BC Rangers

January 17, 2022

BC Rangers

Sham Shui Po Sports Ground

BC Rangers country Premier League
Short name:
Current league: Premier League
Founded: 1960
Stadium: Sham Shui Po Sports Ground
Country: Hong Kong
City: Kowloon

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BC Rangers Statistics

Games Played Wins Loses Goals
28 8 12 52
Goals 52
Penalties scored 1
Avg goals/game scored 2.36
Shots 192
Shots on target 106
Shots off target 86
Avg shotson target/game 2.64
Shooting accuracy 0%
Attacks 1453
Dangerous attacks 936
Avg first goal scored 40'
Total clean sheet 6
Home clean sheet 3
Away clean sheet 3
Shots blocked 0
Avg goals/game conceded 1.95
Penalties conceded 0
Tackles 0
Total goals against 64
Failed to score 7
Team Play
Avg player rating/match 0
Home wins 2
Away wins 6
Home lost 6
Away lost 6
Ball possession 34%
Avg corners per game 2
Total corners 67
Red cards 3
Yellow cards 47
fouls 0
Avg fouls per game 0
Offsides 0

BC Rangers Squad

# Name Age
C. Lau 30 3 1
K. Lam 38 1
H. Yiu 28 0
L. Tse 29 0 0 1
W. Tse 27 0
H. Lam 24 1
C. Wong 24 0 0 0
T. Cheng 24 0 0 0
K. Cheung 23 0
D. Yeung 23 0
J. Yu 22 0
F. Lopes Alcántara 36 0 0 1
K. Lo 39 1 1
J. Kilama 38 1
H. Lau 28 1
W. Soares Belitardo Junior 33 1 0
L. Chan 23 0
R. Hayashi 28 0 0 1
O. Szlakotin 34 0
H. Leung 34 0
C. So 32 0
S. Lo 22 0

