Messi’s father denies €700m release clause



  • Messi’s father issued an official statement denying the existence of the €700m release clause.
  • According to the statement, the release clause expired at the end of 2019/2020 season.
  • The matter might go to court

Jorge Messi’s official statement

Lionel Messi’s father has issued an official statement in which he insisted that the release clause of his son has already expired at the end of 2019/2020 season.


Jorge Messi mentioned a clause in his son’s contract which states that:

“This compensation will not apply when the resolution of the contract, by the unilateral decision of the player, takes effect from the end of the 2019-20 sporting season.”

Jorge Messi stated that according to this clause the €700m release clause does not apply at all.

La Liga respond within minutes

La Liga responded to the letter minutes later and said that Messi’s lawyers are taking the clause out of context. According to La Liga, the stated clause is being misinterpreted.

The situation

La Liga issued a statement last Sunday, in which it had sided with FC Barcelona and strongly against Messi. La Liga said the release clause of €700m was still active.

This statement from the lawyers and father of Messi is their response to the La Liga statement. They have hit back at the league and the situation might be heading towards a legal battle. This could get very ugly for the board of FC Barcelona considering the fanbase that Messi has.

A meeting was held between Messi’s father and the Barcelona president Bartomeu on Wednesday, in order to try and resolve the conflict between the two parties. However, not much progress has been made. Messi has already informed the club of his desire to leave the club.

Messi meeting

Messi’s options

Considering the situation, the Argentine superstar has two possible options:

  1. Contest the La Liga statement in court.
  2. Stay at FC Barcelona for one year, end his contract and then leave for free.

However, a source very close to the Lionel Messi family has said that he has decided reluctantly to stay at Barcelona for another year and go for free next year.