Who is 1 famous person from Uruguay?

Uruguay - Famous uruguayans. The national hero of Uruguay is José Gervasio Artigas (1764–1850), who led the fight for independence against Brazil and Portugal. Juan Antonio Lavalleja (1786? –1853) directed the uprising that established Uruguay's independence in 1828.
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What is Uruguay most famous for?

The country has a vast wine industry and it is located in the top five producers of wine in South America. Yerba mate is considered the national drink and has become part of Uruguay's social culture. Chivito is the national snack or meal of the country.
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Where is Uruguay at?

South America's second-smallest country, Uruguay is bordered by Brazil and Argentina and lies along the Atlantic Ocean.
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What is the capital of Uruguay?

Montevideo is the country's capital city and is home to 1.3 million people, which is almost half of Uruguay's population.
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How did Uruguay get its name?

Etymology. The country name of Uruguay derives from the namesake Río Uruguay, from the Indigenous Guaraní language. There are several interpretations, including "bird-river" ("the river of the uru, via Charruan, urú being a common noun of any wild fowl).
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Famous People From Uruguay 💚

What is the full name of Uruguay?

___ Uruguay. Destination Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, a country on the South Atlantic Ocean coast of southern South America, south of Brazil, it borders Argentina in west.
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Is Uruguay in the last 16?

FIFA World Cup 2022 | Uruguay fails to qualify for last-16 despite 2-0 win against Ghana.
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Is Uruguay Spanish or Portuguese?

Since Uruguay is part of Latin America, it's no surprise that Spanish is its official language. In fact, over 90% of the population speaks Spanish. Italian migrants strongly influenced Uruguayan Spanish. Many Italian words are mixed into this country's Spanish language.
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What is Uruguay national animal?

The national animal of Uruguay is the southern lapwing. This bird is often called the tero in Uruguay. This bird, which is the only crested wader in South America, was chosen to be the national animal because of its bold and combative nature. This small native bird looks similar to a roadrunner.
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What is Uruguay rich in?

The economy of Uruguay features an export-oriented agricultural sector and a well-educated workforce, along with high levels of social spending. Tourism and banking are also prominent sectors; Uruguay acts as a regional hub for international finance and tourism.
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How healthy is Uruguay?

Death rate – 84th death rate at 9.16 per 1000 people. Life expectancy – 47th at 76.4 years. Suicide rate – 24th suicide rate per 100,000 (15.1 for males and 6.4 for females) HIV/AIDS rate – 108th at 0.30%
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Why do Uruguay have 4 stars?

Inscribed below the medallions are the words, “By Winning Olympic Gold in 1924 and 1928, and the World Cup in 1930, Uruguay achieved a hat-trick of World titles.” It is a statement which has confounded many over the past century.
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Who is Uruguay best player?

Luis Suárez (137 caps, 68 goals) is Uruguay's all-time leading goal scorer. Fernando Muslera (133 caps) is Uruguay's all-time most capped goalkeeper. José Nasazzi (40 caps) led Uruguay to victory at 1924 Olympics, 1928 Olympics and 1930 FIFA World Cup.
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What language does Uruguay speak?

Spanish is spoken throughout Uruguay, although in Rivera and other borderland towns close to Brazil an admixture of Portuguese and Spanish can be heard, often in a slang called portuñol, from the words português and español.
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Is Uruguay a rich or Poor country?

Worldwide gross domestic product in 2021 was at about 12,183 USD per capita. GDP in Uruguay, on the other hand, reached USD 17,313 per capita, or 59.32 billion USD for the whole country. Uruguay is therefore currently ranked 85 of the major economies.
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Can I speak English in Uruguay?

You may be surprised to learn that Portuguese, Italian and English are also spoken in Uruguay. Also, Uruguay has a Spanish dialect called Rioplatense Spanish. Uruguay is a small country in South America, but it is full of linguistic diversity!
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Is Uruguay a British Colony?

Uruguay was never really considered part of the formal British Empire,[1] but it is commonly used as the typical illustration of Britain's informal empire. Most studies on the relationship between Great Britain and Uruguay during the 19th century are economic and political.
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Is Uruguay eliminated?

Uruguay eliminated as South Korea benefit from late World Cup drama. Despite a 2-0 win over Ghana in their final 2022 World Cup Group H match, Uruguay missed out on a place in the last 16 by just two goals, after South Korea pulled off a surprise win over Portugal to seal their qualification at Uruguay's expense.
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Which country knocked out Uruguay?

How South Korea Knocked Uruguay Out of the World Cup - The New York Times.
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Which country beat Portugal?

Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 and make World Cup history.
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Does Uruguay have a nickname?

Also called “the Switzerland of America,” the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a country that offers many options to enjoy nature, peace and quiet, fresh air and beautiful beaches.
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What is the nickname of Uruguay?

The national team is commonly referred to as La Celeste (The Sky Blue). Regarded to be one of the greatest footballing nations of all time, Uruguay has won the Copa América 15 times being tied with Argentina for the most titles in the history of the tournament. Uruguay won their most recent title in 2011.
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Does Uruguay have 3 flags?

The Flag of the Treinta y Tres is one of the three official flags of Uruguay, along with the National Flag of Uruguay and the Flag of Artigas.
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