Messi freekick stats: The best ever?

lionel messi freekicks

lionel messi freekick stats

  • Lionel Messi has an outrageous free-kick record.
  • Messi freekick stats are outrageous.

Lionel Messi is considered to be one of the best when it comes to taking free-kicks. The little magician can score free-kicks from outrageous positions. He is also excellent at taking set-pieces and bagging lots of assists.

During his career, the Argentinian superstar has scored 53 free-kicks for both club and country.

Messi free-kick stats

Messi freekick stats are amazing just as his penalty stats. Lionel Messi has scored 6 free-kicks for his national team Argentina. The FC Barcelona legend has scored 47 goals from free-kicks for his club. Out of the 47 goals, 34 free-kick goals were scored in the last 5 seasons. Messi currently averages 7.25 free-kicks per season. This is an incredible record. In fact, Messi has more free-kick goals than Juventus and PSG in the last 5 seasons. This stat just shows how amazing the little magician is, scoring more free-kicks than whole teams. Over the last 8 years, Messi has converted the most free-kicks out of every club in the world.

Messi’s free-kick style

The free-kick style of Messi is not unique, but he is very consistent with his style. The little magician can perfectly find the top corner on either side of the goal. However, he can also surprise his opponents by shooting a free-kick under the wall and into the net. Messi shoots under the ball instead of through the ball. This gives the lower part of the ball higher pressure, which results in more curve.

The famous panenka free-kick

While playing against Espanyol, Barcelona was awarded a free-kick just at the edge of the box. However, there was also a player at the goal line. So, the little magician just casually chipped the wall and the defender. The little magician scored an absurd panenka free-kick, shocking the world.