Lincoln City

LNER Stadium

Lincoln City country
Short name:LNC
Current league:
Manager:Mark Kennedy
Stadium:LNER Stadium

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League Two 1
National League 1
EFL Trophy 1

Lincoln City Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored5
Avg goals/game scored1.51
Shots on target738
Shots off target1398
Avg shotson target/game6.76
Shooting accuracy33%
Dangerous attacks8170
Avg first goal scored37'
Total clean sheet74
Home clean sheet36
Away clean sheet38
Shots blocked83
Avg goals/game conceded1.27
Penalties conceded6
Total goals against330
Failed to score66
Team Play
Avg player rating/match6.8
Home wins62
Away wins52
Home lost37
Away lost53
Ball possession48%
Avg corners per game6
Total corners800
Red cards11
Yellow cards330
Avg fouls per game3.05

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1X League Two

Lincoln City

1X National League

Lincoln City

1X EFL Trophy

Lincoln City

Lincoln City Transfers Record

Charley Kendall Eastbourne Boroughfree
Ben House Eastleighfree
Jordan Wright Herefordfree
John Marquis Portsmouthn/a
Liam Cullen Swansea Cityloan
Max Melbourne Stevenagen/a
Remy Longdon York Cityn/a
Morgan Whittaker Swansea Cityloan
Archie Mair Norwich Cityloan
Jamie Robson Dundee Unitedn/a
Timothy Eyoma Tottenham Hotspurn/a
Teddy Bishop Ipswich Townn/a
Hakeeb Adelakun Bristol Cityfree
Lasse Sorensen Stoke Cityn/a
Dan N'Lundulu Southamptonloan
Chris Maguire Sunderlandfree
Zachary Elbouzedi Bolton Wanderersn/a
Ben Coker Stevenagen/a
Max Melbourne Walsalln/a
Josef Bursik Stoke Cityloan
Cohen Bramall Colchester Unitedn/a
Max Sanders Brighton & Hove Albionn/a
Regan Poole Milton Keynes Donsn/a
Aaron Lewis Newport Countyn/a
Robbie Gotts Leeds Unitedloan
Jamie Soule West Bromwich Albionloan
Brennan Johnson Nottingham Forestloan
Callum Morton West Bromwich Albionloan
Theodore Archibald Macclesfield Townfree
Joe Walsh Milton Keynes Donsfree
Adam Jackson Hiberniann/a
Liam Bridcutt Nottingham Forestfree
Lewis Montsma FC Dordrechtfree
Ethan Ross Colchester Unitedfree
Ben Coker Cambridge Unitedn/a
Alex Palmer Plymouth Argyleloan
Alex Bradley Harrogate Townn/a
Remy Longdon Cefn Druidsn/a
James Jones Crewe Alexandrafree
Alan Sheehan Luton Townn/a
Anthony Scully West Ham United U23free
Charlie Andrew Hull Cityloan
Timothy Eyoma Tottenham Hotspurloan
Akeem Hinds Rotherham Unitedfree
Tom Hopper Southend Unitedn/a
Adetayo Edun Fulham U23n/a
Conor Coventry West Ham Unitedloan
Tyreece John-Jules Arsenalloan
Zachary Elbouzedi Waterford Unitedn/a
Jordan Adebayo-Smith Boston Unitedn/a
Jake Hesketh Southamptonloan
Max Melbourne West Bromwich Albionloan
Aaron Lewis Swansea Cityn/a
Tyler Walker Nottingham Forestloan
Alex Bradley West Bromwich Albionfree
Jorge Grant Nottingham Forestn/a
Jack Payne Huddersfield Townfree
Joe Morrell Bristol Cityloan
Ellis Chapman Chesterfieldn/a
Lee Angol Shrewsbury Townloan
Matthew Gilks Scunthorpe Unitedfree
Mark O'Hara Peterborough Unitedloan
Jordan Roberts Ipswich Townloan
Cian Bolger Fleetwood Townn/a
