Chippenham Town

Hardenhuish Park

Chippenham Town country Vanarama National League South
Short name:
Current league:Vanarama National League South
Manager:Gary Horgan
Stadium:Hardenhuish Park

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Chippenham Town Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored4
Avg goals/game scored1.47
Shots on target533
Shots off target821
Avg shotson target/game7.56
Shooting accuracy0%
Dangerous attacks4936
Avg first goal scored45'
Total clean sheet59
Home clean sheet36
Away clean sheet23
Shots blocked0
Avg goals/game conceded1.46
Penalties conceded4
Total goals against316
Failed to score53
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins53
Away wins38
Home lost33
Away lost49
Ball possession50%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners371
Red cards14
Yellow cards210
Avg fouls per game0

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Chippenham Town Transfers Record

Mohammad Dabre Swindon Townloan
Jordan Young Gloucester Cityfree
Landon Golding Larkhall Athleticn/a
Harrison Minturn Swindon Townloan
Jordan Young Gloucester Cityloan
Cameron Hargreaves Bristol Roversloan
Zain Walker Bristol Roversloan
Harry Parsons Swindon Townloan
Callum Rowe Exeter Cityloan
Ricky Aguair Swindon Townloan
Garrett Kelly Hungerford Townn/a
Michael Elechi Oxford Unitedloan
Vincent Harper Bath Cityn/a
Jennison Myrie-Williams Gloucester Cityn/a
Harry Warwick Cardiff MUn/a
Harvey Bunker Forest Green Roversloan
Will Henry Bath Cityfree
Alefe Santos Weymouthfree
Daniel Griffiths Penybontfree
Matt Buse Torquay Unitedloan
Jay Foulston Taunton Townloan
Klaidi Lolos Plymouth Argyleloan
K. Lolos Plymouth Argyleloan
Ryan Law Plymouth Argyleloan
Tom Harrison Bristol Cityloan
Adam Mann Bath Cityfree
Kieran Phillips Bristol Roversloan
Noah Smerdon Exeter Cityloan
Jordan Dyer Exeter Cityloan
Ryan Brunt Bath Cityfree
Ross Stearn Bath Cityn/a
Luke Russe Bristol Roversn/a
Spencer Hamilton Gloucester Cityn/a
Eddie Jones Oxford Cityn/a
Ethan Hill Forest Green Roversn/a
Bradley Ash Herefordn/a
Marlon Jackson Gloucester Cityn/a
Danny Greenslade Herefordn/a
Scott Twine Swindon Townloan
Luke Haines Swindon Townloan
Luke Russe Bristol Roversloan
Ryan Case Dulwich Hamletn/a
Grant Horton Cheltenham Townloan
Tom Owen-Evans Herefordloan
Tom Whelan Yeovil Townloan
Will Henry Swindon Townloan
Conor Thompson North Leighfree
Dave Pratt Wealdstonefree
Rhys Tyler Wealdstonefree
Jay Foulston Newport Countyloan
Luke Hopper Salisburyfree
Bradley House West Bromwich Albionloan
AJ George Mansfield Townn/a
Nuno Felix Taunton Townfree
Jack Sparkes Exeter Cityloan
Jordan Edwards Swindon Townloan
Bradley House West Bromwich Albionloan
Will Henry Swindon Townloan
Callum Gunner Bradford Cityloan
Kieran Parselle Gloucester Cityfree
Nathaniel Jarvis Bath Cityfree
George Rigg Bath Cityfree
Yan Klukowski Torquay Unitedfree
Lewis Ellington Bristol Roversn/a
Will Puddy Herefordfree
Jack Compton Bath Cityfree
Karnell Chambers Gloucester Cityfree
Kaid Mohamed Bath Cityfree
Scott Twine Swindon Townloan
Nick McCootie Bath Cityfree
Curtis McDonald Brackley Townfree
Darren Mullings Gloucester Cityfree
James Morton Bristol Cityloan
Josh Smile Fulhamfree
Tom Ouldridge Swindon Townloan
Scott Twine Swindon Townloan
Mike Jones Hungerford Townfree
Alan O'Brien Hungerford Townfree
Jared Thompson Chelsealoan
Jake Andrews Bristol Cityloan
Scott Donnelly Margatefree
