Mario Balotelli Lashes Out For False Reports Of Mino Raiola’s Death

Mario Balotelli

The Mario Balotelli Story- Yesterday evening, the football world was plunged into shock and disbelief, when reports started coming out that Italian super-agent Mino Raiola passed away due to suspected heart failure. The news prompted a deluge of tributes and messages showing solidarity to the man who is considered to be the most powerful agent in world football currently. But immediately after those reports, it was brought to people’s attention that he wasn’t really dead after all. This prompted a lot of criticism and outrage from many sections of society. One particular man to raise his voice against the issue is none other than Mario Balotelli.

The Italy international, who has been working with Raiola for years, and for whom the agent secured moves to big clubs like Man City, Inter, and AC Milan, went on to Instagram to make his feelings known about this entire fiasco.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

What Did Italy International Mario Balotelli Have To Say About The Whole Incident?

Putting a story on his account, Mario Balotelli went on to bash the media saying “You need to be first huh? Shame on you and seriously be ashamed of your education and respect values and responsibilities”, with a hashtag of #Staystrongmino.

Mario Balotelli also went to post a picture of him and Raiola, with a caption that resembles a conversation between the two about the current situation. The caption read “Why do they always speak shit Mino?”. To which Raiola replies, ” Mario, I told you when you were a child that newspapers are sellers of bullsh*t to get to the top! The important thing is to always get back up.” 

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

The Reaction From Riola On Hearing About His Own Death

After reports of his death, Raiola himself took to Twitter to give an update about himself, quashing these rumours once and for all. His tweet read ” Current health status for the ones wondering: pi**ed off second time in four months they kill me. Seem also able to resuscitate [sic].”

Raiola has been in poor health for the past few months, with news of his recently being admitted to the ICU surfacing. He has had a history of heart ailments throughout the years. While his team has always maintained that they were nothing but routine checks, it was there for everyone to see that Raiola we not in the best of health.

Here’s wishing the super-agent a speedy recovery, and hope he gets well soon and continue to do what he does best.

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