Who has the highest physicality in FIFA 22?

1) Casemiro
The 29-year-old Brazilian has the highest physical rating in FIFA 22, if goalkeepers aren't considered.
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Who has the most physicality in FIFA 22?

It's Méndez's strength stats that catch the eye, however, especially considering the position in which he plays. A stratospheric 95 rating puts the Uruguayan well among the strongest players in the game and easily earns him the title of FIFA 22's most physically fearsome fullback.
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Who has the highest physical in FIFA 21?

Strongest Players
  • Geoffrey Kondogbia - Valencia CF - CM | 94 STR.
  • Issa Marega - LB Châteauroux - CB | 93 STR.
  • Niklas Süle - Bayern München - CB | 93 STR.
  • Willy Boly - Wolverhampton Wanderers - CB | 93 STR.
  • Abdoulaye Seck - Antwerp - CB | 93 STR.
  • Mateo Pavlović - Angers SCO - CB | 93 STR.
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Who has the highest potential in FIFA 22?

Career Mode Highest Potential
  • Federico Valverde - Real Madrid - CM - 89 Potential OVR.
  • Federico Chiesa - Piemonte Calcio - RW - 89 Potential OVR.
  • Mason Mount - Chelsea - CAM - 89 Potential OVR.
  • Jules Koundé - Sevilla FC - CB - 89 Potential OVR.
  • Marcus Rashford - Manchester United - LM - 89 Potential OVR.
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Who has the highest ever potential in FIFA?

The list has been updated with the players with the highest potential in FIFA 23.
  • 8 Havertz (Potential 91)
  • 7 Wirtz (Potential 91)
  • 6 Donnarumma (Potential 92)
  • 5 Vinicius Jr. (Potential 92)
  • 4 Foden (Potential 92)
  • 3 Pedri (Potential 93)
  • 2 Haaland (Potential 94)
  • 1 Mbappe (Potential 95)
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Top 10 Physicality in FIFA 22

Who has the highest physical in FIFA 23?

Here are the players with the highest pace stat in FIFA 23.
  1. Kylian Mbappé - Paris Saint-Germain - 97 PAC.
  2. Adama Traoré - Wolverhampton Wanderers - 96 PAC.
  3. Vinícius Jr. - ...
  4. Daniel James - Leeds United - 95 PAC.
  5. Sheraldo Becker - 1. ...
  6. Gerrit Holtmann - VfL Bochum - 94 PAC.
  7. Iñaki Williams - Athletic Club de Bilbao - 94 PAC.
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Who has the most shot power in FIFA 23?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the best shooting score in FIFA 23, with a total of 92 in arguably the most important stat for a striker. That score comes from a combination of his incredibly high positioning, finishing, power, long shots, and penalty stats, all of which are 90 or higher.
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Who is the strongest man in FIFA?

1) Adebayo Akinfenwa (ST)

Akinfenwa retains his spot from FIFA 21 as the strongest player in the game. The 39-year-old striker spent most of his career with clubs in English football's second and third divisions.
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Who is the fastest person in FIFA?

Not only is Kylian Mbappé the fastest player in the game but he is also tied for the highest-rated, with a rating of 91.
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What is the most physical team in FIFA?

According to me the most physical teams in international football have to be :
  • CHILE.
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Who is FIFA 23 highest rated players?

The top 23 rated players list is dominated by the Premier League, and it's the same with the top 100, with 39 of the 100 playing in England. Kevin De Bruyne, Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe all share the top spot, with the quintet all rated 91 out of 99.
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Has there ever been a 99 rated player in FIFA?

Virgil van Dijk has created history by becoming the first defender to have a 99 rated card on FIFA game, after being named in the FUT Team of the Year.
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Has there ever been a 100 rated player in FIFA?

However, for the first time in the 26-year history of FIFA's video game franchise, EA Sports has awarded a player with a 100-rated card. And that special FUT card has been rewarded to a League Two player - Adebayo Akinfenwa aka The Beast.
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Who is the first 100 rated player in FIFA?

03 Mar / autty

Akinfenwa has always been notorious for his incredible strength, a notable characteristic which has seen him achieve cult figure status amongst FIFA players who've exploited his unbelievably high physical stats in-game for years.
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Who is faster than Mbappe?

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican track and field legend. He is the world record holder in the 100m and 200m sprints and is widely regarded as the fastest man alive. He has been clocked at a top speed of 27.8 mph, which is significantly faster than Mbappe.
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Who is the fastest defender in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 Fastest Defenders: Fastest Centre Backs (CB) to Sign in Career Mode
  • 1 Jeremiah St. ...
  • 2 Jetmir Haliti (91 Pace, 61 OVR)
  • 3 Tyler Magloire (89 Pace, 61 OVR)
  • 4 Maxence Lacroix (88 Pace, 79 OVR)
  • 5 Takuma Ominami (87 Pace, 64 OVR)
  • 6 Maxim Leitsch (87 Pace, 72 OVR)
  • 7 Oumar Solet (86 Pace, 70 OVR)
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Who is the best attacking CM in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

The highest rated attacking midfielders in FIFA 22 are Bruno Fernandes, Thomas Müller, David Silva, Bernardo Silva, Alejandro Gómez, Marco Reus, Nabil Fékir, Luis Alberto and Phil Foden.
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Is there a 99 rated card in FIFA 23?

Boys, 99 rated pro player cards have come to FIFA 23. Yesterday the Porto player Tony Martinez. tweeted out his 99 rated card he's been given by EA. So soon you'll see a lot more pro players.
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Who is 90 rated player in FIFA 23?

Thibaut Courtois – 90. Manuel Neuer – 90. Neymar Jr – 89. Heung Min Son – 89.
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Who is 92 rated player in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Jairzinho - 92 Rated RW Icon - Prices and In Game Stats - | FUTWIZ.
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Who has the slowest pace in FIFA 22?

In Ultimate Team, Bolivian centre-back Ronny Montero takes the crown as slowest player, boasting just 28 Pace in FUT 22.
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Is Mbappe the fastest player?

Despite being renowned for his impressive speed across the field, France's Kylian Mbappe does make the list but is not the fastest player at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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Who has the fastest acceleration in FIFA 21?

Wolves winger Adama Traoré leads the race with Kylian Mbappé and Alphonso Davies as the players with most pace in FIFA 21.
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