From Agent to Wife: The Story of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s Relationship

March 12, 2023

Wanda Nara has been a constant presence in the world of football, thanks to her ex-husband Mauro Icardi’s successful career as a professional footballer. However, an enigma persists: who exactly is Wanda Nara and what contribution has she made to her husband’s success on the pitch?

Learn everything there is to know about the ups and downs of Mauro and Wanda’s turbulent relationship in this article.

Who Is Wanda Nara?

Who is Wanda Nara? Icardi Wife

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Nara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 10, 1986. She grew up with her father Andrés Nara and mother Nora Colosimo in a middle-class family. Wanda was able to complete high school and pursue a career in modeling despite their financial difficulties.

Zaira Nara, her younger sister, is an Argentine model and television host who is also linked with the glamorous and entertainment industries.

Wanda Icardi started as a model but switched careers when she got married to Mauro Icardi in 2014. Within the European football community, Wanda is reputed to be among the most influential female figures, thanks to her adept negotiations in securing lucrative contracts for her spouse.

When not engaged in the agent activities, she earns considerable amounts through her modeling endeavors, which have even included baring her skin in nude photoshoots, indicative of her fearless and daring nature.

The Professional Careers Of Wanda Nara

Who is Wanda Nara? Icardi Wife

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Nara started her career in modeling before making a shocking career switch when she became Mauro Icardi’s agent in 2014. She also pursued a career in acting before her modeling years.

Her rise to stardom began in 2005 when she made her stage debut as a second vedette in the risqué revue ‘Humor en Custodia.’ The following year, she was cast as the lead vedette in the popular revue ‘King Corona’ alongside comedian Jorge Corona.

However, Wanda’s time with the show was cut short due to alleged abuse by Corona and his wife, leaving her uncertain about her future in showbiz.

But Wanda didn’t give up. In 2009, she landed a spot on the hit TV contest El Musical de tus Sueños, produced by Showmatch and hosted by the renowned Marcelo Tinelli. The show, which aired on El Trece from August to December, showcased Wanda’s talents as a singer and dancer and helped her gain even more recognition in the entertainment world.

Wanda Nara And Maxi Lopez: The “Cheating” Scandal

Wanda Nara cheating scandal with Maxi Lopez

Former Sampdoria player Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara started dating in 2007 before getting married in 2008. Valentino Gastón, López Constantino López, and Benedicto López are the three kids she has with Maxi Lopez.

During Mauro Icardi’s tenure at Sampdoria, Maxi Lopez, Wanda’s then-husband, happened to be a player on the same team. It was during a holiday in Ibiza that Mauro and Wanda purportedly found themselves entangled in a romance, catalyzing a firestorm of attention from the media and triggering an outpouring of controversy.

Maxi Lopez felt deeply aggrieved by the betrayal, as he had previously regarded Mauro as both a companion and friend in football. Adding fuel to the fire, Maxi accused Wanda of having an extramarital affair, vehemently asserting that she had been unfaithful to him.

Wanda Icardi, however, staunchly refuted the accusations, asserting that the dissolution of her marriage had already commenced before her fateful encounter with Mauro Icardi.

As Wanda’s relationship with Icardi deepened, an intriguing and intense encounter unfolded on the pitch during an April 2014 Serie A fixture between Inter Milan and Sampdoria, where both Icardi and Maxi played.

The match saw Maxi Lopez pointedly refuse to extend his hand in greeting to Mauro Icardi, an act that did not go unnoticed by the media, who subsequently dubbed the game the “Wanda derby.”

This incendiary incident was repeated a few years later, in another Serie A match, when Maxi Lopez represented Torino and Mauro Icardi was playing for Inter Milan – a testament to the lingering animosity between the two footballers.

Wanda Nara And Mauro Icardi’s Relationship

Who is Wanda Nara? Icardi Wife

Db Milano 21/02/2019 – Europa League / Inter-Rapid Vienna / foto Daniele Buffa/Image nella foto: Mauro Icardi-Wanda Nara PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxITA

Despite the controversies, Wanda Icardi and Mauro Icardi continued their relationship and eventually got married in 2014. On the 27th of May 2014, Wanda and Icardi exchanged vows in an intimate and modest ceremony that took place in Buenos Aires, but they were not content to stop there.

In fact, the amorous duo went on to host a grand and extravagant wedding party on June 7, 2014, cementing their union in a truly memorable fashion.

