January 17, 2022


Hong Kong Stadium

Eastern country Premier League
Short name:
Current league: Premier League
Manager: Roberto Losada Rodriguez
Founded: 1932
Stadium: Hong Kong Stadium
Country: Hong Kong
City: Hong Kong

Eastern Trophiesmore details

Premier League 1
FA Cup 2
Senior Shield 3

Eastern Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
69 33 25 116
Goals 116
Penalties scored 0
Avg goals/game scored 1.42
Shots 528
Shots on target 231
Shots off target 292
Avg shotson target/game 5.23
Shooting accuracy 44%
Attacks 3832
Dangerous attacks 2689
Avg first goal scored 45'
Total clean sheet 27
Home clean sheet 16
Away clean sheet 11
Shots blocked 5
Avg goals/game conceded 1.52
Penalties conceded 0
Tackles 0
Total goals against 93
Failed to score 19
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 19
Away wins 14
Home lost 10
Away lost 15
Ball possession 49%
Avg corners per game 4
Total corners 136
Red cards 2
Yellow cards 76
fouls 22
Avg fouls per game 0.92
Offsides 3

Eastern Squad

# Name Age
F. Azevedo Pedreira 37 4 1 1
W. Chung 28 0
E. Camargo 32 4 1 0
V. Bertomeu de la O 31 2 2 1
W. Chu 24 0
M. Sun 23 4 1 0
M. Lam 34 1
M. Gondra Krug 37 1 0
A. Rodríguez Dovale 33 0
M. Severo Burkatt 30 1 0
C. Leung 37 2
K. Leung 31 0
K. Lee 31 0
T. Wong 29 1
J. Lum 31 0
T. Yue 25 0
N. Khan 24 0
K. Ng 22 0
H. Ma 20 0
C. Liu 20 0
C. Lee 20 0
E. Praes 35 0
C. Afonso 35 0
H. Fung 31 1 2
C. Wu 26 1
A. Jojo 25 0
H. Yapp 33 0
F. Liu 33 0
H. Chung 21 0