Danny Rowe Ipswich Townloan
James Brown Millwallloan
Grant Smith Maidstone Unitedn/a
Joan Luque Bromleyn/a
Bernard Mensah Bristol Roversloan
Sam Slocombe Bristol Roversloan
Jason Shackell Derby Countyfree
Joan Luque Heybridge Swiftsn/a
Adam Crookes Nottingham Forestloan
Shay McCartan Bradford Cityloan
Scott Wharton Blackburn Roversloan
John Akinde Barnetn/a
Michael O'Connor Notts Countyfree
Harry Toffolo Millwallfree
Bruno Andrade Boreham Woodfree
Grant Smith Boreham Woodn/a
Tom Pett Stevenagen/a
Scott Wharton Blackburn Roversloan
Richard Walton Gainsborough Trinityn/a
Callum Howe Eastleighn/a
James Wilson Sheffield Unitedfree
Jordan Williams Rochdaleloan
Lee Frecklington Rotherham Unitedn/a
Danny Rowe Ipswich Townloan
Sean Raggett Norwich Cityloan
Neal Eardley Northampton Townfree
Robert Dickie Readingloan
Michael Bostwick Peterborough Unitedn/a
Harry Anderson Peterborough Unitedn/a
Jordan Maguire-Drew Brighton & Hove Albionloan
Billy Knott Gillinghamfree
Sean Long Readingfree
Richard Walton Bishop's Stortfordn/a
Taylor Miles Concord Rangersn/a
Elliot Hodge AFC Telford Unitedn/a
Josh Vickers Swansea Cityfree
Matt Green Mansfield Townfree
Ollie Palmer Leyton Orientfree
Alex Simmons Boston Unitedn/a
Harry Anderson Peterborough Unitedloan
Riccardo Calder Aston Villaloan
Ross Etheridge Doncaster Roversloan
Lee Angol Peterborough Unitedloan
Jonathon Margetts Scunthorpe Unitedloan
Dayle Southwell Wycombe Wanderersloan
Billy Knott Gillinghamloan
Joe Ward Brighton & Hove Albionloan
Sean Long Readingloan
Taylor Miles Boston Unitedn/a
Callum Howe Southportn/a
Elliott Whitehouse Nuneaton Townn/a
Theo Robinson Port Valefree
Craig Stanley Southportn/a
Tom Champion Barnetloan
Macauley Bonne Colchester Unitedloan
Harry Anderson Peterborough Unitedloan
Sean Raggett Dover Athleticfree
Nathan Arnold Grimsby Townn/a
Jonathon Margetts Tranmere Roversn/a
Taylor Miles Braintree Townfree
Alex Woodyard Braintree Townfree
Adam Marriott Stevenagefree
Samuel Habergham Braintree Townfree
Tony Diagne Macclesfield Townn/a
Conner Robinson Boston Unitedn/a
Elliot Hodge Gainsborough Trinityn/a
Adam Porritt Huddersfield Townloan
Charley Kendall Eastbourne Boroughloan
Dan N'Lundulu Southamptonn/a
Remy Longdon York Cityloan
Adetayo Edun Blackburn Roversn/a
Max Melbourne Stevenageloan
James Jones Wrexhamfree
Theodore Archibald Leyton Orientloan
Zachary Elbouzedi AIKn/a
Harry Anderson Bristol Roversfree
Ben Coker Stevenagefree
Jorge Grant Peterborough Unitedn/a
Alex Palmer West Bromwich Albionn/a
Brennan Johnson Nottingham Forestn/a
Timothy Eyoma Tottenham Hotspurn/a
Josef Bursik Stoke Cityn/a
Morgan Rogers Manchester Cityn/a
Aaron Lewis Newport Countyfree
Max Melbourne Walsallloan
Aaron Lewis Newport Countyfree
Zachary Elbouzedi Bolton Wanderersloan
Robbie Gotts Leeds Unitedn/a
Ethan Ross Weymouthn/a
Akeem Hinds Brackley Townn/a
Josh Vickers Rotherham Unitedfree
Tom Pett Stevenagen/a
Alex Bradley Yeovil Townfree
Alan Sheehan Northampton Townfree
Aaron Lewis Newport Countyloan
Joe Morrell Bristol Cityn/a
Cian Bolger Northampton Townfree
