January 17, 2022


Stade Louis-Dior

Granville country CFA Group A
Short name:
Current league: CFA Group A
Manager: Sylvain Didot
Founded: 1918
Stadium: Stade Louis-Dior
Country: France
City: Granville

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Granville Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
144 52 45 179
Goals 179
Penalties scored 1
Avg goals/game scored 1.18
Shots 273
Shots on target 138
Shots off target 135
Avg shotson target/game 2.63
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 2146
Dangerous attacks 1214
Avg first goal scored 41'
Total clean sheet 42
Home clean sheet 22
Away clean sheet 20
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 1.19
Penalties conceded 0
Tackles 0
Total goals against 188
Failed to score 41
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 31
Away wins 21
Home lost 18
Away lost 27
Ball possession 27%
Avg corners per game 1
Total corners 78
Red cards 4
Yellow cards 45
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

Granville Squad

# Name Age
L. Nabab 34 12 1 3
T. Renard 26 1 0
F. Guèhi Newman 23 4 1 0 1
J. Kimmakon 29 1
T. Théault 35 3
J. Blondel 30 0 0 0
R. Kottoy Yapande 31 4 2
A. Behma 30 3
T. Chauvin 24 1 3
P. Legrand 24 0 0 0
A. Degan 30 1
S. Hamard 25 2
R. Fombertasse 25 1 5
G. Buon 25 1
M. Legrand 21 1
F. Hery 30 1 0
Y. Benyahya 36 0
A. Barbier 29 2
J. Fahrasmane 30 1 0
R. Housset 0
P. Reulet 29 1
P. Leroux 22 0
E. Picot 21 0

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Granville Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Guillaume Buon Bastia-Borgo n/a
Franck Hery Les Herbiers n/a
Jeremi Kimmakon Blois free
Arthur Dallois Rouen free
Rémi Fombertasse Stade Briochin free
Pierre Leroux Cherbourg free
Achille Degan Vannes free
Jordan Blondel Stade Briochin n/a
Livio Nabab Bourg-en-Bresse n/a
Valentin Voisin Dunkerque n/a
Zakaria Grich Les Herbiers n/a
Jeremy Fahrasmane Jura Sud Foot n/a
Nassim Zitouni Sloga n/a
Stéphan Moussima Ngoh Jura Sud Foot n/a
Sofiane Hamard Avranches n/a
Marvin Geran Chambly n/a
Ralph Kottoy Yapande KTP n/a
Jad Mouaddib Caen n/a
Jeffrey Baltus Agde n/a
Elie Ehua Romorantin n/a
William Sea Nessemon Tours n/a
Madigoundo Diakite Saint-Malo n/a
Ronald Bafounta Mampouya Bourges Foot n/a
Gustave Akueson Drancy JA n/a
Marvin Golitin Caen loan
Bilal Hridouch Le Pontet US n/a
Salif Cissé Consolat Marseille n/a
Maxence Bertaux Aurillac Arpajon n/a
Moussa Doumbia Le Mans n/a
Hugo Demory Dunkerque n/a
Christopher Ibayi Lucciana n/a
Jonathan Beaulieu Monaco n/a
Brian Feneuil Limonest n/a
Radwane El Jeld Trélissac n/a
Warren Belise Lannion n/a
Loris Pageaut Sedan n/a
Reda Lamrabette Vire n/a
Yoroma Jatta Olympic Charleroi n/a
Frederic Injai Narbonne n/a
Valentin Miroux Nantes n/a
Ibrahim Camara Tarbes n/a
Ismaël Gacé Les Herbiers free
Ladislas Dounima Lyon Duchère free
Melvyn Vieira Boulogne free
Paris free
Sorin Cucu Belfort free
Abdoulaye Diallo Avenir Foot Lozere free
Jordan Blondel Avranches free
Mevludin Cuskic Belfort free
Willem Pierre-Charles Pau free
Noé Croci n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Nassim Zitouni Biesheim n/a
Jad Mouaddib Excelsior Virton free
Gustave Akueson Versailles free
Elie Ehua Angoulême free
Zakaria Grich Versailles free
Reda Lamrabette Avranches n/a
Marvin Geran Mondorf-les-Bains free
Jeffrey Baltus Rouen n/a
Sullivan Martinet Stade Bordelais n/a
William Sea Nessemon Entente SSG n/a
Jordan Blondel Stade Briochin n/a
Christopher Ibayi Trélissac n/a
Robin Theault Vitré n/a
Ronald Bafounta Mampouya Bourges Foot n/a
Marvin Golitin Caen n/a
Rodrigue Serin Bayeux n/a
Paul Aubel Bayeux n/a
Madigoundo Diakite Drapeau Fougères n/a
Brian Feneuil Villefranche n/a
Cyriak Garel Guichen n/a
Junior Assoumou Akue Vitré n/a
Maxence Bertaux Vire n/a
Sacha Bastien Stevenage free
Florian Verplanck Cannes n/a
Hugo Demory Grande-Synthe n/a
Hugo Connan Challans n/a
Jonathan Beaulieu St Maur Lusitanos n/a
Yoroma Jatta Olympic Charleroi n/a
Valentin Miroux Sant Julià n/a
David Fernandes Pontivy GSI n/a
Ibrahim Camara Avoine OCC n/a
Dorian N'Goma Bassinga Stade Pontivy n/a
Frederic Injai Istres n/a
Loris Pageaut Saint-Priest n/a
Ismaël Gacé Épinal free
Ladislas Dounima Stade Briochin n/a
Jonathan Beaulieu Chambly free
Jeremy Aymes Le Mans free
Clément Daoudou Pontivy GSI n/a
Sorin Cucu Jura Sud Foot n/a
Paul Loiseleux Maubeuge n/a
Melvyn Vieira Saint-Malo n/a
Abdoulaye Diallo Toulon free
Yannis Dogo Chambly free
Tony Lambard Saint-Lo Manche free
Noé Croci Saint-Lo Manche n/a
Sami Mghinia Mondeville free
Pierre Lemonnier Le Mans free
Florian Jégu Le Puy F.43 Auvergne free
Antoine Peron Saint-Malo free
Thomas Coutant Avranches free
Noé Croci Granville n/a
Benjamin Morel Domžale free
Total 0

Granville F.C. News


Granville() is a football team from Granville, France. They play in the CFA Group A. Their home venue is Stade Louis-Dior.

They have an average win rate of 36.11%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Granville squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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