Wanda and Icardi later gave birth to two stunning daughters, Francesca Icardi on January 19, 2015, and Isabella Icardi on October 27, 2016, demonstrating that their love extended beyond the wedding bed. Their daughters are the living embodiment of their enduring love.

Following a bitter custody battle, the court ultimately granted Wanda Icardi custody of the children she shares with Maxi Lopez, a decision that was no doubt a source of great relief and joy for her.

Following the court trial, Mauro Icardi raised more than just a few eyebrows when he opted to commemorate his relationship with Wanda and her ex-husband Maxi Lopez in the most permanent of ways.  Specifically, he went ahead and got a tattoo of the trio’s children on his arm, a decision that was met with a mixture of fascination, bewilderment, and criticism from the supporters.

In his autobiography ‘Sempre Avanti’ (Always Forward), Icardi revealed that he makes love 12 times a day with his incredible wife Wanda Nara.

Role of Wanda Icardi in Mauro Icardi’s Football Career

Icardi wife

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Icardi, a woman of great determination and business acumen, embarked on the challenging task of becoming a football agent in 2014. Her goal was to help her husband, Mauro Icardi, navigate the treacherous waters of professional football.

Wanda’s first challenge as Mauro’s agent was to work out a transfer agreement from Sampdoria to Inter Milan. Her abilities were tested, but she rose to the challenge and got her husband a lucrative, five-year contract worth €13 million.

Her industry skills and experience were crucial in helping to close the deal that would lay the groundwork for Mauro Icardi’s successful career.

Wanda Icardi persisted in exercising her bargaining skills over the years, employing her astute financial acumen to negotiate Icardi’s transfers to elite teams like Paris Saint-Germain.

Her contribution to Mauro’s football career was crucial to his success. Her unrelenting commitment made her one of the most powerful women in the game, admired and appreciated by all who crossed her path.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s Separation: The Story

wanda icardi and mauro icardi

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s topsy-turvy nine-year marriage has ended, sending shockwaves through the internet. For months, rumors had been swirling that the couple’s relationship was on the rocks, with Wanda alluding to Icardi’s infidelity in a cryptic Instagram post.

But now, the Argentine model has confirmed the split in a tearful social media statement, requesting her 16 million followers for privacy during this difficult time.

Last year, Nara caused a stir on Twitter with an angry outburst aimed at her husband, accusing him of ruining “another family.” She even unfollowed Icardi and removed her wedding ring, posting pictures of herself with her ex-husband Maxi Lopez. But the couple reconciled after Icardi reportedly agreed to sign over all his assets to his wife.

However, the tables turned when an Italian journalist accused Nara of cheating with Icardi’s former Inter teammate, Marcelo Brozovic. Nara instantly denied the allegations, saying they had caused “problems within the family and outside,” and had forced the couple to leave Milan.

Now, Wanda Nara has confirmed the heartbreaking news of their split but has refused to divulge any details about what caused it. Fans and followers are left reeling from the news and hoping that the couple’s children will be able to weather this storm.

“It’s a painful moment, but given my exposure and the media speculation that’s coming out, it’s preferable to hear it from me.

“I have nothing to declare and I don’t want to give any details about this separation. Please understand not only for me but also for our children.”

Wanda Nara’s Net Worth

Who is Wanda Nara? Icardi Wife

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Nara’s net worth is shrouded in mystery, but it’s believed to hover around the $2 million (£1.6 million) mark in 2022, making her one of the richest football WAGs. She is a true jack-of-all-trades, working as a model, TV presenter, reality TV star, and football agent, which means she has a wealth of income sources.

In addition, Wanda is also the proud owner of her own cosmetics brand, the uber-fabulous Wanda Cosmetics.

Wanda Nara Instagram

Who is Wanda Nara? Icardi Wife

Instagram: @wanda_nara

Wanda Nara’s Instagram account handle is wanda_nara. Her Instagram is one of the most followed accounts in Argentina, with over 16 million followers. Her Instagram is a showcase of her lavish lifestyle and includes pictures of her designer outfits, luxurious vacations, and exclusive events.

Wanda Nara also uses her Instagram to promote her various business ventures, including her cosmetics brand, Wanda Cosmetics. She often posts pictures of herself wearing her own products and uses her Instagram to announce new product launches and promotions.

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