Gimhae City

January 17, 2022

Gimhae City

Gimhae Civil Stadium

Gimhae City country
Short name:
Current league:
Manager: Seong-Hyo Yoon
Founded: 2007
Stadium: Gimhae Civil Stadium
Country: Korea Republic
City: Gimhae

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National League 1

Gimhae City Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
138 49 42 171
Goals 171
Penalties scored 3
Avg goals/game scored 1.12
Shots 345
Shots on target 148
Shots off target 197
Avg shotson target/game 1.97
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 3432
Dangerous attacks 1852
Avg first goal scored 58'
Total clean sheet 41
Home clean sheet 19
Away clean sheet 22
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 1.33
Penalties conceded 4
Tackles 0
Total goals against 150
Failed to score 34
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 22
Away wins 27
Home lost 20
Away lost 22
Ball possession 40%
Avg corners per game 2
Total corners 121
Red cards 1
Yellow cards 54
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

Gimhae City Squad

# Name Age
M. Rajković 31 2 2 0 0
G. Park 35 2 1 0 0
S. Kwak 30 2 0 0 1
S. Hong 26 2 0 0 0
G. Kim 24 2 0 0 0
E. Kim 35 0 0 1
E. Jang 31 1 0 1
H. Joo 28 0 0 0
Y. Ha 26 0 0 0
Y. Jo 0 0 0
Lee Keun-Seob 23 0 0 0
M. Shimokawa 27 0 0 0
J. Ju 27 0 0 0
H. Han 21 0 0 0
L. Kyungtae 28 0 0 0

