Who is statistically better Messi or Mbappe?

Mbappe has a better goal per game ratio — at one every 95.4 minutes compared to Messi's 114 — but Messi is currently leading the race because he has registered one more assist (3).
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Who is best Messi or Mbappe?

Lionel Messi beats Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema to Best FIFA Men's Player award. Lionel Messi was named Best FIFA Men's Player at a ceremony in Paris on Monday, beating Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid's Karim Benzema.
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Who is more skillful Messi or Mbappe?

Regarding the passing and playmaking skills we can see the following picture. Lionel Messi has a total of 13 asssists, 33 key passes (these are passes leading to a shot on goal) and he created a total of 0 chances. Kylian Mbappe has a total of 5 assists, 24 key passes and he created a total of 0 chances.
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Is Mbappe better than Messi at 23?

Messi vs Mbappe stats at age of 23

Mbappe, who will turn 24 on December 20, has already played 302 games and scored 225 goals in all competitions at the age of 23. Messi, on the other hand, played 269 games and scored 180 goals across all competitions at the age of 23.
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Who is better than Mbappe?

Mbappe has to play, of course, and Messi's profile is arguably a better fit for Mbappe than Neymar. However, Neymar has been a steady contributor, with 13 goals and 11 assists in 20 Ligue 1 matches to go with two goals and two assists in six Champions League games.
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Is Messi as fast as Mbappe?

But in terms of pure leg-blurring pace, Mbappe is the speedier of the two. Though Mbappe would win that 100m race, if the track was littered with obstacles and they had to dribble their way to the finish line, I would back Messi.
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Who is better than Messi?

Ronaldo has scored more goals and won two 'Best FIFA Men's Player' awards, but Messi has won more Ballon d'Or awards (7).
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Who is faster than Mbappe in football?

According to data presented by Sports Lens, Sulemana ranked as the fastest player in the 2022 FIFA World Cup when playing for Ghana against Uruguay, with a speed of 35.7 kilometres per hour. This made him faster than France's Kylian Mbappe, who was actually ninth in the rankings on 35.3 kilometres per hour.
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Will Mbappe be the best player ever?

He has the club stature to become the top player in the world, for sure. The 24-year-old has 221 goals in 309 club career matches, which will surely amount to a figure alongside Messi's 706 goals in 863 club games as Mbappe steps into his prime years.
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Is Mbappe the current best player?

T&Cs apply. Kylian Mbappe has overtaken Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the world's best player, according to former Manchester United and England defender Rio Ferdinand.
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Has Messi ever beaten Mbappe?

Overall that means Messi is yet to defeat a team containing Mbappe, while the Frenchman has beaten the Argentine twice and scored six goals across their three meetings.
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Who is faster than Messi?

According to FIFA it is Ronaldo. He fares at 33.6 kmph(and in the video below it's shown 33.98) compared to Messi's 32.5 kmph.
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Who is faster Neymar or Mbappe?

The French forward Kylian Mbappe is faster than him and is better at scoring goals too. Before reaching the age of 23 he has already won a lot for his club and country. It is easy to say that Mbappe can surpass Neymar when he reaches his age with better stats and more trophies in his bag.
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Who is best Messi or Neymar?

Messi is arguably the greatest footballer of all time. Neymar is one of the greatest attackers of the 21st century and Mbappe is easily the next big thing in football.
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Who has more golden boots in football history?

Since 1997, it has been calculated using a weighting in favour of the highest ranked leagues. Originally presented by L'Équipe magazine, it has been awarded by the European Sports Media since the 1996–97 season. Lionel Messi has won the award six times, the most out of every winner, all while playing for Barcelona.
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Are Messi and Mbappe friends?

Lionel Messi insisted he has a strong relationship with PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe and revealed they have discussed the World Cup final together.
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Who is the best player at PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain current squad:
  • Lionel Messi, 15 Goals 13 Assists 24 Pass interceptions.
  • Junior Neymar, 13 Goals 10 Assists 28 Pass interceptions.
  • Kylian Mbappe, 20 Goals 5 Assists 22 Pass interceptions.
  • Achraf Hakimi, 4 Goals 2 Assists 81 Pass interceptions.
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Where does Messi rank all time?

#1 Lionel Messi (Argentina) - seven-time Ballon d'Or winner. The Copa America triumph cemented Lionel Messi's place as the greatest player of all time.
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Who is the fastest footballer in history?

1. Antonio Rudiger- 36.7 km/h.
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How fast can Messi run mph?

The more scientific minds at FIFA have recorded Messi at a top speed of 32.5 kph (20.3 mph) during a game.
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Who is statistically better Messi or Ronaldo?

Overall, Cristiano Ronaldo has more career goals than Lionel Messi currently. So far, the Portuguese star has bagged nine goals for his current team Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League.
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Who is the king of football all time?

Pele, the legendary Brazilian footballer, is considered the football god of all time. No player has won more world cups (3) than him.
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