Who is the hardest player Messi faced?

Who was his tougher defender? Lionel Messi said the following: "I really don't remember many tough defenders. But the marking that Girona's Pablo Maffeo did to me was the most exaggerated". This way, Lionel admits that Pablo Maffeo, who's at the moment playing with Mallorca in LaLiga, was his tougher defender.
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Who is the toughest opponent Messi has faced?

Former Real Madrid defender, Marcelo, has named Lionel Messi as the toughest opponent he has faced in his career. Marcelo, who played 15 seasons with the LaLiga champions, came face-to-face with Messi when the Argentine played for Barcelona. He has now admitted it was difficult facing the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner.
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Who did Messi say was his toughest opponent?

Speaking to DAZN, Messi surprisingly snubbed the likes of Sergio Ramos and Diego Godin as his toughest opponent. Instead, the six-time Ballon d'Or winner named his pick as Spanish right-back Pablo Maffeo, who he said proved to be an "intense" opposition.
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Which player is greater than Messi?

Ronaldo has scored more goals and won two 'Best FIFA Men's Player' awards, but Messi has won more Ballon d'Or awards (7). Messi has spent most of his playing career in Spain, while Ronaldo has played in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy.
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Which defender can stop Messi?

Tshepiso Thato and 21,722 others like this. The only defender that can stop messi is the lord God himself. The defendant of the universe.
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How hard it is to stop Messi?

He is a very complete player who has the kind of dribbling skills that make him very hard to stop. If he gets one-on-one against you, you have problems. He has a great deal of variety in the way he carries the ball. His control is very good, the ball stays very close to him, and he is extremely quick.
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Which defender can stop Ronaldo?

player who was able to shut him down: Luis Fuentes.
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Which player is closest to Messi?

And their findings have revealed that the closet thing to Messi is … Eden Hazard! That's right, the Chelsea forward apparently has a 92.7% likeness to Messi's playing style, while Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé and Manchester City's Sergio Agüero are 91.3% and 91.1% respectively.
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Who is better Messi or Maradona?

Messi has 13 World Cup goals compared to Maradona's eight. In terms of overall goals, Maradona has 34 goals for his country, while Messi has scored 97 goals.
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Who was Messi yelling at Bobo?

About his moment with Weghorst, Messi said it was “natural.” In the mixed zone after the match, Messi had snapped at the Dutch striker saying, “Qué mirás, bobo? Qué mirás, bobo?…
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Who did Messi yelled at?

LIONEL MESSI yelled at "stupid" Dutch rival Wout Weghorst in a post-match interview after tense scenes in the World Cup quarter-final.
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Who did Messi not shake hands with?

It wasn't a snub.

The away side attempted to begin the customary pre-match handshakes, however Bolivia captain Alejandro Chumacero's offer of a handshake wasn't accepted by Argentina skipper Lionel Messi, who subsequently scored in the comfortable win.
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What is Messi weakness?

His major weakness is "Not able to take Responsibility under pressure". When his team badly need him to win or score this time he is just a shadow of messi but when his team already lead 1/2 goal or playing a valueless game this time he is playing like real messi.
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Is Messi extremely shy?

“Anyone that knows Messi always say he's not shy, he's not timid, he's quite assertive, but he's an introvert,” said Kuper, who is currently writing a book about Barcelona. “He has a very predictable circle of his family members, his wife who he's known since childhood and a few friends, not many.
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In which skill Messi is best?

One particular skill that Messi has perfected during his time at the top of the game is the chip finish and, unsurprisingly, it has now been given the compilation treatment.
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Who is penalty missed king in football?

Ronaldinho – 13

His penalty record, however, wasn't impeccable. Ronaldinho missed 13 penalties out of 68 to register himself on this list.
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Who is the real goat in football history?

Lionel Messi is often considered the GOAT of football, following his exploits with Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina.
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Who is better Messi or Mbappe?

Lionel Messi beats Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema to Best FIFA Men's Player award. Lionel Messi was named Best FIFA Men's Player at a ceremony in Paris on Monday, beating Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid's Karim Benzema.
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Who is best friend of Messi?

But former Argentina and Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, Messi's best friend and long-time roommate, felt the need to reply. "Mr.
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Is there a better footballer than Messi?

Ronaldo has scored 701 goals at all club competitions while Messi has 695 – making them the leading goal scorers at club level in football history.
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Can Ronaldo still dribble?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most effective dribbler in Serie A among forwards when combining frequency and efficiency. That's impressive in and of itself, but the efficiency of his dribbling is actually even more impressive. Ronaldo is successful on just over 65 percent of his dribbles completed.
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Who is better at defending Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi edges the tackling stats, making 0.65 tackles per 90 minutes, compared to Ronaldo's 0.38.
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Can a defender shoot a goal?

Can a defender score in soccer? There are no restrictions on defenders when it comes to scoring a goal in soccer. It is completely acceptable and within the rules of the game for a defender to score. Any player on the field can score a goal regardless of which position they are playing in.
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