Ghazl El Mehalla

January 17, 2022

Ghazl El Mehalla

El Mahalla Stadium

Ghazl El Mehalla country Premier League
Short name:
Current league: Premier League
Manager: Mohamed Ouda
Founded: 1927
Stadium: El Mahalla Stadium
Country: Egypt
City: El-Mahalla El-Kubra

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Premier League 1

Ghazl El Mehalla Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
75 26 21 77
Goals 77
Penalties scored 2
Avg goals/game scored 1.12
Shots 390
Shots on target 152
Shots off target 235
Avg shotson target/game 3.07
Shooting accuracy 39%
Attacks 4645
Dangerous attacks 2783
Avg first goal scored 46'
Total clean sheet 30
Home clean sheet 15
Away clean sheet 15
Shots blocked 3
Avg goals/game conceded 1.17
Penalties conceded 1
Tackles 0
Total goals against 79
Failed to score 24
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 16
Away wins 10
Home lost 6
Away lost 15
Ball possession 50%
Avg corners per game 3
Total corners 194
Red cards 3
Yellow cards 86
fouls 119
Avg fouls per game 0.5
Offsides 8

Ghazl El Mehalla Squad

# Name Age
P. Voavy 35 8 2
Y. Hamed 6 1 1
H. Hassan 22 0
A. Ghoneim 7 2 1 0
A. Yehia 24 8 3 1 1
H. Ali 22 0
A. Attef 21 4 0
A. El Nadry 23 7 1
A. Ghabrib 23 0
I. Abdel-Fattah 36 0
I. Abdel Khaleq 37 0
A. El Sheikh 32 0
S. Al Shabrawy 29 0
M. Touré 27 0
I. Kone 28 2
H. Mao Mkami 30 2
B. Maher 28 0
E. Samir 29 1
K. El Akhmimi 27 0
A. Sayed 28 0
M. Abdel Kader 0
M. Ghalwesh 0
A. Ismail 22 0
W. Mostafa 23 0
M. Abdelrazak 29 0
K. Sami 43 0
H. Nabawi 1 0
H. Adel 31 0
M. Fathallah 29 1
M. El Katamy 25 0
M. Al Aash 23 0
M. Reda 34 1
A. Shaaban 29 1
M. El Hadary 28 0

