Riverside Stadium

Institute country Championship
Short name:
Current league:Championship
Manager:Brian Donaghey
Stadium:Riverside Stadium
Country:Northern Ireland

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Championship 3

Institute Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored4
Avg goals/game scored1.69
Shots on target192
Shots off target234
Avg shotson target/game3.8
Shooting accuracy45%
Dangerous attacks3057
Avg first goal scored33'
Total clean sheet31
Home clean sheet17
Away clean sheet14
Shots blocked2
Avg goals/game conceded2.25
Penalties conceded4
Total goals against262
Failed to score42
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins28
Away wins22
Home lost36
Away lost33
Ball possession48%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners185
Red cards7
Yellow cards97
Avg fouls per game0.29

Institute Squad

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3X Championship

2017/2018,  2013/2014,  2006/2007, 

Institute Transfers Record

John Connolly Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Jamie Dunne Limavady Unitedn/a
Joel Walsh Finn Harpsn/a
Seamus Sharkey Glenavonn/a
Rory Kelly Letterkenny Roversn/a
Conor Quigley Ballymena Unitedn/a
Jonny Bonner Letterkenny Roversn/a
Aaron McGurk Tobermore Unitedn/a
Jack Bradley Colerainen/a
Cormac Burke Colerainen/a
Shane Mcnamee Derry Cityloan
Graham Crown Colerainen/a
Rory Brown Colerainen/a
Paul Wells Limavady Unitedn/a
Evan Tweed Derry Cityn/a
Kealan McDermott n/a
Rhys Mcdermott Derry Cityn/a
Aidan McCauley Limavady Unitedn/a
Connor Gormley Derry Cityn/a
Conor Tourish Cockhill Celticn/a
Brendan Mclaughlin Cockhill Celticn/a
Niall Grace Glenavonn/a
Paul Smith Dergviewn/a
Thomas McBride Finn Harpsn/a
Aaron Canning Limavady Unitedn/a
Darren Henderson Carrick Rangersn/a
Ray Kelly Limavady Unitedn/a
Ronan Doherty Cockhill Celticn/a
Jamie McIntyre Derry Cityfree
Colm McLaughlin Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Joe McCready Limavady Unitedn/a
Warner Mullen Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Sean McCarron Letterkenny Roversn/a
Robbie Hume Limavady Unitedn/a
Caoimhin Bonner Cliftonvillen/a
Eamonn Seydak Cliftonvillen/a
Ronan Wilson Derry Cityn/a
Raymond Foy Finn Harpsn/a
Andrew Devlin Limavady Unitedn/a
Sammy Morrow Colerainen/a
Gareth McFadden Derry Cityn/a
Sean McCarron n/a
Michael McCrudden Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Robbie Hume Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Ciaron Harkin Derry Cityn/a
Shane McGinty Colerainen/a
Ruiari Harkin Finn Harpsn/a
Garbhan Friel Finn Harpsn/a
Ryan Varma Cockhill Celticn/a
Michael Lynch Derry Cityn/a
Davitt Walsh Finn Harpsn/a
Peter Bradley Annan Athleticn/a
Saul Deeney Derby Countyn/a
Eugene Ferry Colerainen/a
Paul McVeigh Finn Harpsn/a
Rory Kelly Finn Harpsn/a
Cormac Burke Derry Cityn/a
Mark Forker Finn Harpsn/a
Mark Scoltock Finn Harpsn/a
Duwayne McManus Ballinamallard Unitedfree
Jude Ballard Loughgalln/a
David Healy Colerainen/a
Lee Toland Derry Cityn/a
Conal Crawford Dungannon Swiftsn/a
Stephen Curry n/a
Stephen O'Flynn St Patrick'sn/a
Matthew Crossan Finn Harpsn/a
Colm McLaughlin Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Gary Henderson Dergviewn/a
Andrew Devlin Lisburn Distilleryfree
Sean Reilly Finn Harpsn/a
Warner Mullen Dergviewn/a
Stephen Parkhouse Colerainen/a
Aaron Patterson Linfieldn/a
Darren McCauley Colerainen/a
John Curran Lisburn Distilleryn/a
Joe McCready Dungannon Swiftsn/a
Aaron Walsh Dergviewn/a
Dean Jarvis Aberdeenfree
Jack Heaney Derry Cityfree
Michael McCrudden Derry Cityfree
Colm McLaughlin Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Graham Crown Dergviewn/a
Adam Green Queen's Universityn/a
Ryan Morrow Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Dean Curry Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Rory Brown Glentorann/a
Evan Tweed Colerainen/a
Jamie Dunne Carrick Rangersn/a
Jamie McIntyre Dergviewn/a
Paul Wells Dergviewn/a
Joe McCready Ballymena Unitedn/a
Shane Mcnamee Derry Cityn/a
Stephen Curry Dergviewn/a
Callum Moore Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Aaron Jarvis Colerainen/a
Martin Gallagher Colerainen/a
Kealan McDermott Instituten/a
Conan Doherty Queen's Universityn/a
Ronan Wilson Cliftonvillen/a
Ronan Doherty Cliftonvillen/a
Paul Smith Dergviewn/a
Michael McCrudden Derry Cityn/a
Ruiari Harkin Cliftonvillen/a
Darren Henderson Ardsn/a
Nathan Harkin Limavady Unitedn/a
Caoimhin McCallion Limavady Unitedn/a
Aaron Canning Colerainen/a
Sean McCarron Limavady Unitedn/a
Warner Mullen Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Duwayne McManus Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Gareth McFadden Limavady Unitedn/a
Adam Dougherty Dergviewn/a
Niall Grace Glenavonn/a
Robbie Hume Limavady Unitedn/a
Jude Ballard Portadownn/a
Sean Roddy Whitehawkfree
Stephen O'Donnell Colerainen/a
Ciaron Harkin Colerainen/a
Sean McCarron Instituten/a
Shane McGinty Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Aaron Walsh Loughgalln/a
Graeme Taylor Loughgalln/a
James McClay Colerainen/a
Gary Henderson Loughgalln/a
Cormac Burke Dungannon Swiftsn/a
Michael McCrudden Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Robbie Hume Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Matthew Crossan Finn Harpsn/a
Stephen O'Flynn Crusadersn/a
Darren McCauley Colerainen/a
Colm McLaughlin Ballinamallard Unitedn/a
Warner Mullen Loughgalln/a
Stephen Curry Instituten/a
Dean Jarvis Derry Cityfree
Sean Friars Dungannon Swiftsn/a
Philip Lowry Linfieldfree


Institute() is a football team from Drumahoe, Northern Ireland. They play in the Championship. Their home venue is Riverside Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 34.72%. And have won a total of 3 trophies. On this page you can find information about Institute squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.