Liverpool Beaten by Tottenham in Women’s Super League

Liverpool Beaten by Tottenham in Women's Super League - Liverpool Beaten by Tottenham in Womens Super League

The much-awaited Women’s Super League game between Liverpool and Tottenham saw the host club triumph after Niamh Fahey scored an own goal 11 minutes into the game. This dire mistake by Liverpool gave its opponents the morale to play adeptly and dominate the match. Right before the first half, Spurs Ashleigh Neville and Drew Spence made an attack that nearly stretched their lead against Liverpool. The amazing performance gave Tottenham enough points to move up to position seven, while Liverpool continues to seek points that will push them up the table.

Tottenham’s Ferocious Gameplay That Saw Them Dominate Liverpool

On October 16, Tottenham unleashed a ferocious campaign against Liverpool during their first Women’s Super League home game at Brisbane Road. The match was attended by over 2000 spectators who had zero knowledge of the preparations Spurs had made to ensure they dominated the match. Spur’s lineup constituted their recent signing of Drew Spence, who had scored four goals against Liverpool while still at Chelsea, her former club.

They also had Ashleigh Neville, the winner of September Women’s Super League goal of the month. Neville won the accolade after striking the net 40 yards from Leicester’s goalpost. These two players were aided by Molly Bartrip and Polish footballer Nikola Karczewska, among other top-flight players who gave Liverpool a hard time for 90 minutes straight. The game was fantastic to watch and to bet on, so long as you understand what to consider when betting on football matches.

Considerations to Take When Betting on Football Matches

Every day, millions of people bet on football games, making it one of the most popular sports. Football betting is currently one of the main pastimes worldwide. Many sportsbooks and online casino sites offer numerous opportunities. Since playing at the top online casinos is always in season, you should put your trust in the valued expert opinions and settle only for the best ones. And if online casino gaming is not your cup of tea, then you always have the option to browse through the sites that cater to both types of wagering. Go for a free bet and take football betting to the next level. However, not every player understands how to place correct bets. You must consider researching the teams’ form to increase your chances of winning.

Do so by reviewing the results of the clubs’ previous games. For every match, assess statistics such as shots on target, ball possession, and pass accuracy. Besides, you must go through the lineup and confirm players’ status. For instance, despite the own goal, Spur’s Ashleigh Neville and Drew Spence proved to be key players in the game. Therefore, you need to confirm whether they have any injuries or suspensions that may keep them from playing the next match. Finally, do a head-to-head analysis of the two teams. In short, find out the clubs’ performance in their past games. Look at the most dominant club and the number of times they have won against their opponents.

How Tottenham Managed to Top the Event

Even though both teams used the 3-4-3 format, Tottenham’s game plan was far better than Liverpool’s. Spurs dominated the entire first half, with players like Nikola Karczewska tearing Liverpool’s defense in search of a goal. However, her efforts did not bear fruit. Four minutes before the halftime break, Neville had the perfect chance of doubling the score after she got free behind Liverpool’s defense, leaving her with the goalkeeper Rachael Laws. Her strike was unproductive, but she recovered the ball through a rebound.

The second attack was unsuccessful after the ball hit the crossbar and bounced away. Even if Ashleigh Neville had scored the goal, she would still not have made it on the list of top 10 goalscorers in Women’s Super League. This is because the table contains players with more than five goals. However, it would have reduced the gap significantly. The spurs continued making a series of attacks during the second half of the game. After the match resumed, Eveliina Summanen tried to increase Spur’s lead by shooting toward the left corner of the post. However, the long-range shot was stopped by Laws, who exhibited incredible ball-handling skills.

Liverpool began making advances later in the game thanks to players like Rhiannon Roberts, a substitute that came in the 68th minute of the game. She made an impressive pass to Jasmine Matthews, who could not connect and score. A few minutes later, Katie Stengel of Liverpool had her chance to even the tally, but Tinja-Riikka Korpela, Spurs goalkeeper, punched away the ball effortlessly, denying Korpela a score. This saw Tottenham hold on to three points for the rest of the game. The game was eventful all through. Such exciting matches are among the reasons why Amanda Vandervort, the W League president is confident that Women Soccer is growing rapidly. With more such action, the Women’s Super League will soon start attracting a much bigger crowd of men and women fans.

Tottenham Vs Liverpool Statistics

Throughout the game, Tottenham dominated with 18 shots against Liverpool’s ten shots. Furthermore, they possessed 52% and managed 426 passes against 400 for Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspurs was awarded nine corners, whereas Liverpool only had a single corner which did not make much of a difference. This shows that the Spurs were doing everything to keep the ball on the pitch. During the event, Spurs received three yellow cards. In contrast, Liverpool only had two yellow cards increasing the number of total yellow cards dished out in the Women’s Super League to over 200, according to Women’s Super League statistics. Currently, Tottenham’s Maéva Clemaron, a French footballer, is among the players with the most yellow cards in the Women’s Super League. Finally, Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool each delivered three shots on target, none of which successfully gave the teams a score.

Rounding Up

Tottenham is one of the best-performing teams in the Women’s Premier League. The club has constantly been gaining points which have enabled it to advance. On the other hand, Liverpool has had a bad start losing to multiple teams, a performance that has seen it move down the Women’s Premier League Table. However, Liverpool FC still had to give Tottenham a hard time during the event. The biggest setback is the own goal Liverpool suffered 11 minutes into the game. Also, they failed to equalize despite having equal opportunities to score goals like Tottenham, who emerged as the winners after a thrilling and exciting 90-minutes match.

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