Brechin City

Glebe Park

Brechin City country Football League - Highland League
Short name:
Current league:Football League - Highland League
Manager:Andrew (Andy) Kirk
Stadium:Glebe Park

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League One 1
League Two 1

Brechin City Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored1
Avg goals/game scored1.5
Shots on target348
Shots off target486
Avg shotson target/game3.17
Shooting accuracy0%
Dangerous attacks3897
Avg first goal scored48'
Total clean sheet35
Home clean sheet19
Away clean sheet16
Shots blocked0
Avg goals/game conceded2.31
Penalties conceded0
Total goals against384
Failed to score63
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins30
Away wins25
Home lost50
Away lost61
Ball possession48%
Avg corners per game3
Total corners255
Red cards11
Yellow cards192
Avg fouls per game0

Brechin City Squad

J. Northcott200
M. Scott250
K. Inglis210
C. Ross0
E. Loudon180
K. McHattie280
I. Davidson380
J. Bain300
H. Thomson240
M. Cruickshank290
I. Ross380
C. Winter0

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1X League One

Brechin City

1X League Two

Brechin City

Brechin City Transfers Record

Bobby Barr Forfar Athleticn/a
Abdul Osman Dartfordfree
David Hutton Airdrieoniansfree
Gerry McLauchlan Queen's Parkn/a
Gregor Jordan Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Connor Barron Aberdeenloan
Matty Todd Dunfermline Athleticloan
David Mckay BSC Glasgowfree
Connor Coupe Forfar Athleticfree
Andy Jackson Forfar Athleticfree
Luke Strachan Dundeeloan
Alex Petkov Heartsloan
Martin Scott Cove Rangersn/a
Rhys McCabe St Patrick'sfree
Aidan Laverty Falkirkloan
Andy Jackson Forfar Athleticloan
Paul Allan Dunfermline Athleticloan
Oliver Hamilton St. Johnstoneloan
Émile N'Goy Llanelli Townfree
Kieran Inglis Dundee Unitedfree
Jamie Reid free
Matthew Knox Livingstonfree
Lewis McMinn Stenhousemuirn/a
Oliver Hamilton St. Johnstoneloan
Christopher McLaughlin Stirling Lionsfree
Paul McManus Cove Rangersfree
Ross Sinclair St. Johnstoneloan
Luke Watt Novigradfree
Ross Brown Berwick Rangersn/a
Sean McIntosh Airdrieoniansn/a
Jonathan Page Airdrieoniansn/a
Ryan McCord Arbroathfree
Giuliano Morena Albion Roversn/a
Michael Miller Livingstonn/a
Samuel Jamieson St. Mirrenloan
Thomas Scobbie Dundee Unitedloan
Graham Bowman Albion Roversn/a
Craig Thomson East Fifefree
Lewis Toshney Dundee Unitedloan
Ross Kavanagh Peterheadn/a
Scott Costello Spartansn/a
Cameron Blues Livingstonloan
Callum Hendry St. Johnstoneloan
Harvey Dailly Dundee Unitedn/a
Dene Shields Xewkijafree
Sean Burns Queen's Parkfree
Dougie Hill Dumbartonfree
Jordan Tapping East Stirlingshirefree
Euan Spark Dunfermline Athleticfree
Conor Brennan Greenock Mortonfree
Kostadin Gadzhalov Dundeeloan
Dylan Mackin Livingstonloan
Callum Morrison Heartsloan
Callum Tapping Queen of the Southn/a
Connor McLennan Aberdeenloan
Ryan McGeever Queen's Parkfree
Isaac Layne Grays Athleticfree
Liam Watt Livingstonfree
Connor McLennan Aberdeenloan
Robbie Buchanan Heartsloan
Lewis Spence Dunfermline Athleticloan
