Inside the Life of Michele Lacroix: Kevin De Bruyne’s Wife

May 2, 2023

Dazzling lights, roaring crowds, and the electrifying atmosphere of the football world are just a few elements that paint the backdrop for the captivating tale of Michele Lacroix, Kevin De Bruyne’s wife. In this article, we take you on an exciting adventure into Michele’s life, showcasing her deep love for De Bruyne, their beautiful family, and her captivating personality that has won over countless admirers.

As we dive into this beautiful story, we uncover the details of Michele’s life beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing her steadfast support for her husband, her passion for helping others, and her ability to balance the many aspects of her life with ease and elegance.

Who is Michele Lacroix?

Michele Lacroix Kevin De Bruyne Wife
Instagram: lacroixmichele

Kevin De Bruyne’s wife Michele Lacroix was born on December 8, 1993, in the beautiful city of Genk, Belgium. Growing up in this picturesque town, she later pursued her higher education at the prestigious Hasselt University in Belgium. Her strong educational background has played a crucial role in shaping her career and personal life.

Before meeting Kevin, Michele Lacroix worked as a promotional director for Prime Impressions Hostesses in Hasselt, showcasing her ability to excel in her professional life. Though, ever since her wedding with the Belgian international, most people rarely pay attention to Michele’s career. Born in 1993, Michele is two years younger than her husband.

Both Michele and Kevin were born and raised in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The couple shares a deep connection to their Belgian roots, which is reflected in their love for their home country and their support for the Belgian national team.

How did Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix Meet?

Michele Lacroix Kevin De Bruyne Wife
Instagram: lacroixmichele

Michele Lacroix’s romantic journey with Belgian footballer Kevin De Bruyne began after his past relationship with Caroline Lijnen ended. De Bruyne’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his then-teammate, Thibault Courtois. For that reason, de Bruyne and Courtois find it difficult to get along in the national team.

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Following the heartbreak, Kevin met Michele, who had previously dated Everton player Fabian Delph. The two quickly developed a strong bond and have been inseparable since. The power couple first met in 2014, before deciding to get married after dating for a few years.

Kevin De Bruyne’s unforgettable proposal took place in 2016 at the foot of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sharing the special moment on their Instagram account, Kevin revealed that Michele had accepted his proposal with a simple “She said yes.” The couple tied the knot in 2017, with Michele donning a stunning white gown and veil for the wedding ceremony.

Michele Lacroix’s unwavering support for Kevin De Bruyne, both on and off the field, has played a remarkable role in his journey as a professional footballer. Their relationship, built on trust and mutual respect, has been the driving force behind their success as a couple and as individuals.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Children

Kevin de Bruyne, Michele Lacroix, and their children
Instagram: lacroixmichele

Michele and Kevin are proud parents to three lovely children: Mason Milan, Rome, and Suri De Bruyne. Born in March 2016, Mason Milan is the oldest, followed by Rome, born on October 31st, 2018, and their youngest, Suri, born in September 2020.

The couple often shares heartwarming photos of their family enjoying beach vacations and spending quality time together.

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Michele is Very Supportive of KDB

Michele Lacroix’s presence at Kevin De Bruyne’s matches has been a notable aspect of their relationship. Although she was not a regular attendee at the beginning of De Bruyne’s career with Manchester City, she soon became a regular fixture at the Etihad Stadium, cheering on her husband.

One memorable moment was when Manchester City claimed the Premier League title in 2018, and Michele joined the on-field celebrations. The couple, along with their son, posed for a memorable photo with the prestigious Premier League trophy.

Through her journey with Kevin De Bruyne, Michele Lacroix has not only become an integral part of his life but has also gained immense popularity as one of the most admired football WAGs. Her love and support have undeniably played a significant role in Kevin’s success on and off the field.

Michele’s ability to stand by Kevin’s side through the ups and downs of his career has been a testament to the strength of their relationship.

Michele Lacroix Instagram

With over 376,000 followers on Instagram, Michele Lacroix has become a social media celebrity in her own right. She often shares glimpses of her life with Kevin and their children, as well as stunning bikini photos and breathtaking travel snapshots. Her Instagram handle is @lacroixmichele.

Michele Lacroix’s Net Worth

As the wife of one of the most successful footballers in the world, Michele Lacroix’s financial status is often a topic of discussion. Kevin De Bruyne’s net worth has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to his lucrative contracts with Manchester City and various endorsement deals. Keeping the unofficial figures in mind, Michele’s net worth is estimated to be around $1M.

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The couple’s combined wealth allows them to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, which is evident through their social media posts and appearances at high-profile events. Their well-rounded approach to managing their wealth ensures that they can provide the best for their family while still enjoying the finer things in life.


How did Kevin De Bruyne meet his wife?

Kevin De Bruyne met Michele Lacroix after the end of his previous relationship with Caroline Lijnen – who cheated on Kevin with Thibaut Courtois. Michele had been previously in a relationship with Everton player Fabian Delph. The couple formed a strong connection and have been inseparable ever since.

What does Michele Lacroix do?

Michele Lacroix has built a successful career for herself, having worked as a promotional director at Prime Impressions Hostesses in Hasselt, Belgium. At the same time, she prioritizes her family, ensuring that her children are well taken care of and that she is present to support her husband’s football career.

Is Kevin de Bruyne still married?

Absolutely, Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix continue to enjoy a happy marriage. They exchanged their vows in 2017, and the couple’s relationship has only grown stronger over time. They often share snapshots of their life together on social media.

Did Courtois have an affair with De Bruyne’s wife?

No, Courtois did not have an affair with De Bruyne’s current wife, Michele Lacroix. However, a past incident did occur involving De Bruyne’s former girlfriend, Caroline Lijnen, who cheated on De Bruyne with Thibault Courtois. This unfortunate event led to the end of De Bruyne’s relationship with Caroline, and he eventually met Michele Lacroix.

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