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BC Rangers Transfers Record

Player Club Type Fee
Lau Hok Ming Eastern loan
Deportivo Sanarate n/a
Dik Lun Charles Yeung Happy Valley n/a
Jesse Joy Yin Yu Happy Valley n/a
Yun Tung Chan Happy Valley n/a
Lam Hin Ting Happy Valley n/a
Harima Hirokane Eastern n/a
Brian Fok Kitchee loan
Lo Kwan Yee Guangzhou R&F U19 free
Wong Chun Hin Warriors n/a
Li Yat Chun Southern District n/a
Chow Ka Lok Leo Warriors n/a
Augusto Sheik Pedras Rubras n/a
Walter Yuen Long free
Douglão Avenida n/a
Yiu Ho Ming Yuen Long n/a
Wong Chun Hin Yuen Long n/a
Tang Tsz Kwan Yuen Long n/a
Lam Ka Wai Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Lam Hok Hei Eastern loan
Tomas Yuen Long n/a
Lau Chi Lok Pegasus loan
Tse Wai Chun Guangzhou R&F U19 loan
Poon Pak On Dreams free
Lee Si Wang Yuen Long free
Man Wai Fung Dreams free
Ji Xiangzheng Guangzhou R&F U19 loan
Chan Wai Lok Rico Hoi King n/a
Wong Pun Wai Yuen Long n/a
Peng Lin Lin Dreams n/a
Lo Tsz Kit Yuen Long n/a
Fu Mak Guangzhou R&F U19 loan
Au Yeung Yiu Chung Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Chan Pak Ho Yuen Long n/a
Shu Sasaki Global n/a
Chan Cham Hei Dreams n/a
Reinaldo Wong Tai Sin n/a
Yeung Chi Lun Pegasus loan
Gergely Ghéczy Hong Kong FC n/a
Ołeksij Szlakotin Dreams n/a
Chung Sing Lam Dreams n/a
Wong Tse Yeung Dreams n/a
Marko Krasić Inđija n/a
Igor Miović Dreams n/a
Cheung Kwok Ming Dreams n/a
Chuck Yiu Kwok Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Lau Cheuk Hin South China free
Cheng Siu Kwang Dreams n/a
Liu Pui Fung Dreams n/a
Lai Lok Yin Pegasus n/a
Lau Chi Lok Dreams n/a
Tsui Wang Kit Dreams n/a
Kwok Tsz Kaai Dreams n/a
Lo Kwan Hong Kong FC n/a
Wong Lok Pegasus n/a
Tang Lok Man Dreams n/a
Walter Barretos n/a
Dmitri Mozolevski BATE n/a
Lai Yiu Cheong South China loan
Afonso Eastern loan
Law Chun Yan South China n/a
Ip Chung Long Yuen Long n/a
Chiu Chun Kit Wong Tai Sin n/a
Chan Ming Kong Wong Tai Sin free
Chiu Yu Ming Yuen Long n/a
Fernando Recio Kitchee loan
Luk Felix Yuen Long n/a
Li Jian Wong Tai Sin n/a
Chan Cheuk Kwong Yuen Long n/a
To Philip Michael Yuen Long n/a
Wong Chun Hin Wong Tai Sin loan
Jordi Tarrés Kitchee loan
Wong Tsz Ho Dreams Metro Gallery loan
Lee Kai Chi Yuen Long free
Tung Ho Yin Yuen Long n/a
Paulo César Citizen AA free
Lee Chi Ho Eastern free
Landon Ling Pegasus n/a
Li Jian Wong Tai Sin free
Su Yang Wong Tai Sin free
Hui Wang Fung Citizen AA free
Dieguito Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Maurício Wong Tai Sin free
Hui Ka Lok Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Rafael Santaiana Passo Fundo n/a
Hiromichi Katano Super Power Samut Prakan n/a
Cuenca Ryan Ambrad Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Tse Wai Chun n/a
Gee Ha James Stephen Kitchee free
Óscar Rodríguez Paniliakos free
Fronza Eastern free
Xie Silida Tuen Mun SA free
Yago Southern District free
Lau Nim Yat Eastern n/a
Tales Schütz Keşlə FK n/a
Daniel Tuen Mun SA free
Lam Hok Hei Persija n/a
Moses Mensah Citizen AA free
Lai Ka Fai Sun Hei n/a
Chan Cham Hei South China free
Chan Ming Kong Southern District free
Li Jian Kitchee free
Chow Cheuk Fung Tuen Mun SA n/a
Li Jian Dreams Metro Gallery n/a
Li Ka Chun Pegasus n/a
Total €0
Player Club Type Fee
Walter Happy Valley n/a
Chow Ka Lok Leo HK U23 loan
Yun Tung Chan HK U23 loan
Au Yeung Yiu Chung YSCC n/a
Deportivo Sanarate n/a
Pablo Leguizamón Arce Fénix free
Stefan Southern District n/a
Tomas Kitchee n/a
Peng Lin Lin Kitchee n/a
Luk Kin Ming Kitchee n/a
Yago Pontellas n/a
Fu Mak Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
To Philip Michael Hoi King n/a
Marko Krasić Southern District n/a
Igor Miović Happy Valley n/a
Yeung Chi Lun Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Cheung Kwok Ming Pegasus n/a
Cheng Siu Kwang Warriors n/a
Lau Chi Lok Pegasus n/a
Kwok Tsz Kaai Yuen Long n/a
Tse Wai Chun Yuen Long n/a
Shu Sasaki Pegasus n/a
So Chi Wai Yuen Long n/a
Chow Chi Yan Dreams n/a
Chuck Yiu Kwok Chiasso n/a
Liu Pui Fung Dreams n/a
Tsui Wang Kit Meizhou Hakka n/a
Afonso Eastern n/a
Walter Yuen Long n/a
Denis Warriors n/a
Eastern n/a
Lai Yiu Cheong Warriors free
Ip Chung Long Yuen Long n/a
Chiu Chun Kit Warriors n/a
Chan Ming Kong Warriors n/a
Chow Cheuk Fung Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Luk Felix Warriors n/a
Wong Chun Hin Warriors loan
Hui Ka Lok Warriors n/a
Tse Long Hin Warriors loan
Wegener Marco Warriors n/a
Law Chun Yan Warriors n/a
Yip Ka Yu Warriors n/a
Lee Kai Chi Warriors n/a
Tse Ka Wing Dreams n/a
Fernando Recio Kitchee n/a
Eng Jason Ryan Fresno Fuego n/a
Wong Tsz Ho Eastern n/a
Dmitri Mozolevski Dinamo Brest n/a
Paulo César Wofoo Tai Po free
Chuck Yiu Kwok Guangzhou R&F U19 n/a
Lee Chi Ho Meizhou Hakka n/a
Hiromichi Katano Sukhothai free
Shay Spitz Southern District free
Chan Ming Kong Wong Tai Sin free
Gee Ha James Stephen Southern District free
Lai Hau Hei Yuen Long free
Jae-Woong Han Eastern n/a
Daniel Cerro Largo free
Lam Hok Hei South China n/a
Leung Hing Kit South China n/a
Nägelein Andy Eastern n/a
Xie Silida Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Philip Wong Southern District n/a
Tse Wai Chun BC Rangers n/a
Naves Wofoo Tai Po n/a
Miroslav Šarić Eastern free
Chao Pengfei Yau Tsim Mong n/a
Yeung Chi Lun Wong Tai Sin n/a
Law Hiu Chung South China n/a
Chan Cham Hei Kitchee n/a
Leung Hing Kit South China n/a
Li Ka Chun Eastern n/a
Rian de Souza Marques Yuen Long n/a
Giovane Eastern n/a
Julius Akosah Happy Valley free
Wilfred Bamnjo Happy Valley free
Cheng King Ho Yuen Long free
Lau Nim Yat Eastern n/a
Chak Ting Fung South China n/a
Lam Ka Wai Kitchee n/a
Total 0

BC Rangers F.C. News


BC Rangers() is a football team from Kowloon, Hong Kong. They play in the Premier League. Their home venue is Sham Shui Po Sports Ground.

They have an average win rate of 28.57%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about BC Rangers squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.

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