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Ghazl El Mehalla

Ghazl El Mehalla Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Paulin Voavy Misr Lel Makasa free
El Entag El Harby n/a
Ibrahim Salah Al Mokawloon free
Ibrahim Abdel Khaleq El Entag El Harby n/a
Mohamed Abdelrazak Bazooka El Entag El Harby n/a
Sayed Al Shabrawy El Entag El Harby n/a
Malick Touré ES Sétif free
Ahmed Afifi El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed El Sayed Ghabrib Al Ahly loan
Walid Mostafa Al Ahly loan
Khaled Sami Haras El Hodood n/a
Ibrahim Kone El Geish free
Mahmoud Gamal El Hadary Beni Suef n/a
Mostafa Al Aash n/a
Mohamed Karem Pyramids FC n/a
Badr Moussa El Entag El Harby loan
Francis Afriyie Township Rollers free
Arafa Al Sayed ENPPI n/a
Emmanuel Agbettor Karbogi El Daklyeh n/a
Edu Moses Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Ahmed Hassan Wadi Degla loan
Islam Fouad Tanta n/a
Mahmoud Reda Wadi Degla free
Ashraf Moahmed Sayed El Raja n/a
Ahmed El Sheikh Masr n/a
Amr Shaaban El Raja n/a
Ahmed Eid Ceramica Cleopatra loan
Mahmoud Moaaz Smouha n/a
Khaled Lotfi Suez free
Galal El Okdah Petrojet free
Said Hassan Ceramica Cleopatra loan
Khaled Kassab El Hamam free
Mostafa Abdul Sattar Beni Suef free
Emam Ashour Haras El Hodood n/a
Hesham Nabawi Smouha n/a
Yahia Hamed Masr free
Khaled Raslan n/a
Mahdi Sobhi El Raja n/a
Khalid Miez Haras El Hodood n/a
Mohamed Lala Ismaily loan
Mohamed Sobhi Aswan free
Mohamed Khalifa Al Masry free
Islam Gamal Smouha loan
Mohamed Mohsen El Sayed El Entag El Harby free
Ramadan Rabie ENPPI n/a
Mohamed Fawzi El Geish free
Ibrahim Hassan Smouha free
Mohamed El Baaly Ismaily free
Ahmed Abdel Aal El Raja n/a
M. Yehia El Hamam n/a
Mohamed Talaat Al-Khabourah n/a
Khaled Abdelrazek Al Mokawloon n/a
Rami Rabie Al Ittihad n/a
Osama Ragab El Geish free
Hamed Faisal Wadi Degla n/a
Hossam Mohamed Ghaly Smouha free
Abdel Bahgat ENPPI n/a
Amr Ramadan Haras El Hodood n/a
Ahmed Galal Al Mokawloon n/a
Amr Al Safti El Gounah n/a
Abdul Rahman Mohie Al Ittihad n/a
Mohamed Samara El Daklyeh free
Moataz Mahrous El Gounah n/a
Ahmed Ghanem El Gounah free
Karim Fathallah Al Ittihad n/a
Ibrahim Al Hamalawi Al Mokawloon free
Nasser Farouk Asyut Petrol n/a
Ahmed Zakaria Al Ittihad n/a
Felix El Entag El Harby free
Shehab Mohamed Wadi Degla n/a
Ahmed Attwa Al Ittihad free
Ibrahim Marzouk Smouha n/a
Hani Abdallah Al Ittihad n/a
Ahmed Sonbol Itesalat n/a
Raed Mansi Haras El Hodood n/a
Adel Abdul Aziz Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Ehab Abou Zeid Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Hassan Awad Smouha n/a
Mostafa Hegab Zamalek loan
Ahmed Haggag Al Mokawloon n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Khaled Raslan Al Ittihad free
Mohamed Hamdan El Daklyeh free
Ahmed Adel Rashwan Al Mokawloon free
Mohamed Osama El Beshbeshi Itesalat n/a
Mostafa Al Aash Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Ahmed Hassan Wadi Degla n/a
Mahmoud Salah Ismaily n/a
Ahmed Eid Ceramica Cleopatra n/a
Badr Moussa El Entag El Harby n/a
Ahmed Hassan Wadi Degla n/a
Mahmoud Salah Ismaily n/a
Ahmed Eid Ceramica Cleopatra n/a
Badr Moussa El Entag El Harby n/a
Edu Moses Al Mokawloon n/a
Emmanuel Agbettor Karbogi Aswan n/a
Said Hassan Ceramica Cleopatra n/a
Emam Ashour Zamalek n/a
Mohamed Al Arabi Dekernes n/a
Waleed Hassan Al Masry n/a
Walid Ateya Ismaily n/a
Khaled Raslan Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Justice Ihuarulam Ifeanyi Uba free
Emam Ashour Haras El Hodood loan
Ahmed Abdel Aal Petrojet n/a
Ahmed Abdel Rasoul Petrojet free
Karim Al Daw Nasr n/a
Mohamed Fakhry Al Ahly n/a
Mahmoud Abdel Aati El Geish n/a
Mohamed El Baaly Nasr n/a
Mohamed Fawzi Ismaily n/a
Mahdi Sobhi Al Hussein loan
Khaled Kassab El Sharqiya n/a
Islam Gamal Smouha n/a
Khaled Abdelrazek Al Mokawloon n/a
Mohamed Khalifa Aswan free
Hamed Faisal Aswan free
Mostafa Kalosha Al Ittihad n/a
Hamada Jalal Al Nasr Taa'den n/a
Ahmed Youssef ENPPI free
Mohamed Lala Ismaily n/a
Hossam Mohamed Ghaly Tanta free
Ibrahim Farag Al Ittihad free
Ahmed Ghanem Nasr n/a
Mahmoud Bazid Misr Lel Makasa n/a
Al Mahdi Soliman Smouha n/a
Islam Siam Al-Khabourah free
Mando Al Buqa'a n/a
Ahmed Abdul Ghani Petrojet n/a
Hossam Arafat Wadi Degla n/a
Mohamed Abdel Wahed Wadi Degla n/a
Mostafa Hegab El Daklyeh n/a
Mohamed Abdullah El Entag El Harby free
Mohamed Fawzi Al Ittihad n/a
Morsi Abdul Latif Petrojet n/a
Ehab Abou Zeid Ghazl El Mehalla n/a
Salah Soliman Zamalek free
Mohammed Salah Haras El Hodood n/a
Ahmed Hassan Farag El Gounah n/a
Bassiouni Mahmoud El Geish free
Nader Al Ashri ENPPI n/a
Total 0

Ghazl El Mehalla F.C. News


Ghazl El Mehalla() is a football team from El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Egypt. They play in the Premier League. Their home venue is El Mahalla Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 34.67%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Ghazl El Mehalla squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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