Drogheda United

Hunky Dorys Park

Drogheda United country Premier Division
Short name:
Current league:Premier Division
Manager:Tim Clancy
Stadium:Hunky Dorys Park
Country:Republic of Ireland

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Premier Division 1
First Division 3
FAI Cup 1
League Cup 1

Drogheda United Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored6
Avg goals/game scored1.34
Shots on target194
Shots off target248
Avg shotson target/game2.18
Shooting accuracy0%
Dangerous attacks2919
Avg first goal scored44'
Total clean sheet18
Home clean sheet9
Away clean sheet9
Shots blocked0
Avg goals/game conceded1.37
Penalties conceded2
Total goals against121
Failed to score28
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins18
Away wins11
Home lost22
Away lost15
Ball possession40%
Avg corners per game2
Total corners228
Red cards7
Yellow cards89
Avg fouls per game0

Drogheda United Squad

C. Lyons290
D. Rooney243001
D. Williams224100
G. Deegan340
R. Brennan300
M. Hughes290
G. Poynton24001
D. Markey250
D. Grimes24000
A. Foley32000
L. Heeney230
D. Nugent21001
J. Clarke210
D. Massey340
K. Cowan36001
C. Mutawe0
S. Roughan000
E. Weir000
A. Quinn000
M. Boudiaf0
S. O'Brien0
C. McCabe250
S. Long19000
A. Davis0

