Forest Green Rovers

The New Lawn

Forest Green Rovers country
Short name:FGR
Current league:
Manager:Ian Burchnall
Stadium:The New Lawn

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League Two 1

Forest Green Rovers Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored3
Avg goals/game scored1.53
Shots on target648
Shots off target1031
Avg shotson target/game7.69
Shooting accuracy38%
Dangerous attacks6040
Avg first goal scored40'
Total clean sheet44
Home clean sheet22
Away clean sheet22
Shots blocked43
Avg goals/game conceded1.65
Penalties conceded1
Total goals against260
Failed to score52
Team Play
Avg player rating/match6.8
Home wins38
Away wins39
Home lost37
Away lost36
Ball possession55%
Avg corners per game5
Total corners495
Red cards11
Yellow cards193
Avg fouls per game4.26

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Forest Green Rovers Transfers Record

Kasey McAteer Leicester Cityloan
Harvey Bunker Chippenham Townn/a
Harvey Bunker Chippenham Townn/a
Ben Stevenson Colchester Unitedfree
Adam Smith Yeovil Townn/a
Opanin Edwards Bristol Cityfree
Regan Hendry Raith Roversfree
Josh March Harrogate Townn/a
Mathew Stevens Stevenagen/a
Jack Aitchison Stevenageloan
Jack Evans Hungerford Townn/a
Taylor Allen Leamingtonn/a
Josh Davison Charlton Athleticloan
Isaac Hutchinson Derby Countyloan
Baily Cargill Milton Keynes Donsn/a
Taylor Allen Leamingtonn/a
Vaughn Covil Salisburyn/a
Odin Bailey Birmingham Cityloan
Jayden Richardson Exeter Cityloan
Scott Wagstaff AFC Wimbledonfree
Elliott Whitehouse Grimsby Townn/a
Jordan Moore-Taylor Milton Keynes Donsfree
Luke McGee Portsmouthfree
Kane Wilson West Bromwich Albionfree
Taylor Allen Gloucester Cityn/a
Jamille Matt Newport Countyfree
Nicky Cadden Greenock Mortonfree
Dan Sweeney Barnetfree
Odin Bailey Birmingham Cityloan
Robert Hall Oxford Unitedloan
Conrad Logan Mansfield Townloan
Shawn McCoulsky Halifax Townn/a
Josh March Leamingtonn/a
Taylor Allen Herefordn/a
Jevani Brown Colchester Unitedloan
Adam Smith Yeovil Townn/a
Shawn McCoulsky Bromleyn/a
Elliott Frear Motherwelln/a
Kyle Taylor AFC Bournemouthloan
Joseph Wollacott Bristol Cityloan
Mathew Stevens Peterborough Unitedn/a
Dominic Bernard Birmingham Cityfree
Aaron Collins Morecambefree
James Morton Bristol Cityloan
Matthew Mills Pune Cityfree
Taylor Allen Nuneaton Townfree
Kevin Dawson Cheltenham Townfree
Ebou Adams Ebbsfleet Unitedn/a
Adam Smith Bristol Roversfree
Ben Liddle Middlesbroughloan
Udoka Godwin-Malife Oxford Cityn/a
Isaac Pearce Gloucester Cityn/a
Liam Kitching Leeds Unitedn/a
Nathan McGinley Middlesbroughn/a
Shawn McCoulsky Bristol Cityn/a
Junior Mondal Whitby Townfree
Christian Doidge Bolton Wanderersn/a
Ben Morris Ipswich Townloan
Matt Worthington AFC Bournemouthloan
Nathan McGinley Middlesbroughloan
Paul Digby Mansfield Townn/a
Lloyd James Exeter Cityn/a
Robert Sanchez Brighton & Hove Albionloan
Theodore Archibald Brentfordloan
Tahvon Campbell West Bromwich Albion U23free
George Williams Fulhamfree
Carl Winchester Cheltenham Townfree
