Annan Athletic


Annan Athletic country League Two
Short name:
Current league:League Two
Manager:Peter Murphy

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Annan Athletic Statistics

Games PlayedWinsLosesGoals
Penalties scored6
Avg goals/game scored1.28
Shots on target566
Shots off target705
Avg shotson target/game5.09
Shooting accuracy0%
Dangerous attacks5655
Avg first goal scored39'
Total clean sheet41
Home clean sheet19
Away clean sheet22
Shots blocked0
Avg goals/game conceded1.6
Penalties conceded2
Total goals against228
Failed to score45
Team Play
Avg player rating/match0
Home wins33
Away wins33
Home lost25
Away lost39
Ball possession48%
Avg corners per game4
Total corners376
Red cards10
Yellow cards243
Avg fouls per game0

Annan Athletic Squad

C. Johnston2718360
A. Smith2518345
R. McCartney2810301
T. Goss2413412
J. Lowdon3014
D. Docherty25423
L. Hunter2513
M. Garrity111
S. Swinglehurst2914
M. Douglas2415
T. Wallace31625
C. Barnes20003
R. Steele19002
G. Fleming35000
J. Connolly41000

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Annan Athletic Transfers Record

Michael Garrity Greenock Mortonn/a
Charlie Birch Carlisle Unitedfree
Chris Johnston Clyden/a
Dominic Docherty Stirling Albionn/a
Ryan Adamson Cowdenbeathfree
Charlie Barnes Carlisle Unitedn/a
Thomas Goss Queen of the Southn/a
Roan Steele Carlisle United U18n/a
Greg Fleming Stranraern/a
Robert McCartney Gretna 2008n/a
Ross Munro Ross Countyloan
Ryan Sinnamon East Kilbriden/a
Brian Kinnear Rangersloan
Alexander McCaw St. Mirren U21loan
Dean Watson Partick Thistleloan
Ross Love Ayr Unitedn/a
Lewis Hunter East Fifefree
Max Wright Stirling Albionfree
Aidan Smith Peterheadfree
Aaron Splaine Derry Cityn/a
Jordan Pettigrew Dumbartonfree
Iain Anderson Gretna 2008n/a
Cameron Clark Queen's Parkfree
Jordan Lowdon Stirling Albionfree
Mark Docherty Forfar Athleticn/a
Michael Hewitt Ayr Unitedloan
Andrew Rodden Partick Thistleloan
Cameron Clark Queen's Parkloan
Jamie Walker St. Mirren U21n/a
Wallace Smith Dumbartonn/a
Jamie Walker St. Mirrenloan
Broque Watson Motherwelln/a
Lewis McLear Stirling Albionfree
Kyle Wilkie Airdrieoniansfree
Aaron Taylor Workingtonfree
Lyle Avci Stranraern/a
Matthew Douglas Workingtonfree
Scott McLean Queen's Parkfree
Christian Nadé Dumbartonn/a
Aidan Mcadams Rangersloan
Lewis Strapp Greenock Mortonloan
Kyle Bradley Rangersloan
Max Wright Clydefree
Tommy Muir Dalbeattie Starfree
Martyn Coleman Shildon AFCfree
David Wilson Dumbartonn/a
Tony Wallace East Kilbriden/a
Cameron Salkeld Carlisle Unitedloan
Evan Horne St. Mirrenloan
Ben Armour Greenock Mortonloan
Conor O’Keefe St. Mirrenloan
Ross Fergusson Queen of the Southloan
John Cunningham Alloa Athleticloan
Blair Henderson Stirling Albionfree
Brandon Luke Dunfermline Athleticloan
Ayr Unitedn/a
Ryan Stevenson Raith Roversn/a
Aidan Smith Queen of the Southfree
Ayrton Sonkur Queen of the Southfree
Scott Hooper Queen of the Southn/a
Owen Moxon Queen of the Southn/a
Ryan Sinnamon Elgin Cityn/a
Tom Fry Motherwellloan
Jordan Stewart St. Mirrenloan
Nathan Flanagan St. Mirrenloan
Christian Nadé Stranraern/a
Ryan Sinnamon Rangersloan
Aidan Smith Queen of the Southloan
Darren Ramsay Rangersfree
Alex Mitchell Workingtonfree
Max Wright East Stirlingshiren/a
William Robertson Stirling Albionn/a
David McKenna East Stirlingshirefree
Ryan Finnie Alloa Athleticfree
Adam Asghar Stranraern/a
Barry Cuddihy St. Mirrenloan
Kevin Nicoll Forfar Athleticn/a
Jordan Morton Airdrieoniansloan
Ryan Finnie Dunfermline Athleticn/a
David Ferguson Motherwellloan
Bryan Gilfillan Airdrieoniansn/a
Liam Park Dalbeattie Starn/a
Jamie Watson Airdrieoniansfree
Blair Currie Hamilton Academicaln/a
Andrew Mitchell Southportn/a
Ogen Ndanjong Rangersloan
Jack Breslin Celticloan
Jordan Hart Celticloan
Chris Dickinson Boston Unitedn/a
David Weatherston Alloa Athleticloan
