REPORTS: Liverpool Take A Decision Regarding The Future Of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

REPORTS: Liverpool Take A Decision Regarding The Future Of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Despite Aston Villa’s expressed interest, Liverpool has no plans to move Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during the summer transfer window

As a result of a change in position taken by Liverpool, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may wind up spending the summer playing for Liverpool at Anfield, as was reported by the Liverpool Echo. The midfielder’s future at Anfield seemed to be in jeopardy due to the high number of teams that were interested in signing him, but it looks like the Reds are now interested in retaining him on their roster until 2023.

Oxlade-current Chamberlain’s deal is set to expire after the next season, so it was anticipated that he would be one of the players leaving Anfield this summer. It was even speculated that Liverpool would sell the player for somewhere around ten million pounds.

Aston Villa was one of the teams that were said to be interested in signing the former Arsenal youngster. Since moving to Liverpool in 2017, the player has failed to make a name for himself at Anfield. In the five years that he has been with the club, he has built up 132 competitive games, although just a small percentage of those appearances have been starts.

In all likelihood, Oxlade-Chamberlain has slipped farther down the pecking order than other players such as Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Thiago, and even Naby Keita. As a result, Jurgen Klopp is only likely to consider using him as a backup option in the event of an injury crisis.

What’s next for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?

As a result of his difficulties at Anfield, Liverpool has been rumoured to be prepared to move Oxlade-Chamberlain this summer. The midfielder had a total of just nine starts in the Premier League last year due to Liverpool’s unwillingness to play him regularly. However, after experiencing some setbacks in their pursuit of Jude Bellingham, the Reds have reversed their position and are no longer interested in signing him.

During the summer transfer window, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder was considered the primary target for the club to acquire for its midfield position. However, the young Englishman is not expected to leave Dortmund this summer, and he has already committed to spending the rest of his career with the club. This news comes as a significant setback for Liverpool.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has said that they are willing to hold off on making a play for Bellingham until the year 2023, rather than exploring other available options on the market. In the meantime, they are trying to retain Oxlade-Chamberlain by whatever means necessary in the hopes that the 28-year-old will be able to provide support in the midfield areas and become an alternative in the event of an emergency.

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