Lionel Messi to stay at Camp Nou



  • It is reported that Messi has made his decision to stay at FC Barcelona.
  • Messi has already written a statement confirming he will stay.
  • His lawyers will issue an announcement this afternoon.

 Messi reconsiders his decision to leave

The Spanish media is reporting that Messi has reconsidered his decision to leave the club. The Barcelona president Bartomeu’s stance has forced him to make a decision to stay at Camp Nou for a year. It is expected that the Argentine superstar will make an announcement soon.

 Messi set to stay at the club

According to sources close to Sphera Sports, Lionel Messi has already written a statement confirming he will stay at Camp Nou till 2021. The statement will be released soon.

According to the media, the statement could be as follows:

“This is the club of my life, I never really wanted to leave but I felt I had to do something to make things better, I love the fans so much…”

Messi’s father meets with lawyers

This morning, Messi’s father was caught by cameras arriving for a meeting with the family’s lawyers in Barcelona. He had nothing to say to the Spanish media on his way to the meeting. However, this shows that a decision is set to be made very soon on the Barcelona legend’s future.

Statement from lawyers expected

After the meeting with the lawyers, it is being expected that Lionel Messi’s lawyers will issue a statement on the whole issue this afternoon.

The statement will consist of the message from Messi to his fans as well as response from the lawyers to the press release from La Liga, which stated that his contract is still valid till 2021.

It seems as though the Messi saga will come to an end with the official statement from the Argentine superstar. However, one thing is for sure. Messi will leave the Camp Nou next year.