Drogheda United Trophies

1X Premier Division

Drogheda United

3X First Division

Drogheda United
2020,  2001/2002,  1998/1999, 

1X FAI Cup

Drogheda United

1X League Cup

Drogheda United

Drogheda United Transfers Record

Sam Long Lincoln Cityloan
Sean Roughan Lincoln Cityloan
Dean Williams Shamrock Roversfree
Darragh Nugent Shamrock Roversloan
Kaleem Simon Welling Unitedfree
Joseph Redmond Birmingham Cityfree
Ronan Murray Sligo Roversfree
Dane Massey Dundalkfree
Colin McCabe Shelbournefree
Daniel O'Reilly Shelbourne n/a
Gary Deegan Shelbournefree
Dinny Corcoran Bohemiansfree
Darragh Markey St Patrick'sfree
Richie O’Farrell UCDn/a
Ross Treacy Dundalkn/a
Hugh Douglas Bray Wanderersn/a
Jack Tuite Cabinteelyn/a
Derek Prendergast Shelbournen/a
Luke Heeney St Patrick'sfree
Adam Wixted Sligo Roversn/a
Cian Kavanagh Shelbournen/a
James Brown Shelbournen/a
Mark Hughes Shelbournen/a
Thomas Byrne St Patrick'sn/a
Rob Manley Bohemiansn/a
Jamie Quinn Shelbournen/a
Kealan Dillon Longford Townn/a
Victor Ekanem Cabinteelyn/a
Lee Duffy Wexford Youthsn/a
Luke Rossiter Bray Wanderersn/a
Paul Skinner Longford Townfree
Ciaran Kelly St Patrick'sfree
Gareth McCaffrey Cabinteelyn/a
Chris Lyons Shelbournen/a
Jack Bayly St Patrick'sn/a
Chris Mulhall Limerickn/a
Sean Russell Louisville Cityn/a
Ryan Masterson Hyde Unitedn/a
Ryan Coulter Longford Townn/a
Shane Elworthy St Patrick'sfree
Ryan McEvoy Bray Wanderersn/a
Thomas Byrne Brighton U18free
Ciarán McGuigan free
Richie Purdy Shamrock Roversfree
Richie Purdy Shamrock Roversloan
Kevin Farragher Athlone Townn/a
Stephen McGinn Bray Wanderersn/a
Adam Wixted Bray Wanderersn/a
Luke Gallagher Bray Wanderersn/a
Jamie McGlynn Cabinteelyn/a
Aaron Ashe Bohemiansn/a
Mark Griffin Bohemiansn/a
Jake Hyland Bohemiansn/a
Stephen Dunne Athlone Townn/a
Eoin Kirwan UCDn/a
Derek Doyle Athlone Townn/a
Niall Cooney Bray Wanderersn/a
Sam O'Connor Athlone Townn/a
Aaron Molloy Bohemiansn/a
Patrick Dunican Athlone Townn/a
Gerald Pender Cabinteelyn/a
Roddy Collins Jr. Brackley Townn/a
Robert Bayly Cliftonvillen/a
Daryl Kavanagh Sligo Roversn/a
Jason Marks Athlone Townn/a
Adam Whelan Shamrock Roversn/a
Tiarnan Mulvenna Cliftonvillen/a
Sean Brennan Athlone Townfree
Mark Hughes Athlone Townfree
Shane Dunne Wexford Youthsn/a
Matthew Rooney Portadownn/a
Joe Gorman Bray Wanderersn/a
Lee Duffy Shelbournen/a
Alan Byrne Athlone Townfree
Garreth Brady Shelbournen/a
Ciarán McGuigan Warrenpoint Townn/a
Graham Rusk UCDfree
Paul O'Conor UCDfree
Gary O'Neill Shamrock Roversfree
David Cassidy Shelbournefree
Jason Marks Monaghan Unitedfree
Michael Schlingermann Monaghan Unitedfree
Alan Byrne Monaghan Unitedfree
Conor McMahon Monaghan Unitedfree
Derek Prendergast Bray Wanderersfree
Sean Brennan Monaghan Unitedfree
Peter Hynes Limerickfree
Gabriel Sava Monaghan Unitedfree
Eric Foley Monaghan Unitedfree
Johnny Breen Dundalkfree
Dean Marshall UCDfree
Cathal Brady Longford Townfree
Ryan Brennan Monaghan Unitedfree
Monaghan Unitedfree
Paul Crowley St Patrick'sfree
Shane Grimes Monaghan Unitedfree
Chris Kerr Dundalkfree
Jordan White Dunfermline Athleticfree
Robbie Clarke Shelbournen/a
Tiarnan Mulvenna Dundalkfree
John Lester Longford Townfree
Stephen Quigley Shelbournefree
Gareth Whelan Shelbournefree
Mark Nolan Athlone Townfree
Mark O'Brien Bray Wanderersfree
Brian Gannon Sporting Fingalfree
Sean Skelly Sporting Fingalfree
Darren Meenan Sligo Roversfree
Ross Gaynor Sporting Fingalloan
Gabriel Sava Bray Wanderersfree
Adam Hughes Sligo Roversn/a
Keith Fahey St Patrick'sbought€50K
Pat Sullivan free
Sam Long Lincoln Cityn/a
Darragh Nugent Shamrock Roversn/a
Sean Roughan Lincoln Cityn/a
James Brown Blackburn Roversfree