Chris O'Neil Airdrieoniansfree
Finn Graham Berwick Rangersfree
Ally Love Albion Roversfree
Ross Caldwell Cowdenbeathfree
Aron Lynas Alloa Athleticn/a
Dougie Hill Alloa Athleticfree
Gareth Rodger Forfar Athleticn/a
Alan Trouten Ayr Unitedfree
Elliot Ford Raith Roversn/a
Jamie Robson Dundee Unitedloan
Lukas Culjak Aberdeenloan
Scott Shepherd Falkirkloan
Liam Coogans Queen of the Southn/a
Isaac Layne Alloa Athleticloan
David Bates Raith Roversloan
Ryan Finnie Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Ross Perry Northampton Townfree
Jonathan Tiffoney Alloa Athleticfree
James Dale Forfar Athleticfree
Kevin Buchan Arbroathfree
David Weatherston Alloa Athleticn/a
Euan Smith Kilmarnockfree
Greg Cameron Montrosen/a
Jamie Masson Aberdeenloan
Scott Olumide Durojaiye Falkirkloan
Craig Storie Aberdeenloan
Craig Wighton Dundeeloan
Ewan McNeil Airdrieoniansn/a
Kyle McAusland Rangersloan
Colin Hamilton Arbroathfree
Garry Kenneth Bristol Roversfree
Robert Thomson Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Ryan Ferguson Dundee Unitedfree
Calum Antell Queen of the Southloan
Andrew Ryan Hamilton Academicalloan
Darren Petrie Dundee Unitedloan
Aidan Connolly Dundee Unitedloan
Chris Tobin St. Johnstonefree
Graeme Smith Ayr Unitedfree
Stuart Anderson Raith Roversfree
Ryan Donnelly Airdrieoniansn/a
Bobby Barr East Fifen/a
Allan Walker Raith Roversfree
Steven Jackson East Stirlingshirefree
Gareth Rodger St. Johnstoneloan
Ryan Ferguson Dundee Unitedloan
Graham Hay loan
Ross Fisher Kilmarnockloan
Kurtis Byrne Ross Countyloan
Alan Trouten Ayr Unitedn/a
Jonathan Stewart Heartsfree
Michael Andrews Montrosen/a
Andy Jackson Greenock Mortonn/a
Scott Dalziel East Fifen/a
Rory McKenzie Kilmarnockloan
Ewan Moyes Gatesheadn/a
David Crawford Hibernianloan
David McClune Alloa Athleticn/a
Garry Brady St. Mirrenfree
Paul McManus Hiberniansfree
Graham Weir Raith Roversfree
Scot Buist Stirling Albionfree
Derek Carcary Dumbartonn/a
Jim Lister Alloa Athleticn/a
Michael Dunlop Alloa Athleticn/a
Mitchel Megginson Aberdeenloan
Daniel McKay Kilmarnockloan
Jordan Kirkpatrick Hamilton Academicalloan
Dougie Hill Raith Roversloan
Gerry McLauchlan Arbroathn/a
Ewan Moyes Hibernianloan
Mark Docherty Stirling Albionfree
John Baird Montroseloan
Jack Wills St. Johnstonen/a
Jordan Northcott St. Johnstonen/a
Nathan Cooney Dundee Unitedn/a
Leeroy Makovora Civil Service Strollersn/a
David Hutton Alloa Athleticfree
Scott Cusick BSC Glasgowfree
Sean Slaven BSC Glasgowfree
Yusuf Hussain Forfar Athleticn/a
Jonathan Page Clyden/a
Sean McIntosh Stranraern/a
Connor Barron Aberdeenn/a
Bobby Barr Cowdenbeathn/a
Scott Reekie Edinburgh Cityn/a
Chris McKee Rangers U21n/a
Jordan Tapping Edinburgh Cityn/a
Matty Todd Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Martin Scott Forfar Athleticfree
Rhys McCabe Queen of the Southfree
Matthew Knox Warrenpoint Townn/a
Luke Strachan Dundeen/a
Paul Allan Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Émile N'Goy Dorchester Townfree
Aidan Laverty Falkirkn/a
Ross Sinclair St. Johnstonen/a
