Who gets FIFA rights?

(NASDAQ: EA) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) have announced an extension of their existing licensing agreement until December 31, 2022. Under the terms of the agreement, EA SPORTS maintains exclusive rights to release FIFA-branded action and management videogames.
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Who has the rights to FIFA?

The FIFA franchise as we knew it until the 2022 release has always been the responsibility of its developers, EA Sports. This directly impacts the catalog of licenses it has built over the years.
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Did EA get FIFA rights back?

The FIFA soccer video game that gamers have enjoyed for years will disappear after its maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Electronic Arts Sports will instead introduce a new game — EA Sports FC — for 2023.
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Does EA Sports have the rights to FIFA?

FIFA, also known as EA Sports FC from July 2023, is a series of association football video games developed and released annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. As of 2011, the FIFA franchise has been localised into 18 languages and available in 51 countries.
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Who has the rights to Ultimate Team?

EA Sports FC – Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC will launch with Ultimate Team, given this isn't anything to do with FIFA. Ultimate Team is solely EA's baby and crops up in its other sports titles, so there's no reason it'll do away with it for the new franchise.
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How FIFA corrupted the World Cup

Why is FIFA splitting up with EA?

The most obvious reason why FIFA and EA Sports struggled to renegotiate their long-standing deal – money! Although it was always a lucrative partnership for both sides, FIFA the organisation had noticed those rising profits and were chasing at least double the $150 million licensing fee it gets annually from EA Sports.
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Who will make FIFA after EA?

Recent reports suggest that Take-Two Interactive, which currently owns games publishers like Rockstar Games and 2K, could be the third-party publisher that could take on the development of a new FIFA game. In recent comments made to IGN, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick praised the FIFA brand.
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Will EA Sports lose FIFA license?

(NASDAQ: EA) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) have announced an extension of their existing licensing agreement until December 31, 2022. Under the terms of the agreement, EA SPORTS maintains exclusive rights to release FIFA-branded action and management videogames.
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Why did EA lose FIFA license?

In an interview with the BBC, EA Sports vice president David Jackson says that the deal with FIFA wasn't just for the name, but included a set of licensing restrictions that EA no longer has to abide by. This could free the company to explore more interactive and fan-focused gameplay content.
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Can EA no longer use FIFA?

EA will reveal more details on its new soccer game franchise in July. EA has officially revealed new details on its 2023 soccer game, EA Sports FC, the first entry in a new franchise without the FIFA branding.
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Will FIFA 23 be the last?

While the current contract expires after the 2022 World Cup, EA Sports and FIFA agreed to extend the current deal through the FIFA Women's World Cup in July and August 2023 to include one final edition.
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Will Konami get FIFA license?

The league itself announced the exclusive deal with Konami, confirming its absence from the upcoming FIFA 23 title. What is this? The tweet reads "The LIGA BBVA MX and KONAMI, a leading Japanese video game company, announce a historic exclusivity agreement for the eFootball franchise."
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What licenses has FIFA lost?

EA splits from FIFA—will rebrand as EA Sports FC

FIFA, one of the most popular video game franchises, will be renamed EA Sports FC after the game's publisher, Electronic Arts Inc., failed to reach a new licensing agreement with the world soccer governing body of the same name.
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How much does EA pay FIFA for licensing?

Among them is the fact that FIFA counts its EA licensing deal as its most lucrative agreement, worth about $150 million per year. Meanwhile, EA's FIFA games have generated more than $20 billion in sales to date. EA's contract expires in 2022, and negotiations over the past two years have strained the relationship.
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What happens with FIFA and EA Sports?

Electronic Arts (EA) and FIFA are ending their decades-long partnership. Their last installment, FIFA 23, will be the final between the two. EA Sports wants to create its own game called EA Sports FC by ending its licensing agreement with FIFA.
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Why is FIFA changing name?

EA Sports to rename FIFA video game series after failing to reach agreement.
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How much will FIFA 23 cost?

The Standard Edition will cost $59.99 (£59.99), consistent with most major video game releases. The Legacy Edition will cost $39.99 (£34.99) and is a call-back to previous versions, featuring updated rosters, but "without any new development or significant enhancements," EA Sports confirmed.
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What will replace FIFA?

As you might recall, there's been a huge shake-up in the world of the video game football - with Electronic Arts dropping the FIFA brand in favour of 'EA Sports FC'.
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Are EA Sports and FIFA breaking up after 30 years?

In 2022, after 30 years of making FIFA games together, the world football governing body and video game developer and publisher EA Sports, announced they were splitting up. It was acrimonious. The specific details about what caused the split will likely be kept under a non-disclosure agreement forever.
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Will FIFA release their own game?

FIFA has confirmed it will launch a rival game to Electronic Arts' newly announced EA Sports FC, after the pair confirmed they will split after nearly 30 years.
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What will FIFA 24 be called?

EA won't publish FIFA 24 this year. Instead, the next FIFA will be released under the new name EA Sports FC. After the EAFC logo reveal, there are a lot of things happening. In this article we will summarize all confirmed news and the most important rumors and leaks about the new game for you here.
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Is there corruption in FIFA?

Soccer's international governing body, FIFA, has been embroiled in a corruption scandal for the past several years and it remains ongoing. Corruption is the abuse of power or position for personal gain, and both seem to be in play in the FIFA scandal.
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Will EA FC have real teams?

Will EA SPORTS FC have real football players, teams, and clubs? That means that, yes, EA SPORTS FC will have real players, teams, leagues, stadiums, and everything else you can think of. EA has confirmed that they've got more than 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, and 30 leagues coming in the new game.
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Are FIFA and UEFA linked?

UEFA is a federation governed by FIFA, which is the top governing body in the world for football.
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Will the Premier League be in EA Sports FC?

Football fans will see the new brand identity in the wild for the first time through EA SPORTS partners, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, WSL, NWSL, CONMEBOL and more.
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