James Montgomery Gatesheadfree
Isaac Pearce Fulhamfree
Joseph Mills Perth Gloryfree
Lewis Thomas Swansea Cityfree
Liam Shephard Peterborough Unitedn/a
Emmanuel Monthe Tranmere Roversn/a
Alex Whittle Southportn/a
Chris Clements Grimsby Townloan
Alex Bray Rotherham Unitedloan
Cameron Belford Stranraerfree
Tahvon Campbell West Bromwich Albionloan
Haydn Hollis Notts Countyfree
Shamir Mullings Macclesfield Townn/a
Reuben Reid Exeter Cityn/a
Farrend Rawson Derby Countyn/a
Dayle Grubb Weston-super-Maren/a
Alex Whittle York Cityn/a
Rhys Murphy Torquay Unitedn/a
Callum Evans Torquay Unitedn/a
Jordan Simpson Hungerford Townn/a
Isaiah Osbourne Walsalln/a
Toni Gomes Liverpoolloan
Will Randall Wolverhampton Wanderersloan
M. Roberts Cambridge Unitedfree
Gavin Gunning Port Valen/a
Alex Iacovitti Nottingham Forestloan
Harry Pickering Port Valefree
Jack Fitzwater West Bromwich Albionloan
Jordan Simpson Swindon Townfree
Luke James Peterborough Unitedfree
Bradley Collins Chelsealoan
Lee Collins Mansfield Townfree
Mohamed Chemlal Weston-super-Maren/a
Scott Laird Scunthorpe Unitedfree
Reece Brown Birmingham Cityfree
Tom Anderson Weston-super-Maren/a
Callum Evans Barnsleyfree
Rhys Murphy Crawley Townn/a
Aaron Racine Torquay Unitedn/a
Charlie Cooper Birmingham Cityfree
Louis McGrory Gloucester Cityn/a
Anthony Jeffrey Boreham Woodn/a
Shamir Mullings Hampton & Richmondn/a
Curtis Tilt Wrexhamloan
Omar Bugiel Worthingn/a
Mark Ellis Carlisle Unitedloan
Jon Moran Weston-super-Maren/a
Kaiyne Woolery Wigan Athleticloan
Jake Gosling Bristol Roversloan
Aaron Racine York Cityn/a
Rhys Murphy York Cityn/a
Simon Lefebvre Bishop's Stortfordn/a
Blake Davies Aberystwyth Townn/a
Kieffer Moore Torquay Unitedn/a
Charlie Cooper Birmingham Cityloan
Kasey McAteer Leicester Cityn/a
Opanin Edwards Torquay Unitedn/a
Harvey Bunker Weymouthloan
Jack Evans Fyldeloan
Adam Smith Stevenagen/a
Scott Wagstaff Aldershot Townn/a
Harvey Bunker Chippenham Townloan
Aaron Collins Bristol Roversfree
Christopher Stokes Kilmarnockfree
Jayden Richardson Exeter Cityloan
Isaac Hutchinson Derby Countyn/a
Odin Bailey Birmingham Cityn/a
Josh Davison Charlton Athleticn/a
Carl Winchester Sunderlandn/a
Liam Kitching Barnsleyn/a
Josh March Harrogate Townloan
Mathew Stevens Stevenageloan
Taylor Allen Leamingtonloan
Jack Evans Hungerford Townloan
Taylor Allen Leamingtonloan
Jack Aitchison Stevenageloan
Vaughn Covil Salisburyloan
Kevin Dawson Gloucester Cityfree
Liam Shephard Newport Countyfree
James Morton Bristol Cityn/a
Junior Mondal Fyldefree
Elliott Frear Heartsfree
George Williams Grimsby Townfree
Joseph Mills Northampton Townfree
Odin Bailey Birmingham Cityn/a
Alfie Saunders Aldershot Townfree
Farrend Rawson Mansfield Townn/a
Nathan McGinley Motherwellfree
Ethan Hill Chippenham Townn/a
Sam Hendy Weston-super-Maren/a
Jevani Brown Colchester Unitedn/a
Conrad Logan Mansfield Townn/a
Robert Hall Oxford Unitedn/a
Scott Laird Weston-super-Maren/a
Adam Smith Yeovil Townloan
Lloyd James Bath Cityn/a
Dayle Grubb Eastleighloan
