President Of La Liga Javier Tebas Reveals His Love For Real Madrid

March 18, 2023

The La Liga President, Javier Tebas, has made an intriguing confession that could potentially shake up the Spanish football scene. Amid the highly anticipated El Clasico week, he boldly revealed that he is an avid supporter of Real Madrid.

This revelation is not only gutsy but also timely, as Real Madrid gears up to face their arch-rivals Barcelona in a crucial match that could very well shape their entire season. Tebas, however, is not bothered by the nine-point gap that currently separates the two teams in the La Liga standings.

Instead, he has thrown his weight behind Real Madrid, asserting that they are more than capable of staging a remarkable comeback and challenging Barcelona for the title. While speaking to the Spanish media outlet AS, Tebas revealed:

As it stands, Real Madrid occupies the second spot with 56 points from 25 matches, while Barcelona comfortably tops the table with 65 points. Although the odds may seem less favorable for Real Madrid, Javier Tebas believes that they can defy the odds and mount a comeback.

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While talking to the Spanish media outlet AS, he confidently stated:

“Is La Liga over? I am a Madridista. Real Madrid have already made league comebacks with 7-8 points behind, there are still a lot of La Liga games left… Imagine Madrid winning El Clasico, they would be very close…”.

President of La Liga Javier Tebas reveals that he is a Real Madrid Fan

Credit: WikiMedia

Such unwavering faith in Real Madrid’s abilities is not surprising, given that Javier Tebas has been a loyal fan of the club since his childhood. However, this latest revelation may raise some questions about his impartiality in matters that involve Real Madrid.

In his capacity as the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas is tasked with ensuring that the league remains unbiased and impartial. He cannot exhibit any favoritism towards a specific team or individual and must strive to create an even playing field for all clubs. This responsibility is particularly crucial in a league as fiercely competitive as La Liga, where even the slightest advantage can significantly impact a team’s chances of success.

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Real Madrid’s upcoming La Liga fixture against Barcelona on March 19th will undoubtedly be a defining moment for the title race. A win for Los Blancos could potentially put them back in contention, while a loss could all but end their hopes of defending their title.

Nevertheless, Javier Tebas’s admission has sparked a lively debate about the relationship between football officials and the teams they support.

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