Stuart McColm Clyden/a
Ryan McStay Portadownn/a
Steven Logan Newcastle Unitedn/a
Derek Carcary Brechin Cityn/a
Blair Henderson East Fifen/a
Andrew Mitchell Rangersloan
Steven Logan Newcastle Unitedloan
Martin McNiff Dumbartonloan
Scott Davidson Stirling Albionfree
Kieran Brannan Albion Roversfree
Steven Black Queen of the Southn/a
Peter Bradley Queen's Parkfree
Kenny Arthur Airdrieoniansn/a
Peter Weatherson Greenock Mortonn/a
Graeme Shepherd Albion Roversn/a
Steven Black Queen of the Southn/a
Martin McNiff Dumbartonloan
Harry Monaghan Hiberniann/a
David Murray Queen's Parkn/a
Ally Love East Stirlingshiren/a
Michael Daly Queen's Parkn/a
Scott Chaplain Albion Roversfree
Steven Swinglehurst Carlisle Unitedn/a
Steven Swinglehurst Carlisle Unitedloan
Ross Hyslop Queen of the Southfree
Michael McGowan Albion Roversn/a
Jordan McKechnie Raith Roversfree
Mark Docherty Brechin Cityloan
Steven Lawless Motherwellloan
Jordan Halsman Motherwellloan
Scott Anson Kilmarnockloan
Harry Emmerson Dalbeattie Starfree
Liam Park Dalbeattie Starn/a
Darren Christie Stenhousemuirn/a
Brian Kinnear Rangersn/a
Ryan Sinnamon BSC Glasgowfree
Nathan Flanagan Stirling Albionn/a
Ross Munro Ross Countyn/a
Alex Mitchell Blyth Spartansfree
Aaron Splaine Clyden/a
Russell Currie Dalbeattie Starn/a
Max Wright Albion Roversfree
Mark Docherty Clyden/a
Dean Watson Partick Thistlen/a
Wallace Smith Dumbartonn/a
Scott McLean Spennymoor Townfree
Kelby Mason Edinburgh Cityfree
Andrew Rodden Partick Thistlen/a
Tommy Muir Stenhousemuirfree
Daniel Orsi Dalbeattie Starn/a
Michael Hewitt Ayr Unitedn/a
Ayrton Sonkur Stranraerfree
Cameron Clark Queen's Parkn/a
Broque Watson Cove Rangersn/a
Ryan Stevenson Stranraern/a
Aaron Taylor Gretna 2008n/a
Ryan Sinnamon East Kilbriden/a
Tony Wallace Clydefree
Aidan Smith Peterheadfree
Scott Hooper Peterheadfree
James Creaney Stirling Albionfree
Chris Johnston Clydefree
David Wilson Stirling Albionfree
Lewis Strapp Greenock Mortonn/a
Ruaridh Langan Dumbartonn/a
Scott Roberts Elgin Cityfree
Max Wright Stirling Albionfree
Lewis Strapp Greenock Mortonn/a
Alastair Ferguson Gretna 2008n/a
Jean-Guy Lucas Edusport Academyn/a
Ben Armour Greenock Mortonn/a
Blair Henderson Edinburgh Cityfree
Conor O’Keefe St. Mirrenn/a
Ellis Pearson Workingtonfree
James Atkinson Gretna 2008n/a
Rabin Omar Elgin Cityn/a
Cameron Salkeld Carlisle Unitedn/a
Evan Horne St. Mirrenn/a
Brandon Luke Dunfermline Athleticn/a
Ross Fergusson Queen of the Southn/a
John Cunningham Alloa Athleticn/a
Stephen Bronsky Elgin Cityfree
Max Wright Clydefree
Darren Ramsay Clyden/a
Jordan Stewart St. Mirrenn/a
Smart Osadolor Clyden/a
Przemyslaw Dachnowicz Clyden/a
Callum Home Clyden/a
Blair Currie Clydefree
Tom Fry Motherwelln/a
Aidan Smith Queen of the Southn/a
Nathan Flanagan St. Mirrenn/a
Ryan Sinnamon Rangersn/a
Ryan Finnie Clyden/a
William Robertson Stirling Albionn/a
Ben Jago Llandudnon/a
Smart Osadolor Stranraerfree
Matthew Flynn Clyden/a
Martin McNiff Clyden/a
Jordan Hart Celticn/a
Jordan Morton Airdrieoniansn/a
Ryan Finnie Alloa Athleticn/a
Kenneth MacKay Queen's Parkn/a
Jamie Watson Clyden/a
Alex Mitchell Workingtonfree
Andrew Mitchell Crusadersn/a
Peter Bradley Instituten/a
Andrew Mitchell Southportfree
Ally Love Albion Roversfree
Jordan McKechnie East Stirlingshiren/a
Michael Daly Clyden/a
Michael McGowan East Stirlingshiren/a
Martin McNiff Dumbartonn/a
Steven Black Queen of the Southn/a
Aaron Muirhead Partick Thistlefree
David Cox Alloa Athleticn/a
Scott Anson Kilmarnockn/a

Annan Athletic F.C. News


Annan Athletic() is a football team from Annan, Scotland. They play in the League Two. Their home venue is Galabank.

They have an average win rate of 39.52%. And have won a total of 0 trophies. On this page you can find information about Annan Athletic squad, stats for each season including topscorers, fixtures and matches today.