Why can't I refund FIFA Points?

If there is a ban on your account then you would not be able to refund purchases made on the account.
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Does FIFA points refund still work?

The reason why is once they are purchased they are immediately applied to the account of said game and Microsoft has no way to take them back once that happens (unless it was their own game that they developed and have server access to) and therefore has no way to get their own money back from that purchase.
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Can you get a refund on FIFA Points Xbox?

Refunds are typically issued for requests made within 14 days of the purchase date for games in which you haven't accumulated a significant amount of play time. For single-use items (like consumables and in-game currency), your request is likely eligible only if the consumable was not redeemed or used.
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Can you refund FIFA points on PlayStation?

After purchasing this type of content through PlayStation Store, you have 14 days from purchase to request a refund. If you have started to download or stream the purchased content you will not be eligible for a refund unless the content is faulty. To request a refund for this type of content, please contact us.
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What to do if you accidentally buy FIFA points on the wrong FIFA?

To request a refund, fill in the fields on the link provided and be sure to submit your request from the account you used to make the purchase.
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Can you refund FIFA purchases?

You may return eligible EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) and participating third-party titles purchased on the EA app or Origin for a full refund. You can make a refund request: Within 24 hours after you first launch the game. Within 14 days from the day you bought it, if you have not launched the game.
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Can you undo a buy in FIFA 22?

Re: Accidentally hit the purchase instead of the bid button.

@OakeyCat Sorry but all market transactions are final and cannot be reverted.
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How do I claim unclaimed FIFA points?

We'll need: your proof of purchase. your persona name (ID, PlayStation™ Network Online ID, Xbox Live gamertag) where you're missing your Points.
Missing in-game items
  1. Check your Connections in your Twitch Settings. ...
  2. Follow our steps to make sure you have linked the right Twitch account to your EA Account.
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How do I get a refund from EA Games?

To request a refund, visit your Order History and select the "Request a Refund" link next to any eligible product. Complete and submit the Refund Request Form.
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Can you refund FIFA points on Amazon?

Answer: No, but you should be able to have it refunded if you tell them that a mistake has been made :) After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.
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How long does FIFA refund take?

If you have returned an item to us, once your items have reached our warehouses, it can take up to 5 working days to process the return. After this, you will be refunded for the cost of the returned item, which can take up to 5 working days to appear on your bank statement.
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Can you sell FIFA points?

If you want to sell FIFA Coins instantly, you must Sign Up. Under "Account Preferences" you will be able to find the section "My products", where it will be possible for you to add your FIFA game product code for sale.
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Can I transfer my FIFA points?

You can't transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 using the FUT Web or Companion Apps. Log in to FIFA 23 on your console or PC to transfer your FIFA Points, then you'll see them on the apps. The one-time Points transfer from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 ended on December 31, 2022.
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Can you refund play points?

Promotional Play balance is not refundable or transferable. U.S residents who have redeemed gift cards or non-promotional gift codes may request a refund for their Google Play Balance if the amount is below $10.
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What is the refund glitch on Xbox?

If you have received a refund for an item on Xbox but the item is still showing up in your account, it could be a bug or glitch but nothing to worry about. As long as it has already been accepted, you shouldn't be able to access it. If it's a game, you'll get an error "Do you own this game or app" once you launched it.
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Is EA giving away FIFA Points?


The 4800 FIFA Points will be provided in monthly installments of 1600 per month for 3 consecutive months beginning as early as September 27, 2022.
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Can I get a full refund at game?

We will refund you the price you paid for the products and/or digital content (including any applicable outward delivery costs) by the method you used for payment.
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How do I cancel an EA payment?

Follow the steps below to cancel EA Play on Steam:
  1. Log in to your Steam account. You can use a browser or the Steam application.
  2. Navigate to the Recurring Subscriptions menu.
  3. Select the EA Access subscription.
  4. Choose Cancel my Subscription.
  5. Confirm your choice by clicking Apply.
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How do I refund FIFA points on steam?

Navigate to Steam Help (help.steampowered.com) and log in with your Steam account. Find the purchase you would like to refund and click on it. If your purchase is not listed, it falls too far outside of our refund window and is ineligible for a refund. Select the problem you are having with the product.
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Why didn't I get my FIFA points?

Basic troubleshooting steps

Restart your console or PC. Use the Quick Sell Recovery in the Web and Companion Apps. Double-check that you didn't accidentally discard, Quick Sell, or use the content somewhere else in-game.
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Where can I sell FIFA coins?

FUT Coin Shop™ | Buy/Sell FIFA Coins (@FUTCoinShop) / Twitter.
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Can you get banned for transferring coins on FIFA 22?

It's not possible for him to get a market ban unless he giving coins away to someone. That don't make much sense. The person receiving them only loses the coins gained unfairly and can still use market. So your little bro must've transferred coins to someone on his friend list.
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Why can't i sell on FIFA 22?

Sounds like you disconnected from a game and your squad is locked, if you reconnect to FUT on the console you should be good to go.
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