Ben Coker Stevenageloan
Jack Payne Swindon Townn/a
Michael Bostwick Burton Albionfree
Neal Eardley Burton Albionfree
Tyreece John-Jules Arsenaln/a
Liam Bridcutt Nottingham Forestn/a
Conor Coventry West Ham Unitedn/a
Duncan Idehen Grimsby Townn/a
Tyler Walker Nottingham Forestn/a
Ben Coker Cambridge Unitedloan
Grant Smith Boreham Woodloan
John Akinde Gillinghamn/a
Harry Toffolo Huddersfield Townn/a
Bruno Andrade Salford Cityn/a
Michael O'Connor Salford Cityn/a
Alex Bradley Harrogate Townloan
Jordan Adebayo-Smith Boston Unitedloan
Matthew Gilks Fleetwood Townfree
Matthew Rhead Billericay Townn/a
James Wilson Ipswich Townfree
Elliott Whitehouse Grimsby Townn/a
Danny Rowe Ipswich Townn/a
James Brown Millwalln/a
Mark O'Hara Peterborough Unitedn/a
Shay McCartan Bradford Cityn/a
Jordan Roberts Ipswich Townn/a
Ellis Chapman Chesterfieldloan
Joan Luque Concord Rangersfree
Sam Slocombe Bristol Roversn/a
Matt Green Salford Cityn/a
Grant Smith Maidstone Unitedloan
Joan Luque Bromleyloan
Luke Waterfall Shrewsbury Townn/a
Jordan Williams Rochdalen/a
Scott Wharton Blackburn Roversn/a
Billy Knott Concord Rangersfree
Alex Woodyard Peterborough Unitedn/a
Richard Walton Matlock Townfree
Nathan Arnold Boston Unitedfree
Sean Long Cheltenham Townfree
Danny Rowe Ipswich Townn/a
Ollie Palmer Crawley Townn/a
Paul Farman Stevenagen/a
Nathan Arnold Salford Cityloan
Callum Howe Port Valen/a
Billy Knott Rochdaleloan
Lee Beevers Gainsborough Trinityfree
Sean Raggett Norwich Cityn/a
Sean Raggett Norwich Cityn/a
Callum Howe Eastleighloan
Bradley Wood Alfreton Townfree
Elliot Hodge Notts Countyfree
Richard Walton Gainsborough Trinityloan
Jack Muldoon Fyldefree
Taylor Miles Hemel Hempstead Townfree
Alex Simmons Gainsborough Trinityfree
Alan Power Kilmarnockfree
Ross Etheridge Doncaster Roversn/a
Jonathon Margetts Scunthorpe Unitedn/a
Adam Marriott Royston Townfree
Harry Anderson Peterborough Unitedn/a
Terry Hawkridge Notts Countyfree
Dayle Southwell Wycombe Wanderersn/a
Richard Walton Bishop's Stortfordloan
Taylor Miles Concord Rangersloan
Theo Robinson Southend Unitedn/a
Alex Simmons Boston Unitedloan
Harry Anderson Peterborough Unitedn/a
Elliot Hodge AFC Telford Unitedloan
Taylor Miles Boston Unitedloan
Tom Champion Barnetn/a
Macauley Bonne Colchester Unitedn/a
Alex Simmons Halifax Townloan
Kegan Everington Buxtonfree
Jonathon Margetts Scunthorpe Unitedn/a
Callum Howe Southportloan
Craig Stanley Southportloan
Tony Diagne Hemel Hempstead Townfree
Matthew Sparrow Sorrentofree
Conner Robinson North Ferriby Unitedfree
Chris Bush Chelmsford Cityfree
Greg Tempest Nuneaton Townfree
George Maris Barnsleyn/a
Conner Robinson Boston Unitedloan
Liam Hearn Harrogate Townloan
Elliot Hodge Gainsborough Trinityloan


Lincoln City(LNC) is a football team from Lincoln, England. They play in the . Their home venue is LNER Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 41.61%. And have won a total of 3 trophies. On this page you can find information about Lincoln City squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.