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Eastern Trophies

1X Premier League


2X FA Cup

2020,  2014, 

3X Senior Shield

2019/2020,  2015/2016,  2014/2015, 

Eastern Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Gondra Lorca Deportiva n/a
Toni El Ejido n/a
Lau Hok Ming Pegasus n/a
Wu Chun Ming Pegasus n/a
Yue Tze Nam Tai Chung n/a
Cheng King Ho Tai Chung n/a
Fung Hing Wa Guangzhou R&F U19 free
Jared Lum Guangzhou R&F U19 free
Fernando Kitchee n/a
Cheng King Ho Yuen Long n/a
Lau Hok Ming Warriors n/a
Cheng Tsz Sum Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Toby Down Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Alexander Jojo Happy Valley n/a
Lucas Kitchee n/a
Sandro Wofoo Tai Po free
Yiu Ho Ming Pegasus n/a
Eduardo Praes Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Jean Moser Yuen Long n/a
João Emir Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Chak Ting Fung Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Tsang Man Fai Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Fung Hing Wa Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Leung Kwun Chung Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Lee Ka Yiu Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Lee Ka Ho Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Lau Hok Ming Southern District n/a
Chung Wai Keung Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Wu Chun Ming Pegasus n/a
Harima Hirokane Kitchee n/a
Yue Tze Nam Cova Piedade free
Jordan Jarvis Global n/a
Lima Pereira Cova Piedade loan
José Ángel Mallorca n/a
Robson Cova Piedade loan
Lam Ka Wai Kitchee n/a
Chan Siu Kwan Southern District n/a
Lau Ho Lam Yuen Long n/a
Yiu Ho Ming Yuen Long n/a
Liu Fu Yuen Wong Tai Sin n/a
Tse Long Hin Warriors n/a
Everton Camargo Yuen Long n/a
Walter Yuen Long free
Chan Matthew Ching Him Southern District n/a
Yusuke Igawa Kawasaki Frontale n/a
Afonso BC Rangers n/a
Vítor Saba Fortuna Sittard loan
Aleksandr Kokko Newcastle Jets n/a
BC Rangers n/a
Chan Siu Kwan South China free
Lo Kong Wai South China free
Lam Hok Hei South China n/a
Lee Chi Ho Meizhou Hakka n/a
Wong Tsz Ho BC Rangers n/a
Manuel Bleda Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt n/a
McKee Jaimes Anthony Pegasus n/a
Leung Chun Pong South China free
Li Ka Chun Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Tse Long Hin Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Afonso Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
James Meyer Yadanarbon n/a
Bai He Shijiazhuang Ever Bright n/a
Xu Deshuai Kitchee n/a
Tsang Kam To Kitchee n/a
Tsang Chi Hau Kitchee n/a
Andrew Barisić Melbourne Knights free
Lee Hong Lim Pegasus n/a
Ju Ying Zhi Pegasus n/a
Baise Festus Pegasus n/a
Cheng King Ho Yuen Long n/a
Ho Kwok Chuen Pegasus n/a
Liang Yuhao Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Jae-Woong Han BC Rangers n/a
Rohan Ricketts PTT Rayong free
Nägelein Andy BC Rangers n/a
Miroslav Šarić BC Rangers free
Michel Lugo Sun Hei free
Lee Chi Ho South China n/a
Pak Wing Chak Southern District n/a
Luk Michael Chi Ho South China n/a
Reinaldo Sun Hei free
Dylan Macallister Melbourne City n/a
Liang Zicheng Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Li Ka Chun BC Rangers n/a
Wong Chi Chung Tuen Mun SA n/a
Giovane BC Rangers n/a
Leung Tsz Chun Sun Hei n/a
Itaparica South China free
Li Hai Qiang Tuen Mun SA free
Cheng Siu Wai Kitchee n/a
Li Hon Ho Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Kwok Wing Sun Tuen Mun SA free
Lau Nim Yat BC Rangers n/a
Pak Wing Chak Sun Hei free
Afonso Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Lau Ho Lam Tuen Mun SA free
Diego Eli Tuen Mun SA n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Lok Lam HK U23 loan
Wong Wai HK U23 loan
Lau Hok Ming BC Rangers loan
Lucas Aimoré free
Dudú Southern District n/a
Chak Ting Fung Southern District n/a
Cheng King Ho Tai Chung n/a
Lee Ka Ho Eastern District n/a
Harima Hirokane BC Rangers n/a
Cheng King Ho Tai Chung loan
Lau Hok Ming Pegasus loan
Wu Chun Ming Pegasus loan
Chan Matthew Ching Him Pegasus n/a
Toby Down Southern District loan
Yue Tze Nam Tai Chung loan
Fung Hing Wa Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Tsang Kam To Warriors n/a
Yiu Ho Ming Yuen Long loan
Lam Ka Wai Guangzhou R&F U19 free
Jean Moser Pegasus loan
Lam Hok Hei BC Rangers loan
Cheng King Ho Yuen Long loan
Lau Hok Ming Warriors loan
Jordan Jarvis Tai Chung loan
Oliver Laxton Sham Shui Po loan
Manuel Bleda Kitchee n/a
Lee Hong Lim Warriors n/a
Ho Kwok Chuen Tai Chung n/a
Lau Ho Lam Southern District loan
Yiu Ho Ming Pegasus loan
Tse Long Hin Warriors loan
Robson Cova Piedade n/a
Lima Pereira Cova Piedade n/a
Yue Tze Nam Cova Piedade free
Tsang Chi Hau Pegasus loan
Yuen Long loan
James Meyer Eastern Suburbs Brisbane n/a
Bai He Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Chan Siu Kwan Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Walter Pegasus loan
Vítor Saba Fortuna Sittard n/a
Michel Lugo Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Ju Ying Zhi Kitchee n/a
Tse Man Wing Dreams loan
Lo Kong Wai Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Shu Kitamura Dreams n/a
Aleksandr Kokko RoPS n/a
Chan Siu Kwan Southern District loan
Cho Tae-Geun Daejeon Citizen n/a
Miroslav Šarić Krka free
Giovane Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Beto Guangzhou R&F U19 bought €28.2K
Li Ka Chun Dreams n/a
Wong Chi Chung Dreams n/a
Jean-Jacques Kilama Tianjin Quanjian n/a
Afonso BC Rangers loan
Jae-Woong Han Daegu n/a
Baise Festus Guizhou Zhicheng n/a
Li Hon Ho Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Ng Tsz Hin Yau Tsim Mong n/a
Dylan Macallister Rockdale City Suns n/a
Leung Tsz Chun Southern District free
Liang Zicheng South China n/a
Kwok Kin Pong Pegasus n/a
Lee Chi Ho BC Rangers free
Luk Michael Chi Ho Southern District free
Paulo César Citizen AA n/a
Reinaldo Yuen Long n/a
Fronza BC Rangers free
Itaparica South China free
Afonso Wofoo Tai Po loan
Yiu Ho Ming Wofoo Tai Po loan
Pak Wing Chak Southern District loan
Lau Nim Yat BC Rangers n/a
Kwok Wing Sun Sun Hei loan
Wong Chun Hin Sun Hei loan
Total 28.2K

Eastern F.C. News


Eastern() is a football team from Hong Kong, Hong Kong. They play in the Premier League. Their home venue is Hong Kong Stadium.

They have an average win rate of 47.83%. And have won a total of 6 trophies. On this page you can find information about Eastern squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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