Jack McCarthy Shelbournen/a
Darren Kavanagh Killester Donnycarneyn/a
Derek Prendergast Bangor GGFCn/a
Ross Treacy Wexford Youthsfree
Luca Gratzer Cabinteelyfree
Richie O’Farrell Bray Wanderersfree
Adam Wixted Athlone Townfree
Stephen Meaney Athlone Townfree
Luke Gallagher Warrenpoint Townn/a
Eoin McPhillips Cabinteelyn/a
James Carroll Wexford Youthsn/a
Kevin Farragher Galway Unitedfree
Cian Kavanagh Wexford Youthsn/a
Luke McNally St Patrick'sfree
Thomas Byrne Glentorann/a
Janabi Amour Athlone Townn/a
Richie Purdy Bray Wanderersn/a
Colm Deasy Finn Harpsfree
Ciaran Kelly St Patrick'sn/a
Lee Duffy Warrenpoint Townn/a
Gareth McCaffrey Athlone Townn/a
Lloyd Buckley Athlone Townn/a
Kealan Dillon Athlone Townn/a
Ryan Masterson Bohemiansfree
Victor Ekanem Athlone Townn/a
Gavin Brennan Warrenpoint Townfree
David Mulcahy Shelbournefree
Stephen McGinn Cabinteelyfree
Chris Mulhall Longford Townfree
Adam Wixted Sligo Roversfree
Shane Elworthy Longford Townfree
Jamie Hollywood Longford Townfree
Thomas Byrne St Patrick'sfree
Ryan Coulter Bray Wanderersn/a
Mark Griffin Glenavonn/a
Killian Brennan St Patrick'sfree
Aaron Ashe Shelbournefree
John McKeown Wexford Youthsfree
Sam O'Connor Carrick Rangersn/a
Liam Donnelly Wexford Youthsn/a
Richie Purdy Shamrock Roversn/a
Eoin Kirwan Portadownn/a
James Daly Athlone Townn/a
Tiarnan Mulvenna Warrenpoint Townn/a
Joe Gorman Maidenhead Unitedfree
Jason Marks Bray Wanderersfree
Shane Dunne Wexford Youthsn/a
Gerald Pender Bray Wanderersn/a
Lee Duffy Longford Townn/a
Mark Hughes Longford Townn/a
Alan Byrne Bray Wanderersn/a
Michael Schlingermann Sligo Roversfree
Bobby O'Reilly Shelbournen/a
Keith Treacy St Patrick'sfree
Roy Kierans Warrenpoint Townn/a
Carl Walshe Shelbournen/a
Matthew Rooney Warrenpoint Townn/a
Shane Dunne Wexford Youthsloan
Shane Grimes Dundalkfree
Adam Wixted Bohemiansn/a
Philip Hughes Shelbournen/a
Peter McGlynn Bray Wanderersn/a
Gavin Brennan Shamrock Roversn/a
Alan McNally Bray Wanderersfree
David Ryan Shelbournen/a
Paul Andrews Shelbournen/a
Gavan Holohan Cork Cityfree
Garreth Brady Athlone Townn/a
Johnny Breen Warrenpoint Townfree
Eric Foley Athlone Townfree
Gabriel Sava Dundalkfree
Graham Rusk Athlone Townfree
Jason Marks Athlone Townfree
Alan Byrne Athlone Townfree
Ryan Brennan Shamrock Roversfree
Paul O'Conor Sligo Roversfree
David Cassidy Bray Wanderersfree
Eric McGill Bray Wanderersfree
Derek Prendergast Athlone Townfree
Stephen Quigley Bray Wanderersfree
Conor McMahon Athlone Townfree
John Sullivan Dundalkn/a
Paul Crowley Shelbournefree
Sean Brennan Shelbournefree
Tiarnan Mulvenna Dundalkfree
Mark O'Brien Dundalkfree
Aaron Shanahan Shamrock Roversfree
Dean Marshall Bray Wanderersfree
Carrick Rangersn/a
Robert Gaul Bohemiansfree
Peter McMahon Bohemiansfree
Keith Murray Bohemiansfree
Dinny Corcoran Bohemiansfree
Lee Lynch Sligo Roversfree
Jordan White Clydefree
John Flood St Patrick'sn/a
Ryan Brennan Monaghan Unitedfree
Paul Skinner Shelbournefree
Darren Meenan UCDfree
Eoghan Osbourne Dundalkfree
Mark O'Brien Shelbournefree
Conor Kenna St Patrick'sfree
James Chambers Shamrock Roversfree
Gabriel Sava Monaghan Unitedfree
Aidan O'Keefe Bray Wanderersfree
Damien Brennan Shelbournefree
Glen Fitzpatrick St Patrick'sfree
Pat Sullivan Longford Townfree
Keith Fahey St Patrick'sfree
Pat Sullivan Drogheda Unitedfree

Drogheda United F.C. News


Drogheda United() is a football team from Drogheda, Republic of Ireland. They play in the Premier Division. Their home venue is Hunky Dorys Park.

They have an average win rate of 32.95%. And have won a total of 6 trophies. On this page you can find information about Drogheda United squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.