Dale Eve Spennymoor Townn/a
Taylor Allen Gloucester Cityloan
Udoka Godwin-Malife Eastleighloan
Joseph Wollacott Bristol Cityn/a
Kyle Taylor AFC Bournemouthn/a
Lloyd James Torquay Unitedloan
Shawn McCoulsky Halifax Townloan
Taylor Allen Herefordloan
Adam Smith Yeovil Townloan
Shawn McCoulsky Bromleyloan
James Montgomery Fylden/a
Gavin Gunning Billericay Townn/a
Paul Digby Stevenagen/a
Ben Morris Ipswich Townn/a
Haydn Hollis Chesterfieldn/a
Lee Collins Yeovil Townfree
Christian Doidge Hiberniann/a
Ben Liddle Middlesbroughn/a
Fabien Robert Gloucester Cityfree
Reece Brown Huddersfield Townfree
Jordan Simpson Bath Cityfree
Tahvon Campbell Cheltenham Townfree
Reuben Reid Cheltenham Townfree
Theodore Archibald Brentfordn/a
Jordan Simpson Hampton & Richmondloan
Charlie Cooper Boreham Woodloan
Tahvon Campbell Gillinghamloan
Scott Laird Walsallloan
Robert Sanchez Brighton & Hove Albionn/a
Isaac Pearce Gloucester Cityloan
Alex Bray York Cityloan
Alex Whittle Warrington Townfree
Jordan Simpson Havant & Waterloovilleloan
Christian Doidge Bolton Wanderersloan
Chris Clements Cheltenham Townfree
Haydn Hollis Chesterfieldloan
M. Roberts Warrington Townfree
Isaiah Osbourne Walsallfree
Luke James Hartlepool Unitedfree
Shamir Mullings Maidstone Unitedfree
Sam Russell Grimsby Townfree
Omar Bugiel Bromleyfree
Callum Evans Macclesfield Townfree
Daniel Wishart Sutton Unitedfree
Jon Moran Chesterfree
Bradley Collins Chelsean/a
Cameron Belford Chorleyfree
Charlie Cooper Newport Countyloan
Emmanuel Monthe Tranmere Roversfree
Dale Bennett Sutton Unitedfree
Keanu Marsh-Brown Newport Countyfree
Aaron Racine Worthingn/a
Keanu Marsh-Brown Dover Athleticloan
Alex Whittle Southportloan
Drissa Traore Tranmere Roversfree
Emmanuel Monthe Tranmere Roversloan
Jordan Stevens Leeds Unitedfree
Rhys Murphy Gillinghamfree
Luke James Barrowloan
Callum Evans Macclesfield Townloan
Omar Bugiel Bromleyloan
Alex Iacovitti Nottingham Forestn/a
Liam Noble Notts Countyfree
Shamir Mullings Macclesfield Townloan
Rhys Murphy Torquay Unitedloan
Callum Evans Torquay Unitedloan
Fabien Robert Aldershot Townloan
Jordan Simpson Hungerford Townloan
Robert Sinclair Oxford Cityfree
Louis McGrory AFC Telford Unitedfree
Anthony Jeffrey Sutton Unitedfree
Blake Davies Leatherheadn/a
Marcus Kelly Wrexhamfree
Kaiyne Woolery Wigan Athleticn/a
Sam Wedgbury Wrexhamfree
Mark Ellis Carlisle Unitedn/a
Ethan Pinnock Barnsleyn/a
Solihull Moorsfree
Louis McGrory Gloucester Cityloan
Shamir Mullings Hampton & Richmondloan
Rhys Murphy Crawley Townloan
Elliott Frear Motherwelln/a
Aaron Racine Torquay Unitedloan
Charlie Clough Barnetn/a
Mohamed Chemlal Weston-super-Mareloan
Kieffer Moore Ipswich Townn/a


Forest Green Rovers(FGR) is a football team from Nailsworth, England. They play in the . Their home venue is The New Lawn.

They have an average win rate of 38.12%. And have won a total of 1 trophies. On this page you can find information about Forest Green Rovers squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.