Who is Paul Pogba’s Wife – Maria Zulay Salaues

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The Manchester United midfielder is perhaps one of the most talented players in the Premier League. His overall game has picked up in recent weeks and his technical ability is second to none. Pogba is known for his flamboyant hairstyles just as much as hi splay on the pitch.

Unfortunately for Pogba lovers, this article is not about him, rather who he is dating. Here at Football Lovers, we take a closer look at the French midfielder’s life off the pitch as we delve into who exactly is Paul Pogba’s partner.

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Who is Paul Pogba Dating?

The Manchester United midfielder is currently in a three-year relationship with a model by the name of Maria Zulay Salaues. The pair started dating back in 2017 but made it official 12 months later as Maria was seen to be supporting Pogba in 2018 at the World Cup.

At the time, there were reports that the couple was engaged as Maria was seen to be sporting a diamond ring on her left hand. Football fans quickly jumped to conclusions about the couple moving to the next stage of their relationship. Maria was also spotted sitting next to Pogba’s mother, Yeo Pogba.

Unfortunately for fans who want the juicy gossip, neither Maria nor Pogba have made an official announcement as to whether they are in fact married or even engaged. There is a telling piece of info that could tell the story, however. On her Instagram account, Maria has changed her last name to Pogba. Her Instagram account is followed by over half a million fans.

Who is Maria Zulay Salaues?

We will now delve into exactly who Maria Zulay Salaues is. Football Lovers goes in to find out.

Zulay is 25 years old and her birthday is on November 16. The model was born in 1994 in Robore Bolivia, however, she later moved to the US to pursue her modeling career. When it comes to religion there is nothing official but considering Pogba’s is Muslim she very might well follow in his footsteps too. Maria is a Bolivian national.

Maria went to the university of Bolivia as she studied Business Administration however she did not finish her studies as she instead decided to put all her energy into her job as a real estate agent. This did not last long, however, and she again changed jobs, this time to an interior designer.

In 2017 there was a significant scandal around Maria. There was a video that was circling on the internet of her using what was thought to be cocaine. The video was in fact released by her friends which is not ideal and many have said that is the main reason she uprooted from Bolivia and moved to Miami.

Maria Zulay Salaues Net Worth

There are no exact records of her net worth however Paul Pogba’s is thought to be $85 million.

Paul Pogba Family

Both Maria and Pogba always like to show off their love for one another and in 2019 the pair had their first child, a boy by the name of Labile Shakur.

Both Pogba and his partner will often put pictures of themselves and their son on social media as family time is clearly very important to them, as it is to most of us.

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