January 17, 2022


Trängens IP

Forward country
Short name:
Current league:
Manager: Rickard Nilsson
Founded: 1934
Stadium: Trängens IP
Country: Sweden
City: Örebro

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Forward Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
131 70 41 282
Goals 282
Penalties scored 0
Avg goals/game scored 2.02
Shots 495
Shots on target 237
Shots off target 258
Avg shotson target/game 2.55
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 3974
Dangerous attacks 2584
Avg first goal scored 38'
Total clean sheet 33
Home clean sheet 20
Away clean sheet 13
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 2.22
Penalties conceded 0
Tackles 0
Total goals against 188
Failed to score 20
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 43
Away wins 27
Home lost 16
Away lost 25
Ball possession 38%
Avg corners per game 1
Total corners 140
Red cards 5
Yellow cards 76
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

Forward Squad

# Name Age
J. Ibrahim 32 0
A. Molin 26 0
A. Wettéus 27 0
M. Kanto 22 0
J. Chamoun 22 0
H. Hultberg 25 0
L. Jansson 26 0
S. Svedin 22 0
J. Åman 25 0
R. Kukoyi 0
J. Nilsson 0
H. Cullberg 0
S. Kraus 30 0

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Forward Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Felix Bindelöv Kristianstad free
Simon Gustafsson Örebro loan
Linus Jansson Rynninge free
Rynninge free
Josef Ibrahim Degerfors free
Ayomide Jibodu Dinamo Brest n/a
Samuel Oki Rynninge n/a
Emhe Izuchukwu Assyriska free
Henrik Hultberg Rynninge free
Josef Ibrahim Degerfors loan
Laurie Bell Karlslund free
Linus Zetterström Karlstad free
Steffen Kraus Karlslund free
Zakariah Epplette Karlslund free
Adam Molin Karlslund free
Konrad Gustafsson Rynninge free
Jens Grönneberg Østsiden free
Adrian Johansson Degerfors loan
Amadou Kalabane AFC Eskilstuna loan
Kevin Johansson Örebro free
Grace Tanda Motala free
Marcus Kanto Örebro free
Jesper Åman Brage free
Jeffrey Gal Lidköping free
Josef Ibrahim Syrianska free
Dana Kuhi Syrianska IF free
Lukman Murad Örebro free
Örgryte free
Robin Ingvarsson Örgryte free
Mohammed Al-Mayahi Syrianska IF n/a
Alexander Gustafsson Kumla n/a
Lukman Murad Örebro loan
Vladislav Mitev Septemvri Simitli free
Kristoffer Näfver Motala n/a
Olle Karlsson Åtvidaberg free
Mozart Surville Syrianska IF free
Anton Westerlund Örebro free
Pontus Jakobsson Degerfors free
Daniel Bjorkman Brage free
Marcus Elmersson Örebro free
August Holmberg Rynninge free
Emil Berger Kongsvinger free
Lukman Murad Örebro loan
Sebastian Ring Örebro loan
Alexandre Ekobo Karlslund free
Filip Albertsson Örebro free
Ismael Diarra Diawara Rynninge free
Mattias Bulun Syrianska IF free
Jacob Nilsson Alta free
Markus Gustafson Halmstad free
Robert Walker Jönköpings Södra free
Per Johansson Örebro free
Degerfors free
Amar Bukva Karlslund n/a
Degerfors loan
Per Johansson Örebro loan
Kristoffer Näfver Landskrona free
Rasmus Östman Brage free
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Mohamed Youla GAIS n/a
Linus Zetterström Enkoping n/a
Felix Bindelöv Örebro Syrianska free
Simon Gustafsson Örebro n/a
Emhe Izuchukwu Enkoping n/a
Christohper Alp Karlslund free
Adnan Ćatić AFC Eskilstuna n/a
Samuel Oki Rynninge free
Rynninge free
Jeffrey Gal Skövde AIK free
Grace Tanda Gefle n/a
Daniel Bjorkman Örebro free
Josef Ibrahim Degerfors n/a
Robin Ingvarsson Rynninge n/a
Erik Björndahl Degerfors free
Emil Berger Rynninge free
Kristoffer Näfver Rynninge free
Kenny Mathisen Örebro Syrianska n/a
Linus Lamu Örebro Syrianska n/a
Marcus Elmersson Carlstad United free
Vladislav Mitev Örebro Syrianska free
Amar Bukva Örebro Syrianska free
Elias Durmaz Hammarby n/a
Rynninge free
Lukman Murad Örebro n/a
Alexander Durmaz Arameiska / Syrianska n/a
Olle Karlsson Rynninge free
Martin Alp Syrianska IF free
Alexandre Ekobo Karlslund free
Mohammed Al-Mayahi Syrianska IF loan
Oskar Klasson Degerfors free
Ismael Diarra Diawara Gjøvik-Lyn free
Sebastian Ring Örebro n/a
Lukman Murad Örebro n/a
Mattias Bulun Syrianska IF free
Robin Ingvarsson Örgryte free
Örgryte free
Kristoffer Näfver Motala free
Jacob Rinne Örebro n/a
Rasmus Östman Husqvarna free
Sebastian Ring Örebro n/a
Jens Arrby Rynninge free
Marcus Elmersson Örebro free
Dana Kuhi Karlslund n/a
Daniel Bjornkvist Örebro n/a
Zinjar Hamasaid-Muhammad Karlslund loan
Dana Kuhi Brage loan
Alexander Florén Rynninge loan
Mohammed Saeid Örebro n/a
Chriss Henriksson Rynninge free
Ahmed Yasin Örebro n/a
Josef Ibrahim Örebro n/a
Total 0

Forward F.C. News


Forward() is a football team from Örebro, Sweden. They play in the . Their home venue is Trängens IP.

They have an average win rate of 53.44%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Forward squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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