Oliver Hamilton St. Johnstonen/a
Ryan McGeever Dumbartonn/a
Jordan Sinclair Edinburgh Cityn/a
Ross Kavanagh East Kilbriden/a
Paul McLean Stirling Albionn/a
Kalvin Orsi Greenock Mortonfree
Craig Thomson Airdrieoniansfree
Scott Robertson Forfar Athleticn/a
Michael Miller Raith Roversfree
Aron Lynas Albion Roversfree
Euan Spark Elgin Cityn/a
Giuliano Morena Albion Roversfree
Andy Jackson Forfar Athleticfree
Sean Burns Forfar Athleticn/a
Callum Tapping Forfar Athleticfree
Euan Smith Berwick Rangersn/a
Giuliano Morena Albion Roversloan
Boris Melingui Dumbartonn/a
Callum Hendry St. Johnstonen/a
Conor Brennan Dumbartonn/a
Cameron Blues Livingstonn/a
James Dale Njardvíkfree
Scott Costello Spartansloan
Isaac Layne Stranraerfree
Sean Crighton Airdrieoniansfree
Callum Morrison Heartsn/a
Graeme Smith Stenhousemuirfree
Liam Watt East Fifefree
Willie Dyer Dumbartonn/a
Dylan Mackin Livingstonn/a
Chris O'Neil Airdrieoniansfree
Ally Love Clyden/a
Dougie Hill Dumbartonfree
Gareth Rodger Edinburgh Cityn/a
Alan Trouten Albion Roversfree
Connor McLennan Aberdeenn/a
Lewis Spence Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Ross Perry Clydefree
Lewis Spence Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Robert Thomson Dumbartonfree
Jassem Sukar Dundee Unitedn/a
Jamie Robson Dundee Unitedn/a
Isaac Layne Alloa Athleticn/a
David Bates Raith Roversn/a
Callum Tapping Queen of the Southfree
Bobby Barr Greenock Mortonfree
Colin Hamilton Alloa Athleticfree
Greg Cameron Montrosefree
Ryan Ferguson Montrosefree
Gerry McLauchlan Ayr Unitedfree
Alan Trouten Ayr Unitedn/a
Ewan McNeil Berwick Rangersfree
Craig Storie Aberdeenn/a
Scott Olumide Durojaiye Falkirkn/a
Derek Riordan East Fifefree
Greg Cameron Montroseloan
Craig Wighton Dundeen/a
Jamie Masson Aberdeenn/a
David McKenna East Stirlingshirefree
Derek Carcary Annan Athleticn/a
Calum Antell Queen of the Southn/a
Ryan Donnelly Albion Roversn/a
Andrew Ryan Hamilton Academicaln/a
Aidan Connolly Dundee Unitedn/a
Jonathan Stewart East Fifen/a
Alex Pursehouse Worksop Townn/a
David McKenna Stranraern/a
Michael Andrews East Fifen/a
Ryan Stewart East Fifen/a
Gary Fusco Forfar Athleticfree
Liam Keiller Forfar Athleticn/a
David Crawford Albion Roversn/a
David Scott Forfar Athleticn/a
Michael Dunlop Stranraerfree
Jim Lister Dumbartonn/a
David McClune Stirling Albionn/a
Bryan Hodge Stenhousemuirn/a
Scot Buist Stenhousemuirn/a
Charlie King Forfar Athleticn/a
Mark Docherty Alloa Athleticfree
Rory McAllister Peterheadn/a
Mark Archdeacon Clyden/a
Kevin Byers Forfar Athleticfree
David White East Fifen/a
Andrew Cook East Fifen/a
Jamie Redman Peterheadn/a
Mark Docherty Annan Athleticloan
Willie Dyer Raith Roversfree

Brechin City F.C. News


Brechin City() is a football team from Brechin, Scotland. They play in the Football League - Highland League. Their home venue is Glebe Park.

They have an average win rate of 28.21%. And have won a total of 2 trophies. On this page you can find information about Brechin City squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.