townfree
Dean Dillon Shamrock Roversn/a
Shane O'Connor Cobh Ramblersn/a
Andy O’Reilly Cabinteelyn/a
Kealan Dillon Drogheda Unitedn/a
Rhys Gorman Bray Wanderersfree
Jake Kelly Bray Wanderersfree
Paul Finnegan Larnen/a
Stephen Walsh Galway Unitedfree
Paul Skinner Drogheda Unitedfree
Aidan Friel Finn Harpsn/a
David O'Sullivan Shelbournen/a
Gavin Boyne Shelbournen/a
Dylan McGlade Blyth Spartansfree
Etanda Nkololo Athlone Townn/a
Ian Fletcher Athlone Townn/a
Ryan Coulter Drogheda Unitedn/a
Mark Hughes Shelbournen/a
Peter McGlynn Sacramento Republicn/a
Gaïus Makouta Arisfree
Philip Gannon Bohemiansfree
Eddie Dsane Finn Harpsn/a
Lee Duffy Wexford Youthsn/a
Kaleem Simon Bohemiansfree
Stephen Rice Glentorann/a
Gary Shaw Shamrock Roversn/a
Ayman Ben Mohamed Bohemiansn/a
Paul Hunt Cobh Ramblersn/a
Mark Salmon Bray Wanderersfree
Dean Kelly Bray Wanderersn/a
Lorcan Shannon Shelbournen/a
Conor Dunne Athlone Townn/a
Aaron Brilly Cabinteelyn/a
Gerald Pender Cabinteelyn/a
Josh O'Hanlon AFC Bournemouthn/a
Keith Quinn Shelbournefree
William McDonagh Shelbournefree
Ryan Connelly Sligo Roversn/a
Craig Walsh UCDfree
Aidan Collins Athlone Townfree
Gavin Doyle Longford Townfree
Craig Hyland Crusadersfree
Robert Bayly Shelbournefree
Thomas Crawley Derry Cityfree
David O'Sullivan Longford Townn/a
Darragh Reynor Bohemiansn/a
Sean Skelly Athlone Townfree
Jean Biansumba Mervue Unitedfree
Thomas Hyland Carrick Rangersn/a
Cathal Brady Drogheda Unitedfree
Don Cowan Stevenagen/a
John Lester Drogheda Unitedfree
Iarfhlaith Davoren Sligo Roversfree
Pat Sullivan Cork Cityfree
Iarfhlaith Davoren Longford Townfree
Dessie Baker Shamrock Roversfree
Seán Dillon Shelbournen/a

Longford Town F.C. News


Longford Town() is a football team from Longford Town, Republic of Ireland. They play in the First Division. Their home venue is City Calling Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 26.09%. And have won a total of 3 trophies. On this page you can find information about Longford Town squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.