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March 25, 2023

In the world of soccer, appearance, and style are as important as skills and tactics. Players are known for their unique hairstyles, and one of the most popular among them is long hair. From David Beckham’s signature style to Cristiano Ronaldo’s sleek locks, long hair has become an iconic look in the sport. In this article, we will explore the history, iconic players, advantages and disadvantages, cultural significance, and future of soccer players with long hair.

Evolution of Long Hair in Soccer

Soccer players with long hair have been a trend for decades. One of the earliest examples of a soccer player with long hair was George Best, a Northern Irish player who played for Manchester United in the 1960s and 70s. He was known for his long, flowing locks and his skill on the pitch. Over time, the trend of long hair in soccer evolved, and players like Carlos Valderrama, Taribo West, and Socrates became famous for their unique hairstyles. The trend became more popular in the 90s and early 2000s, and players like David Beckham and Ronaldo popularized the look among younger players.

Reasons for Footballers to keep Long Hair

Connection to cultural roots: In many cultures, long hair is seen as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and connection to one’s cultural roots. In some Indigenous cultures, for example, long hair is considered sacred and a way of connecting with the spiritual world. For soccer players who come from these cultures, growing and maintaining long hair may be a way of expressing pride in their heritage and honoring their cultural traditions.

 Expression of individuality and style: Long hair can also be a way for soccer players to express their individuality and style on the field. Many players, regardless of cultural background, choose to grow their hair long and style it in unique ways to stand out and make a statement. This can be especially important in a sport where players often wear identical uniforms and helmets or hats.

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The historical and social context of long hair in different cultures: The significance of long hair varies widely across different cultures and historical periods. In some cultures, long hair has been associated with femininity and therefore considered inappropriate or unacceptable for men to have long hair. In other cultures, long hair was seen as a symbol of power and status, worn only by certain members of society.

Famous Soccer Players with Long Hair

Here are some of the most famous soccer players with long hair :

  • David Beckham

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David Beckham’s iconic hairstyles have been a topic of discussion for years. From his slicked-back look to his famous “Man Bun,” Beckham has always managed to look stylish on and off the field.

  • Gareth Bale

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Welsh footballer Gareth Bale has often been seen with his long hair tied back in a ponytail or a man bun. The Real Madrid star’s luscious locks have even earned him the nickname “The Welsh Winger.”

  • Carlos Valderrama

Soccer Players with Long Hair – Hair We Go - Carlos Valderrama 2016

Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama is famous for his wild, curly hair. The former midfielder’s hair was often styled in a voluminous afro, making him one of the most recognizable players on the pitch.

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Croatian midfielder Luka Modric is known for his precise passing, impressive dribbling skills, and his long, flowing locks. Modric’s hair is often styled in a sleek, swept-back look, making him look even more elegant on the field.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Soccer Players with Long Hair – Hair We Go - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 1 16x9

Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for his incredible goal-scoring abilities and his larger-than-life personality. He is also known for his long hair, which he often wears in a top knot or a ponytail.

  • Diego Maradona

Soccer Players with Long Hair – Hair We Go - Maradona con sus padres el grito del sur

Argentine legend Diego Maradona was known for his incredible skills and his flamboyant personality. His curly, shoulder-length hair became one of his signature looks during his playing days, adding to his already iconic presence on the field.

  • Johan Cruyff

Soccer Players with Long Hair – Hair We Go - 640px Ajax selectie presenteert zich aan de pers nummer 15 Heinz Stuy nummer 16 Ruud Krol nummer 13 Johan Cruyff nummer 14 Wim Suurbier allen koppen 16x9

Dutch footballing icon Johan Cruyff was known for his elegant style of play and his incredible vision on the field. He was also known for his long, flowing locks, which he often wore tied back in a ponytail. Cruyff’s hair added to his already stylish appearance on the pitch.

  • Ronaldinho

Soccer Players with Long Hair – Hair We Go - 640px Ronaldinho 72 16x9

 Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho is known for his incredible skills, creativity, and his flashy personality. He was also known for his long, curly locks, which he often wore tied back in a ponytail. Ronaldinho’s hair added to his already mesmerizing presence on the field, making him one of the most beloved soccer players of all time.

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Advantages for soccer players with long hair:

  • Style: Long hair can add to a player’s unique style and individuality on the field, helping them stand out from their teammates and opponents.
  • Protection: Long hair can provide some protection against head-to-head collisions and sunburn on the back of the neck.
  • Intimidation: In some cases, long hair can be seen as intimidating to opponents, especially if it is styled in a certain way.
  • Fans: Long-haired players may have a dedicated fan base who appreciate their unique look and style.

Disadvantages for soccer players with long hair:

  • Visibility: Long hair can obscure a player’s vision, especially during fast-paced movements or when the wind is blowing.
  • Distraction: Opponents may try to grab or pull a player’s long hair as a means of distraction or to gain an advantage.
  • Maintenance: Long hair requires regular washing and grooming, which can be time-consuming and distracting for players.
  • Heat: In hot weather conditions, long hair can be uncomfortable and add to a player’s heat stress.
  • Risk of injury: Long hair can get caught in other players’ cleats or equipment, increasing the risk of injury to the player.

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Future prospects

Long hair is likely to remain a popular choice for soccer players in the future, as it offers many advantages and opportunities. For one thing, soccer players with long hair can stand out from the crowd and attract more attention from fans, media, and sponsors. Another thing, long hair can also inspire players to be more creative and expressive on the field, as they can experiment with different hairstyles and accessories. However, long hair also poses some challenges and risks for soccer players, such as hygiene issues, performance issues, and injury issues. Therefore, soccer players with long hair should take good care of it and be aware of the potential consequences.


Long hair is more than just a fashion statement for soccer players. It is a way of showing one’s individuality, culture, and attitude on the field. Throughout history, there have been many soccer players with long hair who have left their mark on the game with their talent and style. Today, there are still many soccer players who have long hair and who are among the best in the world. In the future, long hair will continue to be a trend that offers both benefits and challenges for soccer players. Whether you are a player or a fan, soccer players with long hair are something that you can appreciate and enjoy in soccer.

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