Lionel Messi MASTERCLASS Sets Parisians On Their Way To Convincing Win

Lionel Messi MASTERCLASS Sets Parisians On Their Way To Convincing Win - psg 1 2

With the season coming to an end, there were all sorts of rumors related to Paris Saint Germain and their players. Even the manager was expected to be fired. Despite winning the Ligue 1, it looked like the team was falling apart. At such a time, Lionel Messi came to the rescue.

In the beautiful town of Montpellier, however, the players did give the PSG supporters something to be happy about.

Paris Saint Germain were in cruise control, and eased themselves to a victory thanks to Lionel Messi, who scored two goals in quick time. The Argentinian forward was criticized by fans for not performing well enough for the past season. However, he did not disappoint tonight.

Lionel Messi opened the scoring for PSG away at Montpellier before adding a second

The first goal for PSG and Lionel Messi came very early in the game, after a corner was taken short and quick. The ball came into the feet of Messi in the box, and the forward slotted the ball into the bottom corner with a touch of class.

Just ten minutes later, Kylian Mbappe helped Lionel Messi through with a beautiful pass. The Argentinian remained calm in front of the goalkeeper, dribbled past him and scored his second goal of the day.

After blowing two goal leads in their previous games, it was important for the PSG players to remain focused. And that is just what they did. Angel Di Maria’s effort to make it 3-0 got the team into a very comfortable position to win the game.

Halfway through the second half, Kylian Mbappe slotted a penalty home, securing the win for Paris Saint Germain. Despite a hardworking performance from the French striker. it is likely Mbappe will leave Paris to go to Madrid this summer.

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