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1X National League

Gimhae City

Gimhae City Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Jung Jin-Wook Seoul loan
Yoo Ji-Hun Gyeongnam n/a
Jung-Jin Seo Hwaseong n/a
Kim Gyeong-Joon Ansan Greeners loan
Luan Costa de Carvalho São Caetano n/a
Ramazotti São Bento free
Yoo Chung-Yoon Gangneung City n/a
Park Seong-Woo Pohang Steelers n/a
Jeon Seok-Hun Seoul E. n/a
J. Kim Asan Mugunghwa n/a
Y. Kang Gangneung City n/a
Choi Han-Sol Seoul E. n/a
M. Kim Incheon United loan
Shin Sang-Whi Suwon Bluewings n/a
Lee Myeong-Keon Asan Mugunghwa n/a
Woo Ye-Chan Suwon n/a
M. Kim Asan Mugunghwa n/a
M. Kim Pohang Steelers loan
Kim Ho-Yeong Kamatamare Sanuki n/a
Eunsun Kim Central Coast Mariners n/a
Yim Jae-Hyeok Daegu n/a
Carlos Alberto Hwaseong n/a
Ahn Jae-Joon Army United free
Joo Han-Sung Gyeongju HNP n/a
Gwang-Joon Lee Pohang Steelers loan
Park Seong-Woo Pohang Steelers loan
Lee Hyun-Seung Gyeongju HNP n/a
Park Jong-Jin Gyeongju HNP n/a
Yoon Dong-Min Jeonnam Dragons free
Park Hee-Seong Seoul free
Park Su-Chang Daejeon Citizen n/a
Kim Tae-Bong Gyeongju HNP n/a
Kim Min-Gyu Gyeongju HNP n/a
Kim Chang-Dae Gyeongju HNP n/a
Kim Min-Jun Gyeongju HNP n/a
Cho Kwi-Beom Daejeon Citizen n/a
Kim Yoon-Jin Mokpo City n/a
Cha Kang Gyeongju HNP n/a
Seung-Wan Jeon Gyeongnam free
Jeong Se-Heui Changwon City n/a
Min Hyun-Hong Mokpo City n/a
Koo Bon-Hyeok Montedio Yamagata n/a
Song Chang-Ho Busan I'Park n/a
Sim Je-Hyuk Gyeongju HNP n/a
Song Joo-Han Pocheon n/a
Kim Shin Gyeongnam n/a
Kim Jong-Seok Ansan Greeners n/a
Juventus free
Bae Hae-Min Changwon City n/a
Kim Hyeong-Rok Changwon City n/a
Pyo Ha-Jin Busan Transportation n/a
Jung Dong-Cheol Gangneung City n/a
Kim Jong-Min Cheongju City n/a
Kang Sang-Min Changwon City n/a
Ahn Soo-Min Gangwon n/a
Lim Dae-Joon Seongnam loan
Lee Han-Bin Suwon loan
Lee Da-Won Seongnam loan
Kim Jin-Hwi n/a
Kim Kyung-Tae n/a
Kim Sang-Keun n/a
Seong Bong-Jae Gyeongnam n/a
Bae Dae-Won Machida Zelvia n/a
Yoon Tae-Su Busan Transportation n/a
Yang Dong-Hyup Gangneung City n/a
Ju Gwang-Seon Gangneung City n/a
Jeong Jong-Hee Cheonan City n/a
An Sang-Min Gangwon n/a
Lee Gwan-Pyo Gyeongnam n/a
Lee Dong-Il Busan I'Park n/a
Lee Seung-Kyu Busan Transportation n/a
Park Yo-Han Gangwon n/a
Park Han-Jun Anyang n/a
Jeong Ho-Min Gwangju n/a
Lee Joon-Hyeok Jeju United n/a
Han Ui-Hyeok Anyang n/a
Choi Soo-Hyun Daegu n/a
Song Ki-Ung Suwon n/a
João Vitor n/a
Kim Yoon-Jin Soongsil n/a
Yang Gil-Woo Soongsil n/a
Lee Chan-Soo Soongsil n/a
Cha Kang Ansan Greeners n/a
Lee Jae-Min Gyeongnam n/a
Hwang Jin-San Pocheon n/a
Park Byung-Hyun Busan I'Park n/a
Kong Yong-Hun Daejeon Citizen n/a
Yang Se-Keun Pocheon n/a
Kim Ji-Min Busan I'Park n/a
Kim Hyuk-Jin Suwon n/a
Kim Min-Gyu Seoul E. n/a
Yeo In-Eon Suwon n/a
Yeo In-Hyeok Yongin City n/a
Nam Seung-Woo Yongin City n/a
Ju Kim Seung Orange County n/a
Ha Kang-Jin Gyeongnam n/a
Choi Sung-Min Yongin City n/a
Kim Chan-Young Gangneung City n/a
Park Ji-Min n/a
Kim Tae-Wook Yongin City n/a
Kim Chang-Dae Gyeongju HNP n/a
Kwak Seong-Wuk Ulsan Dolphins n/a
Ji Eon-Hak Gyeongju HNP n/a
Nam Yoon-Chang n/a
Park Dae-Kwon Soongsil n/a
Yeom Kang-Ryun Anyang n/a
Kim Je-Hwan Changwon City n/a
Min-Hyuk Kang Gyeongnam n/a
Kim Rok-Hwi Cheonan City n/a
Nam Dong-Hyun Changwon City n/a
Kim Gi-Man Yeungnam n/a
Nam-Tak Kim Anyang n/a
Hoon Lee n/a
Hyung-Gon Seok Gangneung City n/a
Hwang Jae-Hyeon Gimhae City n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Sim Je-Hyuk Hwaseong n/a
J. Son Busan Transportation n/a
Lee Joon-Seok Busan Transportation n/a
Kim Yoon-Jin Daejeon Korail n/a
Ha Yong-Ju Daejeon Korail n/a
Park Seong-Woo Pohang Steelers n/a
Gwang-Joon Lee Pohang Steelers n/a
Park Hee-Seong Jeonnam Dragons n/a
Kim Min-Gyu Mokpo City n/a
J. Kim Yangju Citizen n/a
Jung-Han Choi Cheongju n/a
Park Su-Chang Gimpo n/a
Hwang Joon-Seok Daejeon Korail n/a
Jung Dong-Cheol Gangneung City n/a
Ahn Soo-Min Mokpo City n/a
Jang Joo-Young Daejeon Citizen n/a
Han Ui-Hyeok Anyang n/a
Kwak Seong-Wuk Ansan Greeners n/a
Ji Eon-Hak Incheon United n/a
Jeong Ho-Min Gangneung City n/a
Bae Dae-Won Mokpo City n/a
Seong Bong-Jae Mokpo City n/a
Yoon Tae-Su Gyeongju HNP n/a
Ju Gwang-Seon Changwon City n/a
Yeo In-Hyeok Daejeon Korail n/a
Lee Gwan-Pyo Daejeon Korail n/a
Yoo Hyeon-Gyu Cheonan City n/a
Lee Joon-Hyeok Mokpo City n/a
Shim Ji-Hoon Mokpo City n/a
Kim Yoon-Jin Mokpo City n/a
Cha Kang Gyeongju HNP n/a
Kim Jin-Hwi Gimhae City n/a
Cho Ju-Young Incheon United n/a
Kim Chang-Dae Gyeongju HNP n/a
Park Yo-Han Bucheon 1995 n/a
Kim Min-Gyu Ulsan n/a
Nam Seung-Woo Gangwon n/a
Hwang Jin-San Bucheon 1995 n/a
Choi Sung-Min Ansan Greeners n/a
Park Ji-Min Changwon City n/a
Park Soo-Il Daejeon Citizen n/a
Nam Yoon-Chang Mokpo City n/a
Kim Min-Jun Jeonnam Dragons n/a
João Vitor Gimhae City n/a
Jeong Seong-Hoon Bucheon 1995 n/a
Kim Chan-Young Anyang n/a
Park Ji-Min Gimhae City n/a
Hwang Jae-Hyeon Changwon City n/a
Nam Dong-Hyun Changwon City n/a
Kim Myung-Jae Ansan Greeners n/a
Nam-Tak Kim Anyang n/a
Park Soo-Jun Changwon City n/a
Nam Yoon-Chang Gimhae City n/a
Jae-Woo Baek Anyang n/a
Sun Seung-Woo Yongin City n/a
Hoon Lee Ulsan Dolphins loan
In-Hwa Lee Changwon City n/a
Hoon Lee Gimhae City n/a
Ivan Marković Rad Beograd free
Hwang Jae-Hyeon Gimhae City n/a
Total 0

Gimhae City F.C. News


Gimhae City() is a football team from Gimhae, Korea Republic. They play in the . Their home venue is Gimhae Civil Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 35.51%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Gimhae City squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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