Dan Bowman Bath Cityn/a
Mark Cooper Weymouthfree
Dean Evans Weymouthfree
Jason Matthews Weymouthfree
Hungerford Townfree
William Richards Redditch Unitedn/a
Dave Pratt Bath Cityfree
Matthew Jones Swindon Townfree
Jack Odam Dorchester Townfree
Andrew Sandell Newport Countyfree
Conor McCormack Thróttur Reykjavíkfree
Mark Preece Gloucester Cityfree
Charlie Griffin Gloucester Cityfree
Michael Pook Hungerford Townfree
Alex Ferguson Swindon Townfree
Matthew Coupe Gloucester Cityfree
Darren Mullings Gloucester Cityfree
Adrian Harris Bath Cityfree
Conor Thompson Gloucester Cityfree
Scott Rogers Eastleighfree
Josh Egan Bath Cityfree
Lee Phillips Bath Cityfree
Will Puddy Swindon Supermarinefree
Jack Pitcher Mangotsfield Unitedfree
Toby Osman Eastleighfree
Daniel Griffiths Chesterloan
Harrison Minturn Swindon Townn/a
Ricky Aguair Swindon Townn/a
Ricky Aguair Swindon Townn/a
Jack Pearson-Brown Larkhall Athleticn/a
Harry Parsons Swindon Townn/a
Landon Golding Larkhall Athleticloan
Callum Rowe Exeter Cityn/a
Cameron Hargreaves Bristol Roversn/a
Zain Walker Bristol Roversn/a
Harry Parsons Swindon Townn/a
Callum Rowe Exeter Cityn/a
Marlon Jackson Weston-super-Marefree
Ricky Aguair Swindon Townn/a
Michael Elechi Oxford Unitedn/a
Harvey Bunker Forest Green Roversn/a
Michael Elechi Oxford Unitedn/a
Michael Elechi Oxford Unitedn/a
Vincent Harper Eastleighfree
Harvey Bunker Forest Green Roversn/a
Dan Warre Cardiff MUn/a
Eddie Jones Bath Cityfree
Bradley Ash Weymouthfree
Lewis Powell Larkhall Athleticn/a
Ryan Case Hartley Wintneyfree
Matt Buse Torquay Unitedn/a
Jay Foulston Taunton Townn/a
Klaidi Lolos Plymouth Argylen/a
K. Lolos Plymouth Argylen/a
Ryan Law Plymouth Argylen/a
Tom Harrison Gloucester Cityfree
Kieran Phillips Bristol Roversn/a
Noah Smerdon Exeter Cityn/a
Jordan Dyer Exeter Cityn/a
Dave Pratt Swindon Supermarinen/a
Rhys Tyler Hungerford Townfree
Jay Foulston Taunton Townfree
Jack Self Banbury Unitedfree
Ryan Campbell Swindon Supermarinen/a
Luke Haines Swindon Townn/a
Luke Hopper Hungerford Townn/a
Nathaniel Jarvis Barry Town Unitedn/a
Nick McCootie Weston-super-Maren/a
Greg Tindle Weston-super-Maren/a
Scott Twine Swindon Townn/a
Grant Horton Cheltenham Townn/a
Tom Owen-Evans Herefordn/a
Luke Haines Swindon Townn/a
AJ George Oxford Cityn/a
Tom Whelan Yeovil Townn/a
Will Henry Swindon Townn/a
Yan Klukowski Hungerford Townn/a
Rhys Davies Herefordfree
Josh Smile Maidenhead Unitedfree
Jack Compton Barry Town Unitedn/a
Mike Jones Hungerford Townn/a
Jordan Edwards Swindon Townn/a
Jack Sparkes Exeter Cityn/a
Will Henry Swindon Townn/a
Jared Thompson Chelsean/a
Jake Jackson Gloucester Cityfree
Darren Mullings Salisburyfree
Matthew Jones Hungerford Townn/a
Scott Twine Swindon Townn/a
Dave Pratt Wealdstonefree
Scott Twine Swindon Townn/a
Jake Andrews Bristol Cityn/a
Alan O'Brien Wealdstonefree
Matthew Coupe Bath Cityfree
Charlie Griffin Cirencester Townfree
Darren Mullings Gloucester Cityfree
Josh Egan Weston-super-Marefree
Conor Thompson Torquay Unitedn/a
Will Puddy Salisbury Cityfree
Andrew Sandell Newport Countyfree

Chippenham Town F.C. News


Chippenham Town() is a football team from Chippenham, England. They play in the Vanarama National League South. Their home venue is Hardenhuish Park.

They have an average win rate of 39.74%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Chippenham Town squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.